October 31, 1998

Finally, Back Up!
Yes!!  Did you think the MKE was leaving?!  Not in a million years!  It's back and better than ever!  For the past three weeks I have been updating the MKE and have been making changes to it dramatically.  Even though I haven't posted any news about Mortal Kombat in three weeks, have no fear, it's all right here for you to read below!  Sorry for the delay, but I had no choice with school and all.  Anyway, check it out! And have a Happy Halloween!!!!

MK Conquest Section Up!!
I promised you that it woul be here...and it is!!!  I have compiled one of the biggest and baddest MK Conquest sections on the whole web!  It's got multimedia, news, info, biographies, and everything else that you wanted.  If you want to see anything else in this section or just have some news or comments for me, then e-mail me A.S.A.P.!  Go check it out and have a blast!

MK Annihilation Producers Cut
Do you want a "Producers Cut" version of Mortal Kombat Annihilation?  It will have added scenes, longer fights, and more secrets! Threshold Entertainment is thinking of making one but in order for the movie deal to pass they want to see if the public wants to have one.  Larry Kassanoff, (owner of Threshold) and MKD have teamed up and started a petition for people to sign if they want to see a Producer's Cut version.  Please, go here and sign the petition so that we can see this thing pass!

MK4 For Color Gameboy
Hey, can you believe it?  Midway has created Mortal Kombat 4 for the new colored Game Boy which will be released very very soon! In their latest press release, Midway says it will release in November NFL Blitz, MK4 and Rampage World Tour for the Game Boy.  Later they will release San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing and double-packed games with Spy Hunter & Moon Patrol and Defender & Joust.  Even a skateboard sim called 720 degrees will be released as well.  I knew the Game Boy was popular, but I never in my wildest dreames thought that they would convert a 3-D MK4 into a 2-D game with all of 12 colors! Here's a pic and the news so far.

Mortal Kombat 4 - Released this summer on multiple platforms, MK4 continues the carnage that has captivated both the coin-op and home gaming community. This fight-to-the-finish slug-fest features fifteen characters including returning favorites Sub-Zero(TM), Sonya(R), Reptile(R), Jax(R) and Scorpion(TM). MK4 features interactive arenas with hand-to-hand battle, and the ability to steal their opponents weapons to use against them.

Mortal Kombat For MAME
As TRMK has been updating about so much in the past two months, Dave's Video Game Classics has updated with information and pictures of the Mortal Kombat Emulation for MAME, along with some other pics to other games as well.  MAME is like a conversion of arcade games into computer games I guess, but they are exactly like the arcade and are very hard to make.  Check it out!

MKE Test
I just have to post this up so I can tell you how many laughs I have gotten through the MK Test.  People told me to make it harder, so I did.  Then, everyone e-mails me the answer saying "This is easy, it's gotta be Scorpion or Sub-Zero".  They just keep guessing and sounding so smart, but they never get it right.  I guess my test is hard...haha!  If you want to TRY to get the answer right, then go take a look at the picutre and and tell me who you THINK it is.  Plus, check out the sensational six that have gotten the answer right so far out of like 75 people.

Chat with Larry Kasanoff
While I was away, there was a chat held with the producer of the MK films and the MK Conquest TV Series, Larry Kasanoff.  He is also the owner of Threshold Entertainment.  The chat was held at the Official MK Site thanks to Caleb Shay (owner of the Official MK Site) at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern time on October 16th.  Larry talked about a 3rd MK film that  would come out only if the fans wanted it.  That is when the owner of the MKD brought up the idea of a "Producers Cut" of Mortal Kombat Annihilation.  Larry said it would be a good idea.  So that is when the owner of MKD came up the with petition to sign if you want a Producers Cut with added scenes plus the true ending that was cut from the film that showed Quan Chi and Shinnok.

Chat With Josh Tsui
The MKD held a chat with Josh Tsui, one of the creators of Mortal Kombat and a creator of Midway games.  He answered some questions people had about MK.  Josh did work on Mortal Kombat 4 and MK Mythologies, so many people wanted him to answer question about the upcoming MK games; Mortal Kombat: Special Forces and MK5.  The chat was successful and MKD may have a log up of it soon.

