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October 31, 2002

A large recap of all the news
I apologize once again for not updating this site at such a crucial point in the countdown to the release of MK: Deadly Alliance.  I said I would update this weekend, but of course didn't get around to it until today.  It's hard enough doing a web page by yourself; it's even harder trying to balance college life with it.  But, just like the update in late September, I will once again just give brief, categorized updates of what was missed.  So, enjoy all the new stuff...

-IGN.com releases 13 new screenshots of Blind Kenshi from the XBox on their page. Click here to see them all (delete cookies to disable the limited number per day problem).
-GameSpot updates with 12 new images from MK: DA, including the select screen, lots of Sub-Zero shots, and screens of Johnny Cage's new fatality!  Click here to see them all.
-Planet GameCube has come through because of their coverage of Nintendo's Cube Club Tour with a good shot of the new select screen, which shows 21 characters in all.  Click here to see it.
-Might as well stick this in here too: the November issue of Game Informer magazine contains a 2-page ad for MK: DA along with a postcard that has Adema and MK: DA on it.
-A while ago, a ton of new images from MK: Deadly Alliance somehow popped up at GameSpot.com.  The screenshots (65 in all, 29 fairly new) come from all 3 console versions (first nice shots of the GameCube version) and show the first in-game shots of Nitara, Reptile, and Hsu Hao, some new arenas, fatalities, character renders, and game menus (a new betting screen)!  Feast your eyes on all of them in either GameSpot's massive section or in the MK Empire's MK: DA screenshots section.
-The first ever shot of the newer version of the MK: Deadly Alliance select screen was sent to MK5.org from a gaming event in England.  Check out MK5.org for the mysterious picture.
-IGN Pocket releases the best screenshots yet of the GameBoy Advance version of MK: DA.  Click here to see them all.
-Davesmk.com has managed to somehow capture screenshots of the opening sequence from MK: Deadly Alliance and post them up on his site.  The video, which was released earlier in the week by GameCube IGN, is narrated by Rayden and explains how the Deadly Alliance formed, how Shao Kahn and Liu Kang were murdered (oh no!), and so on.  I warn you: the pictures and especially the video are spoilers, so if you don't want to ruin the surprise when the game is released, don't pursue these pictures.  If you don't mind, head on over to Daves MK now.
NOTE:  A lot of the pictures mentioned above have been added to this site on the screenshots pages of the MK: Deadly Alliance section.  Make sure to give them a look.

-IGN.com has grabbed the first video of Sub-Zero's skeleton rip fatality.  Check it out by clicking here!
-Midway.com just recently released the new TV commercial for the up and coming MK: Deadly Alliance game.  It is half of what we've already seen from the trailer that is in theaters (which I saw and almost busted a nut), and half of new in-game action (without blood).  It will most likely show up on TV a week or so before its November 22nd release.  So, to download the full 15-second commercial, click here.
-IGN.com, along with their 13 new Blind Kenshi screenshots, also updated with 3 new Quicktime movies of him in action on the XBox game system.  Click here to download them all.
-IGN.com also came through in a great way by releasing a ton of new Quicktime videos from MK: Deadly Alliance for us to see.  Click on the following links to see actual gameplay: 7 GameBoy Advance MK: DA movies, 10 PS2 MK: DA movies, 6 GameCube MK: DA movies (see "Test Your Site" here).  (Hint: delete cookies to view them all in one day).
-A while ago, IGN.com released 10 new videos from the XBox version which show actual gameplay action.  To see these Quicktime movies, click here now.
-IGN.com also ended up releasing the opening FMV cinematic spot from the GameCube version of MK: DA to its IGN Insider members.  The video shows the story of the Deadly Alliance and the death of Shao Kahn and Liu Kang.  So, obviously this is a spoiler, but if you're an Insider, click here; otherwise, check out Daves MK for captures of the video.
-GameSpot Complete members were treated to the first ever video of Johnny Cage's head rip fatality from the PS2.  Click here to hop to that page (download free streaming version if you're not a member).
-GameCube IGN was able to grab three direct-feed videos from the GameCube version of the game that appeared as a part of the 2002 Nintendo Cube Club in Los Angeles, CA.  Of course, IGN Insider's only.

-PS2 IGN recently released an article that goes into detail about the changes and features that we will see in the final version of MK: DA. The 3 main questions they address are "How is the fighting system?" "What is Konquest Mode?" and "What type of secrets are there?"  Facts of importance include information about fighting styles, secrets in the game, the missions of the Konquest mode, kurrency and koffins, the Krypt, and so on.  To read the whole article, click here.
-Pocket IGN has posted information on the complete version of MK: DA for the GameBoy Advance.  Surprisingly, they praise Midway for finally creating a great MK game on a hand-held system.  To read the entire article in all its glory, click here.
-GameCube IGN has updated with an article covering some stuff that they saw at Nintendo's Cube Club tour in LA.  To read the full positive article, click here.  They also published a hands-on impression here.
-Pocket IGN also released another article that describes the final build of MK: DA for the GameBoy Advance.  To read up on how it is a great port from the console versions, click here.
-Check out a cool little article from XBox IGN by clicking here.

