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July 30, 2000

MK Empire Newsletter Opens
Well, I felt that the poll was up long enough, so I decided to take it down and follow through on the results.  The poll question was "Should the MK Empire have a biweekly newsletter?"  After a long time with this question up and not a lot of responses, I totalled the results anyway.  There were 93 votes in all, and 70 people (75%) said "Yes" to the question, and 23 people (25%) said "No".  As it is, majority rules in this field, so the MK Empire's newest addition to the site, the Newsletter, is now up and running.  Signing up will allow you to receive late breaking info, gaming tips and secrets, and the past news that occured in the two weeks period of the newsletter being mailed out.  So, go to the Newsletter page and sign up now!  And don't worry about the poll.  A new one will be up soon...

July 24, 2000

Fight Night A No Show
Well, I'm kind of glad in a way that this happened, becasue I totally forgot about it.  It is now obvious that the Fight Night chat that was scheduled for July 20th was cancelled do to the absence of the chat's main man Richard Divizio. TRMK reports that Rich never got in touch with the Fight Night coordinators since two weeks in advance to the chat, and no one knows what happened to him.  So, whatever goes down with the chat and Richard, then maybe it will be rescheduled.  So, stay on the lookout for any breaking news on the matter.

MK FOMA Invading the Stocks?
In a recent report from MK5.org, information was compiled about the new Federation of Martial Arts TV show.  Well, it's been known for a while that the first episode will be airing in May of 2001.  But, we now know a little more about this new creation.  If you go to the Official MK Website, you will discover that MK FOMA is about the stock market, using world renowned MK fighters to put your investments in to.  If you make a good investment, you could win a number of cool prizes brought to you by the official MK website.  Not much is known about how the fight scenes will be delivered, but if it's on TV, then you'll have to follow it as if it were a real stock going up or down, and if your fighter wins, then you'll score some cool stuff.  The game isn't out yet, but you can go to their site to sign up for a chance to play sooner or later.  On the other hand, if you'd like to test the game out now in it's early trial form, then all you need to do is know a bunch about trading stocks, know some stuff about MK, and request permission from Scott Howell at scotthowell@mortalkombat.com.  Give him a good reason for why you want to play because only a few people will be chosen.  So, good luck and have fun.

July 13, 2000

Major Klassics Section Update!
Well, after four straight days of agonizing work, I finally finished what I wanted to do.  I have fully updated and improved all of the MK games in the Klassics section.  They now contain everything, and I mean everything, that you need to know about them for practically every system!  Also, there is a new addition to that section as well because I added two new sections for the Mortal Kombat movie and for MK Annihilation!  And even better, I also improved the Mortal Kombat 4 section and the MK3 Movie section so that it's faster when loading and easier to navigate through.  So, make sure that you check out the MK1, MK2, MK3, UMK3, MKM, and MKT sections, along with the movies sections,  the MK4 section, and the MK3 Movie section so that you can view the most comprehensive MK sections on the web!  Enjoy!

July 7, 2000

Fight Night Is Finished
Well, the first Fight Night chat in a while is now over and done with.  It was pretty cool talking with Dan Elektro about what he thinks about his job and video games.  As I said before, it wouldn't last one hour, but instead it dragged on for two.  I am not going to post a chat transcript because most of the things that were said were pretty stupid and not worth mentioning.  After the chat, all that was argued about was banning some kid who kicked Dan out two times.  It was pretty funny.  Anyway, check out the transcript at MK5.org.  They should be editing it any time soon so most of the junk is deleted.  Try to see me in there as well, first under the name "MK" (I screwed up), then under MKEmpire.  I was able to throw in a bunch of worthless bull as well :)  Anyway, remember to check out the next Fight Night on July 20th with Richard Divizio, same time, same place.

