Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

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Button Sequences of MK: Deadly Alliance:
Forward -- F
Back -- B
Up -- U
Down -- D
Attack 1 -- A1
Attack 2 -- A2
Attack 3 -- A3
Attack 4 -- A4
Block -- BL
Change Fighting Style -- CS
Special Move -- SM
Playstation 2 buttons GameCube buttons XBox buttons
A1 = Square
A2 = Triangle
A3 = X
A4 = Circle
BL = R2
CS = L1
SM = R1
*Note - default setup
A1 = B
A2 = Y
A3 = A
A4 = R
BL = R
CS = L
SM = Z
*Note - default setup
A1 = X
A2 = Y
A3 = A
A4 = B
BL = R
CS = L
SM = Black
*Note - default setup

NOTE:  Fatalities can only be performed when the player switches the character's stance to "Fatality" by using the Change Style (CS) button when "Finish Him/Her!" appears.

NOTE:  Some button sequences may be displayed with the corresponding default buttons found on the XBox, Playstation 2, and GameCube systems controllers.

Important new features:
Holding Up -- Continuously sidestep upward in the arena.
Holding Down -- Continuously sidestep downward in the arena.
Blocking -- Blocking an attack has become specific to body area (i.e. duck to block a low attack, stand to block a high attack).
Power-Up -- Also known as a "Neijin", hitting the appropriate button on the controller allows the player to "Power-up" and gain enough strength to deliver a more powerful blow to the opponent.
Taunt -- Hitting the appropriate button on the controller allows the player to taunt the opponent and regain a small amount of health.
Throw -- Hitting the appropriate button on the controller allows the player to throw the opponent.
Shove -- Hitting the appropriate button on the controller allows the player to shove a blocking opponent.
Reversal -- Hitting the appropriate button on the controller allows the player to grab the opponent's incoming body part and take the offensive.
Impale - Certain characters have the ability to impale their weapon into the opponent by pressing the appropriate button on the controller.  The weapon stays in the opponent for one round, is not retrievable, and drains their health slowly.  Cheap, but effective.
Fighting Styles:
Each characters has three unique sets of fighting styles, each with their own kicks, punches, and combinations.  Choose from either two hand-to-hand styles or a weapons style by using the Change Style (CS) button.
Style-Branch Combos:
Each character can perform combinations of movements on an opponent that require some skill and inflict heavy damage.  A style-branch combo is performed when a fighter switches from one fighting style to the next during a combo by pressing the Change Style (CS) button, thus rotating through cetain fighting styles.
Moves List:
Pressing the "Start" button during a match will bring up the Pause Menu, and from there the character's moves list will be viewable, complete with basic moves, combos, and special moves.
Basic Menus:
Arcade - One player game against the CPU that allows the player to beat the game and earn globes for each time the game is beat.
Versus - Two player game where people can battle head-to-head.
Practice - One player game where a player can practice fighting without a timer and with the assistance of on-screen button sequences.
Konquest - Complete 10 skilled missions for each character with a total of 218 in all that narrate the story behind the character and help one to master the fighting styles of the character.  Each completed mission allows the player to earn Kurrency of each type which can be used to unlock secrets in the Krypt.  Plus, there's a nice surprise at the end.
Krypt - A room filled with 676 Koffins that possess secrets to unlock with earned Kurrency, such as new characters, alternate costumes, new stages, sketches, pictures, videos, and more.
Player Profile - MK: Deadly Alliance requires that a profile be created on a memory card so that future games can be saved, Kurrency can be earned, Konquest mode can be played, and the Krypt can be accessed.  Remember to save your password!
Options - Alter the default settings of MK: Deadly Alliance to suit your needs.
Kontent - View unlocked secrets and other extras such as the "Making of MK: DA" video, "MK History" video, and the Adema music video, "Immortal".
Select Screen:
Before choosing your character(s), these may come in handy...
Load Profile - Load player profile so wins/losses and Kurrency can be tallied by pressing the appropriate button on your system's controller and typing in the player's password.
Wondering what those three blades on each side of the select screen are?  Well...
Handicap - In a two player game, set health levels to different percentages so there can be a fair fight by pressing the appropriate button on your system's controller and using Forward and Back to adjust the handicap.
Wagering - If two players have saved profiles with Kurrency in them, Koins can be bet in a Versus mode match.  Press the appropriate "Load Profile" button, then the appropriate button to activate the wager screen.  After deciding the type and amount of Koin to bet (as long as the players have this type and amount), the winner of the fight gets the wagered Koins and the loser loses them.
Stage Select - Choose the arena you wish to fight in by pressing the appropriate button on your system's controller and cycling through the available stages using the Forward and Back buttons.
Mini Games:
Test Your Might: A classic in Mortal Kombat and occuring after a given number of matches, the player has the chance to break several objects and thus show off his/her strength.  This can be done by pressing the buttons very fast, and once the colored bar in the fighter strength meter is above the line, press the appropriate button on your system's controller to chop at and break the object.  A successful break results in earned Kurrency.  But beware... the objects get more difficult to break after each game.
Test Your Sight: Cups will be shown and an MK Medallion will be hidden in one of them.  The player needs to watch carefully as the cups move around, then test his/her skills by pressing the appropriate button to select the cup he/she thinks contains the MK Medallion.  A successful guess results in earned Kurrency.  But beware... the cups move faster after each game.

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