September 20, 1999

Forms Problem Fixed
Remember when I updated about the forms problem at the Ask A Question section?  Well, after doing some research, I also discovered that the Best Web Page Award form was also not working.  I then discovered that the reason for the problem was that the forms server I was using whose name I will not mention, closed down some of their features including the forms one...without telling anyone.  When getting near the ending process of the form it says that the feature is now down due to server abuse and that you should use a regular e-mail process.  This would explain why after a certain point in time there were no more incoming survey reviews for Ed Boon to look at.  I'm very sorry for this and I have fixed the problem.  Even though the Survey is gone along with the Ask A Question, I have fixed the Best Web Page Award form and have made a form on the Staff page.  So, if you tried for the Best Web Page Award and never got a response, this is why so try again.  Again, Im sorry for the inconviences this has caused, but it should be fine now.

September 17, 1999

Two Chats In Review
Well, on Wednesday Night's Fight Night there was a chat held with Lawrence Kasanoff, executive produecer of all that is Mortal Kombat at Threshold.  Even though much isn't known about Mortal Kombat Conquest right now, he did say that the show would go on somehow, which means that we just might see MK Conquest for a second season.  Also, at Ed Boon's chat held last night, much was mentioned about MK5 and MK Gold, especially the glitches in MK Gold.  TRMK has compiled a handy chat log for those of you, including me, who didn't make the chat due to Hurricane Floyd.  But, below I have compiled some of the most interesting things that were said at the chat if you don't feel like reading all of the chat log.
A bug free version of MK Gold will be released soon courtesy of Midway.
The question mark behind Tanya in MK Gold was a slot reserved for Belokk, who was taken out of the game at the last minute.
MK5 will be like no other MK, sporting multiple fighter stances, 3D pit stages, blast through floors, detailed costumes right down to every hair, drop of sweat, and body movement, multiple fighting styles, and a stage with water and a floating device you fight on.
Liu Kang may be out of the lineup since this MK takes place in another realm, but Shang Tsung and Noob may return.
Ed thinks it would be cool to add MK1-4 to the MK5 DVD ROM.
There will be a third MK movie.
Ed will be auctioning off cool MK stuff at his site soon.
MK5 will have a totally new button layout.

September 15, 1999 Updated With Chat Info
Ed Boon has again updated with the information pertaining to the second chat he will be holding.  It will be held Thursday, September 16, 1999 at 6PM Pacific, 8PM Central, and 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time.  The IRC server is and the channel# is mortalkombat.  If you want to use another program to access the chat, try mIRC.  See you there.

Ask A Question Gone...Staff Up
Well, I still can't figure out what's wrong with the CGI script for the Ask A Question form, or any form for that matter, so unfortunately it had be be deleted.  But, in light of the situation, I'm doing something that's a major first at the MKE.  Now that MK Gold info is flowing in and MKSF and MK5 are on their way, the work load has become pretty intense.  So, the MKE will now be hiring a staff to keep things up and running.  A new Staff section has been added to the site, and once people qualify for the position, the page will be full of names.  I'm looking for about 3-5 other people to help me with the site.  So, if you want to join because you have some experience with html, java, web pages, etc., then read the rules in the Staff section and take a chance.  Good luck!

September 14, 1999

MK Gold Section Updated
The MK Gold section has been updated with many things in the past few days.  The minifaq has been updated with some new moves, fatalities, kombat codes, and weapons, boasting it to version 2.0.  The weapons page has been updated with the new character's weapons.  The moves faq has been updated with new additions to moves, fatalities, character endings, etc., and the secrets page has been updated with more great kodes.  Keep checking back for more as it arrives daily.

September 12, 1999 Updated
Finally, Ed Boon has updated with the long awaited links section.  In the links section, there are links to some of the best MK sites on the web.  Listed so far is TRMK, MKN, and  So, only three at this point, and the MK Empire isn't there yet, but it does say more to come.  Hopefully the MKE will be listed sooner or later because I did submit the site for his viewing.  I'll have more if anything pops up.

The MKE Has A Third Address
Well, I didn't realize this until today.  Ever since Yahoo! ganged up with Geocities to bring the websurfers one of the best web hosting servers out there, they gave all their members the privilage of having another, shorter Geocities address.  The new address is  So now, instead of remembering, you can use that one also.  Plus, you can still use, which seems to be the prefered address.  So, thanks Geocities.

September 11, 1999

MK Gold Not Among The Glitches Says TRMK
When I e-mailed TRMK about the glitch problem with some of the Dreamcast games, they e-mailed me back with this statement:
"Yeah we knew about the problem; however, the MK Gold CD's were not manufactured at that plant where the first batch of discs contained a skewed burn ring.  So MK Gold discs are not affected."  They also go on to say that Sega is already fixing the problem and it should be resolved soon.  So, there you have it, MK Gold is officially A.O.K.