Did anyone decide to watch Mortal Kombat Annihilation?  It aired on the premium cable channel Starz on Saturday October 17th at 8:00pm.  Just decided to tell you because if you did and had never seen it before you should give me some feedback about it and tell me what you thought?

MK: Special Forces News
MKN has posted up a new tidbit of info about MK: Special Forces even though Midway is doing a really good job at keeping it a secret.  They posted a scan of an old interview that was in GamePro magazine that was based on John Tobias and MK:SF.  You can visit their Mortal Kombat: Special Forces section to check it out.

October 12, 1998

MK Conquest--MK Series--Same Thing!
Just to clear up a little confusion, there has been official word that TNT and UPN are both playing the same TV show even though the names are different.  To keep up with the shows keep checking out mortalkombat.com's news page for the airing of MKC near you.  But don't trust that or TV guide, because the times listed for me were wrong and MK Conquest was on a totally different channel and I missed it.  Although, I did see the second show last night, and the only reason why I didn't like it is because the characters and the story do not really match the MK series.  But we will have to wait and see how this show takes off before we can judge it.

MKC=MK Controversy?
Ever since the airing of MKC, many complaints have popped up about the show.  Some include how the show was not "MKish" and was more on the sexual side.  Many people liked the fighting, the action, the music, and the plot, but felt that it was not what it should have been.  You do have to understand that this is not the game and will not be exactly like the game.  Plus, this is in Kung Lao's time, not MK1 time, so the story takes place before the games ever started.  But, if you do have complaints, you can e-mail me about them, post them on the message board, or put them on mortalkombat.com's message board for them to see.  But please, cut down on the "sex" stuff :).

MK Conquest Parts 1 And 2
So far, MK Conquest has aired it's first 2 shows in the past 2 weeks.  By the poll on the main page, many people just thought it was pretty good and a lot people thought it stunk!  This is not a great start to the series and we better hope that it picks up its' act or it will be off the air in no time.  Please submit your votes so I can understand what you guys think of it.  Of course, it's an inconvenience where I live because it comes on a different channel than reported and comes on at 11:00pm on Sundays and Mondays.  So, I'm just gonna have to use the faithful tape recorder and put it on the right channel this time.  Plus, did you know that Chris Casamassa is playing Scorpion in MKC?  He played Scorpion in the first MK movie.  Cool, huh?!

MK Conquest Section Revamping
I will be slowly updating the MK Conquest section so that you will have all of the up-to-date info about every show. It will have multimedia, an episode guide, a page for finding times in your city, info, the cast/crew list, and news.   Please give me time and it will be up by next week by the latest.  For now, please post your opinions about the show on the message board for others to read and respond to.  Have fun with it.

Midway Releases New Patch
Midway has released another patch for the PC version of MK4 that also works for Windows 98.  The patch fixes some bugs that are still in the game and fixes some choppy parts in the videos.  You can click here to download the new patch.

MKC TV Commercial and Trailer
If you haven't already, you can still download the MKC trailer from mortalkombat.com and the MKC TV commercial that aired during WCW Monday Nitro courtesy of MK Dominion.  I am posting these links for people who didn't get them yet.  They are in real format, so if you don't have RealPlayer, get it here.

Mortal Kombat Conquest TNT Commercial (780,773 bytes)
Mortal Kombat Conquest Trailer (794,647 bytes)

October 2, 1998

MK Conquest INFO and Commercial
It has come to my attention that TNT has created an MK Conquest advertisement that aired during WCW: Nitro a couple of nights ago, but they said that the show was called Mortal Kombat: The Series.  I'm sure that they mean MK Conquest, they just aren't sure about the name 'cause it's changed around so much.  I'll have more on this if anything pops up in the future.  The show will air on October 12 right after Nitro on TNT, or 11:00pm for those of you who don't watch wrestling (me).  Also to clear up any other confusion,  many people thought that MKC would be on UPN.  Even though UPN hasn't made a commercial yet, I think that they will be air MKC along with TNT, but they actually are calling it MK Conquest which is correct.  That's what I can make of it; 2 channels playing it on different dates because UPN is airing it this weekend, October 3rd and 4th.  It will air on different times in different cities on UPN so you may want to check your local listings for details.  Not all local UPN stations will be playing MKC, so watch it on TNT on October 12th. If you miss out on watching MKC on all these nights, don't worry, because TNT will air it every Monday night after it's premier at 11:00pm.  MKC will also air on the WB Network this weekend.  You can download the commercial straight from this site in a 5.35 meg .zip file or in real format so you can view it without waiting for the download time.  It's pretty cool and I think that it's a major eye-catcher.

