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MK Special Forces is...

    Mortal Kombat Special Forces is the sequel to MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero.  MKSF utilizes the new and very powerful Zeus 2 Hardware for full 3D effects.
    The game evolves around the storyline of Jax before the first MK tournament.  His mission is to stop the actions of the evil Black Dragon Organization before it is too late, which is led by his enemy Kano.

    MKSF is a third-person, 3-D action/adventure game with 8 3D stages, 3 sub-levels, and video clips full motion video.  Jax has the ability to perform combos, one-on-one combat, and he can use an arsenal of weaponry.

    MKSF came out for the Playstation on June 27th, 2000.  The PSX version only costs $19.99.

The Story is...

    It goes way back with the relationship between Jax and Kano. Jax, a Special Forces Agent, was tracking down the evil crimelord Kano, which led to Jax's enrollment in the Mortal Kombat tournament.

    Kano, engaged in criminal acts with the Black Dragon Organization, also joined the Mortal Kombat tournament in a pursuit for total domination.  Now, both men have one goal... defeat their enemy.

    Now, the story unfolds in a new series of Mortal Kombat, with past events colliding to form a present state of adventure.

    Jax now has the chance he's been waiting for for so long.  It's now time to finish off his long time enemy Kano for good.  For now, what better way for these two rivals to duke it out than in the immortal tournament called Mortal Kombat.  Now, it's up to you to stop Kano and save all of civilization!

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