September 18, 1998

First MK Conquest Pics
Finally there have been two images discovered that show us a little bit about MK Conquest thanks to MKD.  One picture is of the cast and the other is of the crew of MK Conquest working on the set.  More images should be flowing in soon and if you have any MKC images, please send them to me so they can be posted up for others to see.

September 16, 1998

MK Conquest On Its Way
According to MK Nightmares, the new Fall Preview Issue of TV Guide has some new info about the airing of MK Conquest TV series.  Even though they spell Conquest with a "K" instead of a "C", the info is still very interesting.  Anyway, below is the excerpt from the TV Guide issue for you to read.

Mortal Kombat : Konquest (debuts week of September 28) From video arcades to cinema multiplexes, the Mortal Kombat franchise has been wildly popular, so it was just a matters of time before Kombateers Kung Lao and his cohorts kicked their way to TV. In this one-hour, live-action series, the kung fu fighting heroes use fancy footwork and martial arts manuevers in the fight to save Earth from the evil forces of the villainous Outworld.
MKM PC Release Date Pushed Back :(
New reports from the Electronics Boutique and Midway Home Entertainment are pointing towards a push-back in the release date for MKM on the PC.  The new date for its release will be on January 7th of 1999.  It kind of angers me that it was pushed back that far but maybe they will make it better than what it already is since they have more time.  Thanks for all the e-mails concerning the new date.

Shocking GamePro News!!
According to GamePro magazine I have read some shocking news, news about MK4 and MK5.  To start with MK4, as you all know, a new Gameboy will be coming out that will be in color.  According to GamePro, a future game release for the Gameboy will be MK4 in color!  I guess Midway will be changing MK4 into 2-D style, but will still pack in all the punch.  Also, there is a new gaming device out called the DexDrive.  What this piece of equipment allows you to do is save info from your home port (N64, PSX, and PC) and put it into a slot built into the arcade machine and you can upload info that you saved into an arcade machine.  For example, you can upload up to nine created players from your N64 NFL Blitz '99 game and save them to the arcade machine!  Neat...huh?  So, maybe with MK5 you can access cheats in your home game, and put them into the arcade machine using the DexDrive.  No official word on these two pieces of news yet though, but they seem pretty likely.  You can go to Interact's site for more info on the new DexDrive.
P.S.--Does anyone know that in NFL Blitz you can play as Raiden by entering the name RAIDEN and the numbers 3691 at the Initials screen?  Thanks GamePro!

Test #4 Is Here!
Want a challenge?  Need to test your MK IQ?  Well you've found the right place to do it.  I have put up the fourth test for all of you to try out.  You have to guess who is in the picture.  I think that this one is much harder than the old ones, and I did it on purpose because many people have e-mail be saying that the tsxt is too easy.  Well, here's your new challenge.  Go ahead and try it.

September 11, 1998

Major Updates!
Well, I finally have some news for your guys.  I'm very sorry for the delay but I've been on vacation and had alot of school work to do.  Of course, when I have time to update there isn't anything to update about.  It always pops up when I'm busy.  But anyway, without further is the news.

MK4 For Sega Dreamcast
MK4 is schedualed to come out for the Sega DreamCast.  Eurocom is working on it but don't ecpect it to be out soon because the Dreamcast isn't coming out until late 1999 and MK4 will be old and dusty by then.

MK Mythologies True For PC
It's official!  MK Mythologies will be coming out for the PC.  Electronics Botique will be selling it starting on October 7th for $29.99.  I'm hoping that there will be some extra features in it that weren't in the PSX version, but it's said to be just like it.

New MK4 Hacker
chutka has again come out with a new MK4 Hacker. The new features are as follows.

--Both players can be Goro in Arcade mode.
--You can play with Goro on every stage.
--You can use ground objects with Goro (Try to pick a rock or skull when the "Weapon Kombat" kode is activated.
--You can select Kitana in Arcade mode (Go to "Hidden", Push and Hold "Run", move 1 up and 1 right to "Sonya", then hit "Block".)
--A "Goro Patch" will be out in the future, which will allow you to perform Fatalities on Goro.

Check out chutka's homepage for the patch.

MK Conquest To Air Soon
Wow, it's almost here!  MK Conquest is said to be airing in 3 short weeks on all WB channels. No solid date and time yet but I'll get it as soon I find it.  Unfortunately, many people don't like the new name change but it's gonna stay like that because it's to late to change it now.  So, I hope MKC is a big hit and becomes really popular with the fans.  Also, watch for any new characters that will appear on the show along with some old friends.
NOTE:  The MK Conquest section has been changed to match the new title.

MK5 Rumor
There was a rumor being spread around about MK5 and its creators that isn't true.  The rumor said that John Tobias wasn't going to be apart of the MK Design Team anymore.  Well, this isn't at all true and he will be working on MK5 (or already is) and is also working on the new game MK: Special Forces.  He will be creating all other future MK games with the newly expanded MK Design Team.  Boon and his men are also working on something "unlike any other game in the arcades today".  I'll keep you posted.

September 2, 1998

MK Mythologies For PC?
Recently, MKNightmares has reported that MK Mythologies is expected to hit the PC soon.  They discovered this at Midway's website on the "Coming Soon" page.  There is no date yet, but it should be here soon.  This was expected as it seems that all MK games for the PC always come out around a year later than the Playstation and N64 with an acception of MK4.  Keep coming back for more news on the new release of MKM.

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