MK: The TV Series

TNT MKC Commercial (.ZIP)                     TNT MKC Commercial (Real Video)

Check when MKC airs in your town here!
Keep checking the MKE's MKC Section for more late-breaking info!

Also, here is a short overview of what this week's episode is about.
Mortal Kombat: Conquest
"Warrior Eternal" Reluctant warrior Kung Lao must decide whether to follow his destiny or his heart. (Part 1 of 2)
Here is the storyline for the show:
"The ancient contest, Mortal Kombat, continues in which an Earth Realm warrior must battle an Outworld warrior for superiority. This episode: Kung Lao defeats Shang Tsung and begins training future warriors."

Official Sites Updated With MKC Info
mortalkombat.com has been recently updated their Threshold Entertainment MK Site with info regarding MK Conquest and has changed their whole page layout.  They have posted pics, bios of all the characters, a guide to the episodes, and an overview of the show.  They have also added a neat little feature to the news page that lets you select your city from a form and the date and time that MKC will be on in that city will pop up for your convenience.  But, you don't have to go to that page to do that 'cause I have the form here where you can choose your city from the list and get that info.  I put it there for your convenience.

Also, MK4.com has been updated with a pic of the MK Conquest logo and a description of the new show.  They have also added a link to mortalkombat.com's official MKC section.  At mortalkombat.com's page you can go to the Conquest News section to fill out a form to see what time MKC is on in your city.

And last but not least, TNT has put up their Mortal Kombat: The Series section of their homepage.  It has a couple of goods pics and some info on when the show will come on near you.

MKC Fighters Revealed!
MKD has discovered a quick list of the cast of MK Conquest and who will be playing the characters.  Bewlow is that list:

Lord Raiden - Jeffery Meek
Kung Lao - Paolo Montalban
Shang Tsung - Bruce Locke
Siro - Daniel Bernhardt
Taja - Kristanna Loken
Vorpax - Tracy Douglas

Thanks MKD!  Also check out MKD for your chance to win your very own MK4 Arcade Machine.

2 New MK4 PC Hackers
While I wasn't updating, chutka invented 2 more MK4 Hackers and posted them on his homepage.  One hacker is the predecessor of the other.  Below are descriptions of what the hackers do.  Go to their homepage to download the hackers.

1st hacker allows you to...
- Fatalities for Goro (I've added Quan Chi's "Leg Rip" fatality as his 1st fatality because that one looked the best and most bug free for him. His 2nd is Reiko's second. Do not do the "Fan Fatality" with Goro if he is P2 because it crashes the game. I'll fix this in the future...)
- Easier Kitana/Goro/Noob access (Simply select Sonya/Shinnok/Reiko using the "RUN" button.)
- Easier Meat access (Simply select your character using the "BL" button. If you want to be a secret character using Meat's skin then you have to hit BL+RUN together. If this doesn't work, try to go to "Hidden", Push & Hold "RUN", then go to the character and hit "BL".)

2nd hacker allows you to (predecessor)...
-Fatalities can now be performed on Goro (All fatalities should work on Goro now).
-The Skull Stage music will play during the match instead of at the end of the round.

Tips&Tricks MK4 Strategy Guide
I was surfing aound MKX a short while back and they mentioned that Tips&Trickshas created a cool MK4 Strategy Gu8ide that is only $4.99!  I haven't seen it, but it's on most magazine shelves and it contains strategies (of course) and some behind the scenes info about MK4 and some info about things put into MK4, things missing from MK4, and an interview with some of the MK4 Designers.  So, if your a hardcore MK fan, go grab yourself a copy!

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