October 29, 1999

Test #9 Is Up!
I felt it was time to take test #8 down and put up a new one.  For all the people that tried to answer test #8, the correct guess was 3 secret characters in MK Gold, not 2.  But, you can redeem yourself of errors through test #9.  For this test, you have to tell me what Noob Saibot really means.  So, go to the Test section to do so.  Also, if you have any suggestions for the next test, drop me a line and your ideas will be highly considered.

October 23, 1999

MK Gold To Be Released In Europe
TRMK has informed us that Eurocom announced that MK Gold will be officially released in Europe on October 29th.  The CD will be the newer version of MKG with less bugs in it.  So, for all the foreigners who sent in e-mails about MK Gold coming out in there country, now the Europians can get a taste of the legend.

It's The Little Things That Count
The MK Empire has undergone a somewhat small but very effective change.  Instead of the usual dragon bar at the bottom of each page that had links to my e-mail address and the news page, now you will see a blue bar with basically the same things, and a little more.  I did this for the convenience of the viewers because I feel that the internet is getting slower by the second and loading times are starting to blow.  So, istead of waiting for 8 separate pictures to load, now it's just an information bar.  Check it out at the bottom of all the pages.

October 20, 1999

Video Gamers League Tournament
Remember way back when on August 2nd when the MK Empire was notified of their addition to the Video Gamers League?  Well, MK Nightmares has informed us that the tournament for MK Gold, along with many other games, will begin soon in Dallas Texas and registrations have begun.  On November 20th-21st, people in the tournament will compete for money eqiuvalent prizes and if they're good enough they will reach the championship at the end of May.  You have a chance to win $2500 from the MK Gold event, along with other awards pertaining to other categories and all categories combined.  For more info, go to their website or call (972) 315-2826.

Side Note on MK Conquest
I just thought it would be interesting to bring up this point to the readers.  It was just last Halloween that much of the first real news about MK Conquest was flowing in and the show was big in the news.  Now, just one year later, MK Conquest seems to have vanished along with many other expectations for the MK genre.  It's kind of sad once you think about it, because Mortal Kombat is dieing and it needs to be revived soon or the future of MK may be history just like its TV show.

Poll Results
The poll results are in!  Well, when the poll started off with the question "Would you buy a Sega Dreamcast just to be able to play MK Gold?", there was about a 4:1 ratio of people who said yes out of about 100 votes.  Then, as soon as MK Gold actually came out and the bugs were discovered, there was a major turnaround and everyone started to vote no!  The final results are as follows: 113 people (29%) said Yes, but 281 people (71%) said No!  So, there you have it. The 394 people have spoken.   Glitches in games can surely change people's opinions.  Maybe people will favor it more now that a new version of the game has been released and it would be interesting to see the results, but it was time to take the poll down.  There were many votes and a big thank you goes out to all who participated.  Look for a new poll by the end of the month!

October 17, 1999

MK Gold Replacement Program
A couple days ago, Midway released a statement saying that their long awaited video game replacement program was going to arrive soon, and now it has.  You can now replace your older versions of MK Gold, Hydro Thunder, Ready 2 Rumble, and NFL Blitz 2000.  The new version of MK Gold is in stores now, sporting a bright green sticker in the upper left hand corner of the manual or the jewel case that says "Hot! New!".  Plus, the new CD is red, not yellow like the older one.  To get your new copy, return the game to the store you got it from and have the receipt handy.  Then, make the swap for the new version.  For more information on bug fixes and unfixes, pictures, new features, and instructions on how to return games if they were purchased directly from Midway, please visit TRMK's website.

October 5, 1999

GamePro Changes Their Views on MK Gold
MKX has reported that GamePro magazine has changed their views about MK Gold.  They came out with a review of the game not to long ago that was published in their magazine, but now GameProWorld.com has put up a revised review which gives MK Gold a lower rating.  Basically, they say how much the controls suck with the Dreamcast's controllers and the fun factor is outplayed.  Now, I look at it as...if MK5 doesn't make some changes in the MK world, that MK is going to go down the tubes and so will the players' interests.

October 1, 1999

Midway To Release MK Gold Without Bugs
TRMK has reported that the website called DreamcastHQ received an e-mail from Midway talking about their preparation for an exchange program for some of their games.  On October 1st, they will be exchanging Ready 2 Rumble in stores so that people with defective versions can get a good one. They also say that all other defective games will be replaced with good ones before or on October 15th.  No specific date has been released yet for when people with defective versions of MK Gold can get their good copy, but when anything pops up it will be here.  You can read the whole e-mail about the games here.

TRMK Posts New MKG Endings
TRMK has yet again added more material to their MK Gold section. They've put up the MK Gold new character endings.  In order to view the videos, you'll need RealPlayer G2, which allows you to download and view the videos in somewhat crisp form in about 2 minutes tops.  They say that they will add these videos into their MK Gold Flash Guide by the end of next week, but for now, you can go to their news page to download them.  I've also added them to the MK Gold section under their respectable character's pages.  Enjoy, and thanks TRMK!

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