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September 30, 2002

Sorry about the lack of updates, but we're back
So, summer comes around, you work full time, then you go off to college, and what happens?  There's no time for updates.   So, you get lots of mail  saying "What's going on with the MK Empire?"  Well, to tell you the truth, there was no free time.  But, don't fret, because although there were no updates, secretely in the background the site was still being run and news was still being collected for MK: Deadly Alliance.  What... did you think that I'd just skip all the nitty gritty?  Hell no, so without further adieu, here's all the stuff that was missed since July 16th, put into nice little categories for ease of reading.  Yeh, it's kind of sucky, but I had to condense a lot...

--Release date for MK: Deadly Alliance is definetly November 22nd ("Fatality Friday") for all next-gen home console systems.  The Gameboy Advance version is still TBA.
--Recently, the Tokyo Game Show boasted the latest build of MK: Deadly Alliance.  Both GameSpotand IGNwere there, and they  say there's been a lot of improvement.  They saw both classic and new moves, a new character named Hsu Hao, the new "power-up" feature where a character grows for a short time and becomes possibly more powerful, "Test Your Might" (it's phat),  and 3 new stages (a pirate ship stage, a moving gondola stage, and a portal that sucks things into it, kind of like MK2).  Check out the GameSpot preview and the IGN review.
--In a press event that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, dubbed "Midway's Gamers Day", Midwayshowed a much updated version of MK: Deadly Alliance.
--MK5.orgput out its MK: DA fan interview of 20 questions that were sent to and answered by the MK: DA development team.  Check out MK5.org to read it all.
--GameSpothas written a small previewof MK: Deadly Alliance pertaining to what they saw in Nevada.  Points of interest: Possibility of only 1 fatality per character, 5th attack button reserved for reversals and throwing, drunk character Bo Rai Cho shown, combos revamped, and more fighting style info.
--At Midway's Gamers Day, 2 fatalities were revealed for MK: Deadly Alliance!  Planet GameCube's preview gives us this info:
Sub-Zero's Skeleton Rip: Sub slams his hand into the opponents back, searches, and pulls out the skeleton.
Jax's Head Stomp: Just like in MK3, the opponent is on the ground and Jax jumps up and slams down on the opponent's head, resulting in blood everywhere.
--Pics of Sub-Zero's skeleton rip can be seen in the September issue of Game Informer magazine.
--IGN PS2 has posted a nice little previewof what they played at Midway's Gamers Day as well.
--The Official MK: Deadly Alliance Website updated their character bio section with Kano's info.  It says he was promoted to be general of Shao Kahn's army but has to decide to either join Kahn or the Deadly Alliance of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung.  You can also see some new screenshots of him.
--A U.K. magazine called P2 Magazine (July, 2002) has a 6-page interview with Ed Boon in it.  Points of interest: Combo info, MK: DA has multi-stage arenas like in MK3, and weapons on the ground in certain stages.
--The winners of the MK: Deadly Alliance Art Contest were announced, and many were from the MK5.org message board.  They're sketches will most likely be in the game.
--IGN Xbox updated with a small previewof MK: Deadly Alliance, containing some new artwork, screenshots, and pictures of the new character Khan.
--IGN Pocket posts a previewof MK: DA on the Gameboy Advance, but it's for members only (Secret - just delete your cookies to see more :).

--IGN.comshows more screenshots and stage sketches to paying Complete members only, including pics of Khan and the Shaol of Quan Chi!
--GameSpotupdates with Playstation 2 screenshots and GameBoy Advance screenshots in their respective sections at the site.
--Tons of new "membership only" screens at XBox IGN's media page.
--New renders show up over at PS2 IGN, including Quan Chi's Fortress, and their media page has some new screens and concept art.
--GameSpot Complete releases 16 new MK: DA screenshots if you can pay here.

-The September issue of PSM Magazine has an 8-page sort of "History of MK" thing in it.  Something to note is their MK: Deadly Alliance info about "Test Your Site".  It says it involves keeping your eyes on a moving object.  Also, bets can be placed in the game to earn kurrency like in "Konquest" mode, which allows you to unlock secrets in the 676 "koffins" in the game. The magazine also cracks on MK Trilogy.
-The September issue of EGM has a 2-page ad for MK: DA, with a little Scorpion versus Quan Chi action!  Plus, their November issue has an ad in it as well that also contains a coupon from Electronics Boutique for 30% off the MK: DA hint book if you buy the game too.
-The November issue of PSM Magazine has MK: DA on the cover!  It shows a nice sketch of Sub-Zero holding a decapitated head.  The article inside also reveals tons of new info for some characters, as well as the first-ever pics of Reptile (who now looks like a reptile!), and pics of a new female combatant named Nitara, who is a vampire!

-GameSpot Complete releases 4 new MK: DA videos, featuring fights, less colorful weapons (yes!), special moves, and the drunken Bo Rai Cho.
-IGNreleases 6 more MK: DA videos for the XBox, boasting reversals and the like.  Check them out below:
-IGN Insider releases a new MK: DA trailer.  See Scorpion versus Quan Ch with cool camera angles!
-GameSpotupdates with 6 new MK: DA PS2 videos from the Tokyo Game Show.  See Cyrax and Kitana fighting, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Scorpion performing "Test Your Might", power-ups, and all that great stuff if you pay here.

Okay, that's all the news for the past 2 1/2 months!  Enjoy.

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