October 11, 2002

Midway.com releases 6 MK: DA videos
In one of the biggest updates in recent months, Midway.com has come through with 6 old/new MK: Deadly Alliance videos for us to see.  Though very short, some of the movies include actual DVD content that will be available in the game.  So, hop on over to this page at Midway's site to get the videos, or click on the links below that contain descriptions of the videos as well as direct links to them.  Enjoy!

MK: Deadly Alliance Gameplay movie (5.8 MB)
MK: Deadly Alliance Sub-Zero Fatality Teaser movie (2.2 MB)
MK: Deadly Alliance Adema Music Video DVD movie (3.2 MB)
MK: Deadly Alliance Unseen Making of MK: DA DVD movie (3.2 MB)
MK: Deadly Alliance MK History DVD movie (4.3 MB)
MK: Deadly Alliance Cinematic Trailer movie (2.3 MB)

Adema's "Immortal" video at MTV.com
Recently, MTV.com released the full version of the MK: Deadly Alliance theme song by the rock band Adema called "Immortal".  Their new album, titled "The Immortal", will be released on October 22nd, and MTV.com had this to say about the video:
    "'Immortal' appears on the new Adema EP, The Immortal, AND is the first release from the Mortal Kombat video game soundtrack. Adema was approached by the video game maker to participate in the project because they were looking for a hard rock band that would appeal to the same audiences as the those that played the video game. The video was shot in New Orleans on June 6th. The band was shot performing in front of a "green screen" and then they were inserted into the environment of the video game."
In my opinion, the video is real phat because even though it's not my type of music, we see a lot of cool rendered scenes from the game (i.e. Scorpion versus Quan Ch) as well as the effect of the band being in the game's arenas.  Of great significance is the shot of Shao Kahn that appears quickly, followed by his mask falling off.  So, Shao Kahn may be making an appearance once again, maybe as a weakened sorcerer (as Kano's bio suggests) or something more than that.  Who knows?  So, make sure you check out the entire video (which will be included in the game) by clicking here.

WWE MK: DA contest and commercial!
It seems that the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) agency is holding its own MK: Deadly Alliance contest.  All you have to do is fill out a form before November 13th and the winner will get a chance to travel to New York City and play the final version of MK: DA against a WWE wrestler on November 21st.   In addition to this, their page that is advertising this contest has 6 new screenshots of MK: Deadly Alliance as well as a link to the first trailer for the game that seems to be appearing in theaters across the country at R-rated movies.  This short clip (available in 4 formats) of Scorpion fighting Quan Chi will run in theaters until right before the game is released to the public and will most likely be incorporated in future TV ads.  So, check out either the November 2002 issue of the WWE's magazine which has a two-page ad for this contest in it, or visit the WWE's official MK Sweepstakes page for streaming versions of the new trailer, the submission survey, and the six screenshots... you'll be glad you did.

MK: Deadly Alliance realism effects confirmed?
This is just a little point that I wanted to bring up.  We all know how Midway has been bragging that MK: Deadly Alliance will sport ripped clothing, bruises, cuts, dripping blood, and sweat.  Recently, however, many people have been doubting these accusations since no proof has really come up to support them.  Well, a few days ago I saw an MK: Deadly Alliance clip (I think it was one of the clips from IGN.com), and Rayden got slashed by someone and for some time afterwards he had blood dripping from his neck.  Also, one of the screenshots at Midway.com that I put in the MK: Deadly Alliance section shows Rayden with a ripped open shirt. Click here to check out that picture and see what I mean.  So, although these things don't confirm all of the special effects said to be in the game, they may or may not confirm some.  Now I could be wrong, but I'm hoping that they will be in the game and Midway is just trying to hide the details so when it comes out we are surprised and not like "Oh, I've already seen that before..." like so many MK games of the past.  We'll just have to wait and see.

October 1, 2002

Third MK film confirmed (for real this time)
MK5.org recently reported that the third Mortal Kombat film is definetly underway.  In a recent interview with Josh Wexler, associate producer/writer of MK: Annihilation, the interviewing party, called UGO, revealed that the subject at hand was about his new martial-arts cable network called Blackbelt TV.  He revealed that the network will solely show various martial-arts films and television shows such as MK Conquest.  When asked about his involvment in the third MK film, he states that it is underway and that "... we're going to reinvent the fighting genre.  You're going to see fights like you've never seen before".  So, I guess it's safe to say that we can expect a third film.  You can check out the full interview here, or you can check out the MK Empire's Third MK Film section for info as it flows in.

Earn a free Kollector's Koin from GameStop
The video game store by the name of GameStop is advertising that if you pre-order MK: Deadly Alliance through them they will give you a free MK: DA Koin as a limited edition bonus.  The MK Netherealm reports that currently there are three Koins to collect: Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Quan Chi and Shang Tsung.  So, if you're thinking of pre-ordering the game, do it through GameStop to get the Koins.  Also, make sure to check out the MK Netherealm for scans of the Koin advertisement.

Test broken
Just a small reminder; if anyone has tried to send in answers for the new Test, you may have realized that it did not work before, and now it brings you to an error page.  A lot of stuff on the site got screwed up when I started editing pages on this new laptop with a newer version of Composer, so once I find out how to fix it, the Test will be running again.  For now, please be patient.

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