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November 19, 1999

Get Dreamcast Games At Blockbuster
It has been some time since there has actually been an update in the MK world at all!  It's real sickening when there is a major slowdown in the updating, but when things aren't happening, we can't update.  But, thanks to MK Nightmares, there has been a report that Blockbuster Video will be renting out all of the Dreamcast games that are out.  Basically all locations of the stores have the games there, including MK Gold, which as of a couple of months ago only certain stores had any games.  So, if you're short on cash like me, you should rent the games before you spend $50 for them.  MKN also said that SegaX reported that Blockbuster has a new feature on their website that allows you to actually rent your games online or re-rent them.  Pretty nifty, but if you need the exercise, physically go to the store.

November 1, 1999

New Poll Up
Well, I hope everybody had a great and non-cavity-filled holiday.  But, back to the good stuff.  I have added the new poll to the MKE in the Poll section and on the enter page.  The subject is "Would it be better for the MKE to have the domain name www.mkempire.com?"  Please, please take this poll seriously and voice your opinion because if this falls through, by Christmas the MK Empire will have a domain name to increase traffic, space, ease of use, and style.  So, vote and tell me what to do because I'm tired of the free servers adding pop-ups, banners, and so on.  So, vote away, the future of the MKE is at your fingertips!

MK5 Or MK Fake?
MKN recently got an e-mail from someone stating that they found clips of MK5 on an interactive gaming CD.  The video sequence had a title that said MK2, but people weren't sure if it said that or "MK?".  To get a closer look, check out MKN's website and look at some stills from the video.  But in light of the situation, MKN did a little research and with a little help from the MKD, they discovered that MK2 meant MK: Annihilation, the second movie.  Kleiser Walczak Construction Company from California is a visual effects company who worked on MKA.  MKD got in touch with the company, and sure enough the accusations were wrong.  The CD had some clips from MKA on it, and the so-called MK5 clips were really renderings for the new Spider Man ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.  So, the clips and pictures are for Spider Man, not MK5.  Too bad...they looked great.

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