MK Special Forces Walkthrough Complete
After some hard work, I was finally able to finish the MK Special Forces Walkthrough.  Let me just say that MK Special Forces seems pretty boring just by reading this thing because a lot of the stuff was very repetative.  But, I finished it anyway so that people could get through this game as easy as possible.  I would like to thank MK5.org for being kind enough to lend me some of their walkthrough.  Also, I even posted up something that no other website has done yet, to my surprise.  I put up a Printable MK Special Forces Game Walkthrough which is seven pages long and in plain black and white!  So, if you just want to print out where to go in a level, you can do so and have it with you while you play.  But anyway, on the subject of other MKSF news, MKN has gotten hold of MK Special Forces Gameshark codes and has even compiled a Dex Drive file that contains all the cheats codes so Dex Drive owners don't have to beat the game to get them.  MKN gets full credit for this, but I have also posted these things up in the MK Special Forces section.  So as you see, stuff just keeps rolling in, so keep checking back here for the most complete MK Special Forces coverage on the web.

July 6, 2000

New Site of the Month for July
Well, I did this a little late, but it's because I've been doing MK Special Forces for the past few days.  But, now I have time for this.  The site of the month winner for July is Brad from The Pantheon of The Elder Gods.  This site went through a little fix up and turned out to be pretty good.  After the long loading time, what you get was worth the wait.  His sections are very unique compared to other personal MK sites, and the information is constantly rolling in.  I also enjoy the graphics and the neat little "things to do" on the site.  So, go see the site for yourself, and check out the Site of the Month section for the full scoop on this month's winner.  Congrats to Brad for his work.

Fight Night 2Nite
Hey, I said I'd update about Fight Night today, didn't I?  Well, to all who didn't read up yesterday, a chat with GamePro writer Dan Elektro is being held tonight on the Mortal Kombat IRC Network.  The times for the chat are 9:00pm Eastern, 6:00pm Pacific.  It has been mentioned that it'll last about an hour, but these chats usually lag on for about two.  Anyway, you can talk to Dan about anything at all, including his job and video games in general.  If you plan on using a chat program, set it to server: irc.webmaster.com, channel: #mortalkombat, port: 6667.  Or, you can access the chat from MK5.org, MKN, or TRMK by means of their web sites.  So, I hope to be attending the chat under username MK Empire, and if anything good happens, I'll try to post a chat transcript after it's over.  See you tonight...

July 5, 2000

MK Special Forces Is Full Force
Hey to all, I'm sorry that I didn't update about MKSF sooner, but I totally forgot that it was even coming out.  Anyway, the past few days have been pretty packed for me with the Fourth and all, but now it's back to MK.  On June 27th, MKSF came out for the Playstation for the price of only $19.99.  Since then, tons of MK sites have been covering it from top to bottom.  The disadvantage for me is that I don't have a Playstation, or any system for that matter, so I cannot play the game and probably never will.  But still, I've put up an almost finished, revamped MK Special Forces section right here at the MKE.  Everything but the entire game walkthrough is up because I haven't gotten permission to use anyone's yet, so I'll have to wait and see.  In the MKSF section, I've compiled pages for the basics, information, pictures, codes (cheat menu), and a walkthrough.  Check it out and see what you're missing.  Also, check out Midway's site because they put up a tidbit of stuff on MKSF as well.  If you purchased MKSF, feel free to drop me a line with any info you might have, or you can even post your opinions on the message board.  Remember to keep checking back here for the latest on MK Special Forces.

Fight Night Thursday
MK5.org has informed us that this Thursday, July 6th, at 9:00pm Eastern, 6:00pm Pacific, the Fight Night chat will be held at the Mortal Kombat IRC Network.  Making an appearance this time is the writer from GamePro magazine, Dan Elektro.  You can chat with him about Mortal Kombat, games in general, his occupation, or even ask him how he discovered the Dullard code in Mortal Kombat.  If you're going to use an IRC program like mIRC, set it to server: irc.webmaster.com, channel: #mortalkombat, port: 6667.  I'll try to post a link to the chat tomorrow and I'll try to be there because I have a championship baseball game tomorrow at 5:30.  So, if I do have time to get in the chat, I'll be in with the username MK Empire.  So, have fun in the chat!

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