Dreamcast May Be A Nightmare
As reported in my local newspaper, the Dreamcast system alone grossed in over $97 million dollars on 9/9/99, passing Sega's expectations.  All of the nation wide KB Toy Stores and local Electronics Boutiques sold out off all of their Dreamcast systems the first day it came out.  But, the Dreamcast may have lost a lot of hype over what has been a big issue so far.  Many people came back to the stores the same day complaining about their games not working.  Some (less than 1%) of the heavily anticipated titles didn't load correctly and didn't play well.  Even the web-browser CD's (less than 1%) aren't working right.  This is not good for Sega right now because they cannot afford a huge mishap like this.  It has been concluded that this is a game compatability problem, not a glitch in the system itself, which is better because it's easier to fix.  Sega says it will ship new web-browser CD's on Monday.  Among some of the games not working properly are Blue Stinger, Sonic the Hedgehog, Hydro Thunder, and Ready to Rumble.  If your game is not working properly, return it to the store immediately to get your money back.  Store personnel should understand.  If you want to tell Sega about your problems, e-mail them at, or call 1-877-383-3291.  Luckily, MK Gold checks out far.

Boon To Have Another Chat
Well, if you missed the first Ed Boon chat, here's a chance to revive your spirits.  Ed Boon stated on his website at that many people have e-mailed him saying how at the last chat they didn't get their questions answered about MK Gold and MK5.  So, Ed decided to have another chat sometime next week at  Ed says that the date is set at Thursday, the 16th, and the time will be given out soon.  Check back here because it'll be posted when we hear anything.

September 10, 1999

MK Gold Is Out!
Now that the time is here, MK Gold is in stores now!  The code books are also in stores, but all you'll need is right here in the revised MK Gold section.  The section contains a mini moves list, multimedia, cheats and secrets, each character's moves, bios, endings, etc., and some links to reviews, pictures, movies, and things like that.  It should be the most complete MK Gold section on the web when it's all done.  Now that the game is out, TRMK has gotten hold of one of the first codes to be discovered.  At the title screen, press U-U-D-D-L-L-R-R (real easy).  You'll here "Outstanding!"  Proceed to the main menu and highlight "Options".  Hold down L and R.  The Cheats Menu will eventually appear.  In the menu there are one button fatalities, shorter matches, unlimited time for kombat kodes, and easy endings.  TRMK also claims to have the codes to get Goro, Noob Saibot, and Sektor, but they don't want to release them yet, but I think I can find them :).  Keep checking back for more on MK Gold as it arrives!

September 7, 1999

MK Gold Gets A Bad Wrap
Well, over the last week, posted up their final review of MK Gold for the Dreamcast.  The game received a 5.0 out of 10 which really sucks.  Even EGM Magazine gave the game a rating of 4.5 out of 10 saying that the game is basically old and the same as always.  Also, posted their review of the game, giving it a 6.3 out of 10.  The review basically says that the game is a perfect arcade port, the sound seems in tact, the button presses are smooth except that the Dreamcast controllers don't have enough buttons for block and run which makes it hard to do some moves.  There are many new added features, backgrounds, and characters which makes the game bearable, but if you've played MK4 enough already, this game will only excite you for about a week.  Also, they say the graphics look pretty old compared to the other Dreamcast titles.  So far, MK Gold is getting a bad wrap, but yet more pictures (13 in all) have been posted recently, so check those out too.

MKX's Opinion on MK Gold
It seems that Ermac at MKX has gotten a chance to play MK Gold at a local store and he's put up a review of his own.  It basically says how much MK Gold is a "repeat" of MK4 and there's not many new things like we've already found out.  Check it's real long, but there are some swears in it so be warned.

New MK Gold Movie
Well, Ed Boon finally put up that MK Gold Avi on his website he'd been mentioning for so long.  You can get the small or large version depending on how patient you are because the file is pretty big.  The video has fighting scenes, some clips of Cyrax and his ending, and some cool sequences of Sektor with some neat music just for the effect.  Go check it out.

September 2, 1999

Tobias Chat Cancelled
Even though I don't report on the chats at, I will report on this.  It seems that was supposed to have a chat held with John Tobias on Wednesday night's Fight Night. MK Dominion were the people who planned the chat, but suddenly Tobias cancelled the chat that day saying he couldn't attend it.  After a lot of research that went on to see why he backed out, it was discovered that Midway asked Threshold Entertainment to cancel the chat.  Out of my perspective, I think they didn't want Tobias saying anything negative about Midway or the MK Team now that he quit working there.  They didn't want any rumors floating around about their company and knew that all the questions asked would have been like "Why did you quit?" and blah blah blah.  That's what I feel happened, so instead was able to get the producer and writer of MK Annihilation and the Defenders of the Realm cartoon, Mr. Josh Wexler.  I'll keep you posted if anything else on this topic pops up.

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