November 25, 1998

Test #5 Up
After a couple of weeks of leaving Test #4 up and after getting enough winners, I decided to take Test #4 down and put up Test #5.  I feel that this test is much harder than the last one and will be more of a challenge because you will have to dig into your memory banks to find out who is in the picture.  If you feel up to it, go to the Test Page to try your luck and see how smart you really are.

First News For MK4 On Gameboy!
Recently, MK Nightmares posted up some news about MK4 on the Gameboy.  Thanks to The Ringmaster, we now have two screen shots, one being the cover of the game and the other being of the select screen.  MKN has also compiled a small mini-moves list which looks like it will be added on to considering it only has about 2 moves per character at this time.  The game sports color for the new Color Gameboy, 8 fighters with a hidden slot in the middle of the screen, and some nice graphics as can be seen in an earlier picture that was released.  MK4 for the Gameboy was released nationwide yesterday and is looking to be one of the top selling Gameboy games of the year.  So, if you want a copy of MK4 so you can play it on the road, go to your nearest retail store and they should have it in stock.

MK Conquest Section Updated
I don't know if anyone has noticed because I haven't been updating about it here, but the MK Conquest Section has been getting updated after every epsode and is very up to date with the action.  I just wanted to point this out if anyone felt that I was leaving you out in the cold with the show.  Believe me, I won't do that at all.  I you need any info about the show, check out the MK Conquest Section for plenty of it.

November 22, 1998

MK Found On Crack?!
It has come to our attention that the man ]{0MBAT from The Kombat Pavilion has posted up all of the Mortal Kombat parodies that were in Cracked Magazine recently.  He scanned them and posted them on his page for you to see.  They're pretty funny and there's some good artistic thinking behind the drawings.  Go Power Rangers (after you see the drawings you'll know what I mean)!

What's Up With The Ads?
I was uploading some info for the MKE and I realized that there were a bunch of ads all over my pages.  Besides the pop-up menu's, geocities is flooding my page with more advertisements and it's really ticking me off.  Please be patient as I will try to erase these advertisements because this has happened before.  Thanks for your cooperation, and stay tuned for any news to come.

November 11, 1998

MK Conquest Poll Results
After about three weeks of keeping up my poll about MK Conquest, it has come to a close.  I took the poll down today at 12:24pm.  The results, which were very varied, showed many many different opinions about the show.  To show you what I mean, the results of the poll can be viewed below.  Thanks to all who voted!!

MK Conquest Question:
What did you think about the first MKC TV show?
It stunk!
It was okay
It was pretty good
It was great
It was excellent!
The best show ever!!
Total Votes: 213
Thanks to all for voting!

Christmas Merchandise
If you haven't noticed already, this year there is a new line of MK Trilogy Action Figures for sale at Kay Bee Toys.  They're price starts at $5.99 and they sport the costumes and weapons of Scorpion, Jade, Cyrax, and many more fighters.  There is usually always a new wave of MK action figures available for Christmas, and this year it has been proven right again.  So, go grab a couple if you like to collect them.  Just to give you a taste of what they look like, here is a picture below of Scorpion still in the box.

Mortal Kombat MAME News
As Dave's Video Game Classics has been working arduously on his conversion of Mortal Kombat for us all to enjoy he has put up the ROMs for the arcade sim of MK for download.  Every time newer versions come out, the game gets faster and becomes closer to completion.  Since TRMK is on top of the ball with Dave's games, they have created a MAME ROMS Download Center where you can get these ROMS.

November 4, 1998

Buy Stuff At Midway
A couple of days ago, Midway games added a shop to their website. To keep up with the speedy demands of Midway games, Midway decided it would be good for consumers to have the ability to buy Midway games straight from the website.  So, now you can order the games you want while online but you will have to wait a couple of days for it to arrive at your door.  Check out the press release for more info.

Update For MK For MAME
The cool website, Dave's Video Game Classics, has updated with information regarding the TMS34010 Arcade Emulation for MAME.  Dave has recently released the TMS34010 series MAME drivers to other MAMEDEV members for their "playing pleasure".  Dave was now able to speed up the game a little bit and improve the gameplay somewhat, but there is still no sound on his p233.  He has posted some pictures of Mortal Kombat running on the new drivers right here for you to see and drool at.  They look pretty tempting so far.

 Mortal Kombat Empire 
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