Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

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Random Select:
At the select screen, press Up + Start on the controller to randomly select a fighter.
Unlockable Characters:
To unlock the remaining nine (9) fighters in MK: Deadly Alliance, earn the necessary Kurrency and purchase them in the Krypt in the following koffins:
Buy koffin CN with: 3,003 Platinum Koins in the Krypt. 
Buy koffin UR with: 6,500 Sapphire Koins in the Krypt.
Buy koffin IV with: 208 Ruby Koins in the Krypt. 
Hsu Hao:
Buy koffin MW with: 3,317 Jade Koins in the Krypt. 
Buy koffin SA with: 3,780 Ruby Koins in the Krypt. 
Buy koffin KI with: 2,931 Sapphire Koins in the Krypt. 
Buy koffin TI with: 4,022 Gold Koins in the Krypt. 
Buy koffin XG with: 3,116 Jade Koins in the Krypt. 
Buy koffin LL with: 3,822 Gold Koins in the Krypt.
Secret Character Blaze:
To play as the secret character Blaze, complete all of the Konquest missions for every character.  Then, at the select screen, press and hold Down while selecting Raiden.
Buy koffin PN with: 684 Onyx Koins in the Krypt. 
*Note: Blaze has moves and fighting styles of other characters and has no fatality or weapon.
Secret Character Mokap:
To play as the secret character Mokap, complete all of the Konquest missions for every character.  Then, at the select screen, press and hold Down while selecting Cyrax.
Buy koffin YP with: 511 Gold Koins in the Krypt. 
*Note: Mokap has moves and fighting styles of other characters and has no fatality or weapon.
Master Koin Kode:
In order to build up an unlimited amount of Koins, complete the following:

Select Versus mode and load a profile for each player.  Before this can be done, each player needs to have a decent amount of Koins already in his/her profile so that large amounts can be accessed for this wager.  Open up the wager screen and wager one round as you normally would, then after the first battle have only player 1 open the wager screen, not player 2.  Player one should press either Left or Right on the D-Pad, and a koin sound should be audible.  Unfortunately, this cheat does not allow the player to actually see the Koins being bet, but they go in this order:
Press Right once, then Up = Onyx
Press Right twice, then Up = Jade
Press Right three, then Up = Ruby
Press Right four, then Up = Gold
Press Right five, then Up = Platinum
Press Right six, then Up = Sapphire
Next, press Up, and a sound should also confirm that Koins are being bet.  Keep pressing Up until the sound stops and the wager is at its max, then hit the wager button again to close the screen.  Both players should now choose their characters, enter a versus match, and let player 1 beat player 2.  Player 1 will win Koins, but player 2 will not lose any Koins.  Keep doing this to earn as many Koins as you want.

-Thanks to Nosaj Samoht for discovering this secret on November 24th, 2002.

GameShark Kodes:
*Playstation 2 Only

Infinite Round Time:  CEBE5312BCA99BBF
Sudden Death Mode:  0EBE5312BCA99BA1, DEBE530AFAA99B83, 0EBE5312BCA99BA1, DEBE530EFAA99B83
(*Note - Do not combine these two kodes; pick one or the other).
Additional Sapphire Koins:  DE49E816F7342243
Additional Ruby Koins:  DE49E81EF7342243
Additional Gold Koins:  DE49E81AF7342243
Additional Jade Koins:  DE49E812F7342243
Additional Onyx Koins:  DE49E80AF7342243
Additional Platinum Koins:  DE49E80EF7342243
Player 1...
Infinite Health:  DEBE530AFB299B83
One Round Wins:  0EBE5302BCA99B83, CEBE5302BCA99B84
Never Win:  0EBE5302BCA99B84, CEBE5302BCA99B83
50% Health:  0EBE530AFB299B83, DEBE530AFBA99B83
One Hit Kills:  0EBE530AFB299B83, DEBE530AF8CC738D
Always Slowly Die:  DEBCAF2675830F91
Never Bleed to Death:  DEBCAF2675830F91
Player 2...
Infinite Health:  DEBE530EFB299B83
1 Round Wins:  0EBE5306BCA99B83, CEBE5306BCA99B84
Never Win:  0EBE5306BCA99B84, CEBE5306BCA99B83
50% Health:  0EBE530EFB299B83, DEBE530EFBA99B83
One Hit Kills:  0EBE530EFB299B83, DEBE530EF8CC738D
Always Slowly Die:  DEBC99CA75830F91
Never Bleed to Death:  DEBC99CA75830F91
Player 1 always play as...
Bo' Rai Cho:  CEBE6886BCA99B97
Cyrax:  CEBE6886BCA99B89
Drahmin:  CEBE6886BCA99B95
Frost:  CEBE6886BCA99B8E
Hsu Hao:  CEBE6886BCA99B8A
Jax:  CEBE6886BCA99B84
Johnny Cage:  CEBE6886BCA99B91
Kano:  CEBE6886BCA99B98
Kenshi:  CEBE6886BCA99B88
Kitana:  CEBE6886BCA99B92
Kung Lao:  CEBE6886BCA99B86
Li Mei:  CEBE6886BCA99B87
Mavado:  CEBE6886BCA99B90
Moloch:  CEBE6886BCA99B8B
Nitara:  CEBE6886BCA99B94
Quan Chi:  CEBE6886BCA99B8F
Raiden:  CEBE6886BCA99B8D
Reptile:  CEBE6886BCA99B93
Scorpion:  CEBE6886BCA99B83
Shang Tsung:  CEBE6886BCA99B85
Sonya:  CEBE6886BCA99B8C
Sub-Zero:  CEBE6886BCA99B96
Blaze:  CEBE6886BCA99B99
Mokap:  CEBE6886BCA99B9A
Player 2 always play as...
Bo' Rai Cho:  CEBE6882BCA99B97
Cyrax:  CEBE6882BCA99B89
Drahmin:  CEBE6882BCA99B95
Frost:  CEBE6882BCA99B8E
Hsu Hao:  CEBE6882BCA99B8A
Jax:  CEBE6882BCA99B84
Johnny Cage:  CEBE6882BCA99B91
Kano:  CEBE6882BCA99B98
Kenshi:  CEBE6882BCA99B88
Kitana:  CEBE6882BCA99B92
Kung Lao:  CEBE6882BCA99B86
Li Mei:  CEBE6882BCA99B87
Mavado:  CEBE6882BCA99B90
Moloch:  CEBE6882BCA99B8B
Nitara:  CEBE6882BCA99B94
Quan Chi:  CEBE6882BCA99B8F
Raiden:  CEBE6882BCA99B8D
Reptile:  CEBE6882BCA99B93
Scorpion:  CEBE6882BCA99B83
Shang Tsung:  CEBE6882BCA99B85
Sonya:  CEBE6882BCA99B8C
Sub-Zero:  CEBE6882BCA99B96 
Blaze:  CEBE6882BCA99B99
Mokap:  CEBE6882BCA99B9A

Codebreaker Kodes:
*Playstation 2 Only

1E Enable Code (Must Be Activated):  FA7A006E 32C1E331
Infinite Sapphire Koins:  2A237011 0000270F
Infinite Ruby Koins:  2A2B7011 0000270F
Infinite Gold Koins:  2A177011 0000270F
Infinite Jade Koins:  2A2F7011 0000270F
Infinite Onyx Koins:  2A277011 0000270F
Infinite Platinum Koins:  2A3B7011 0000270F

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