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Level 1:  The Warehouse

You start outside of a warehouse. Turn left. Take the two bad guys out using your punch and kick combos. Go left, then go up to the alley which is kind of off screen. Go right and kill the guard. Continue right, go up, and go through the warehouse door.

Walk up the stairs and kill the guards. Use your new combo (Git Some Suka: LP, LP, HK). Kill the three guards at right. Climb up to the top of the trailer from the back. Get the Medicine Pack. Climb down, and kill guard at left by using the new combo. Go left and climb the ladder. Get the medium Medicine Pack on the grating. Go down the ladder from before. Go up first hallway and reach the top of the screen. Turn  left and go down the stairs. Kill the guard. Continue to the top of the screen and go down the hall.

At the end of the hall, go into the room at left and get the 9mm clip. Go back up the same hallway and turn right. Sneak in between the boilers and pick up the Power Room Key. Return to the previous staircase and go up. Next, go down, then right. Enter the room at the top of the screen and get the Sub-Machine Gun. Leave the room and go right. Exit the door. 

Go down the stairs and kill the three guys. Use your weapon! Enter the Power Roomat the top of the screen. Hit the left switch, which opens a locked elevator. This room is also your first checkpoint.

Now, leave the Power Room, and go back up the stairs. Re-enter the warehouse and walk to the left until you reach the elevator. Hop onto the elevator and go to the fourth floor. Get the 9mm clip. Kill the guards and continue up. The next guard has Sub-Machine Gun. Take him out with your weapon. Get his 9mm clip. 

Go through the hall at left. Kill the two guards. Go up, right, and get the large Medicine Pack. Go to the bottom left side of the room, and go down into the next hallway. Shoot the bad guy. Continue right and kill three more guards. Go right and get the Detonators. Now, return to the elevator. Go down to the third floor.

Kill the guards at the top of the screen using your new combo (Super Uppercut: LP, LP, LP, HP, HK), and then go down. Battle two more guards. Go down and enter the door at right. Continue past the second wall at the top of the screen. There's a crack in the wall. Stand back and use the Detonator to blow a hole in it. Go through the hole and get the large Medicine Pack. Leave the small room and go all the way back to the left of the room you're in now. There's another small crack. Again, use a Detonator from a safe distance. Enter the hole, walk up the hallway, and go right. Get the Security Key. 

Go out of the hallway and go all the way to the right. Open the door with your key. Enter the room and beat down the two guards. At right, pull the fire alarm. This room is your second checkpoint.  Go back to the elevator.

Get into the elevator and go down to the second floor. Go up into the room and kill the two guards. Get the 9mm clip at right and exit. Enter the first room at right and get the medium Medicine Pack. Leave the room, go down, and kill the two guards. Continue right across the rug. Enter the door at the bottom of the screen. Keep going right, then enter the room with the wooden floor panels. Take out the armed guard and take his ammo. 

Enter the room at left. Go all the way until you reach the fire escape. Open the door and walk up the stairs. Go to the left, and enter the room. Kill some guys and go up. Kill another guy, go up, then right. Get the medium Medicine Pack. Enter the door on the right. You now get to fight your first boss... No Face.

No Face: No Face possesses a flame-thrower and has the ability to throw flaming grenades at you. When he goes around in circles with his flame-thrower, attack him with all you've got. Try some combos. He'll be dead in no time.


Remember to save your game, and continue to Level 2... The Sewers

Click here for the Printable MK Special Forces Game Walkthrough.

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