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May 19, 2000

Picture This...
Remember back about 5 days ago when we e-mailed TRMK for permission to use the MKSF pictures?  Well, when I finally got a response back, they said we couldn't!  They said we could only link to them and mention their site!  Well, this response came with a heavy price.  MK5.org e-mailed me and told me that press pictures could be used by anyone.  MK5.org explained to me that TRMK basically despised them and what they did.  Afterwards, MK5.org wrote TRMK an e-mail that basically said that they didn't own the pics, that TRMK should have watermarked them first thing so they couldn't be used, then MK5.org went on to say that no one would take the pics down, and if TRMK wanted competition instead of friendliness, that's what they'd get.  TRMK responded that they spend time and money to get these pics, and they just hate people ripping them off, which is understandable.  They just want to get the credit they deserve.   Then (lol), the MK Dominion sends an e-mail joking that they are the best MK site, but are retired for 2 months, and that they think all other MK sites blow and MKD is all powerful.  Of course, Jason Thomas was just joking around.  Lastly, Albert's MK Domain responded in saying that we all need to get along, and MK fans in Latin areas are much more friendly...si muchacho.  So, now the dispute is over, and to wrap it up, we need more love in the MK community and more respect for the sites with upcoming influential power.

More On MK Special Forces
Well, as it stands now, MKSF is due out on June 27th, 2000 for the Playstation game console only. TRMK reports that Gamespot news has written a full preview of the game which can be viewed here.  This preview tells us that MKSF will have 5 levels, where Jax has to go through various stages and find secrets and clues to find his way around.  He has to make it through many obstacles and enemies and reach the end of a level to fight a boss.  Basically, you have to defeat the Black Dragon Organization while surviving gunshots and discovering secrets.  To me, the game seems to be a cross between Tomb Raider and Resident Evil.  For more on MK Special Forces, check out the MKSF section and the preview at Gamespot.com.

New Poll Up
The new poll has been added to the MK Empire.  This time around, the question is "Should the MK Empire have a biweekly newsletter?"  The reason for this question is because it is important to stay in contact with the visitors to a site, so what better way to inform them of news than e-mailing them with the latest news every two weeks.  So, if the response is positive, the MK Empire will have a new addition to its page lineup...a newsletter.  So, voice your opinion on the welcome page or in the poll section.

May 14, 2000

The E3 Saga Wrapped Up
Well, this year's E3 game expo is officially over.  TRMK was the major contributor at the show because they were there, bringing MK fans a lot of news from the Mortal Kombat Special Forces booth.  I ended up e-mailing TRMK for permission to use their pictures.  Well, I did this twice and they never responded, and many other sites are using the pics, so after trying to be nice and asking without a given response, I'll use them anyway.  Hey, at least the MKE asks before we take.  Anyway, the scoop on MKSF is that it has been changed a whole lot.  There is now a button you can press to actually see through jax's eyes while you play.  But, in this angle, you cannot move, just shoot and look.  This is kind of like Goldeneye when you would zoom in to aim.  The game has its flaws and its upsides.  Sonya is not a playable character anymore, which kinda blows, but Jax is still in with his trademark moves, weapons, and combos.  So, with all this news, check out the MKE's Mortal Kombat Special Forces section for a revised look at the game since last years E3 expo.

May 2, 2000

More On MK Special Forces
TRMK has recently updated with loads of info on MK Special Forces.  As for MKSF, Midway says that it's nearly done.  Since Tobias left, the storyline has been cut to shreds, the game's complexity has been flattened, and Midway will be producing the game almost immediately.  The game design has been chopped up, the game length has been reduced, and now Jax is the only playable character, which means no more Sonya.  So, as like all other MK games, Midway created it half-heartedly and is shipping it out in a stage of crap.  I won't be surprised if it really blows considering its new price of $29.99. EB World says that the release date is 6/28/00 for the Playstation, but I'm sure it'll get pushed back due to production issues.  Also, some sites and magaiznes are saying that MKSF is also making a debut on the N64 as well.  We heard about 2 months ago that the N64 plans were scrapped, but now they're popping up again.  We'll just have to wait and see when MK Special Forces reappears at E3 very shortly.  Also, expect updates to the MKSF section while E3 is going on, and also since the game has been downgraded.

What's Up At Noob.com?
Ed Boon's site, Noob.com, has been getting some weird updates in the past few weeks.  It seems that the blurred picture at noob.com is not MK related, but instead it is a picture for Midway's new first person shooter title, The GRID.  If you want to learn more about the game, go to Midway's site because I don't want to explain anything not related to MK.  Also, those "I guess that's what you get" videos seem to have sound effects in them which are made by John Vogel, and they could be MK related...who knows?  Scott Howell from MK5.org e-mailed Boon about this to see if it was an MK-related sound.  Boon says that the guess is close, but we'll find out soon.  Boon's site also has pictures of money and a face on it, which may represent his plans to give stuff away on his site from his office, which he mentioned he would do in a chat back in god knows when.  Who knows?  It could also be for The Grid.  As of right now, I can't even access his site because of the server.  I just think it's sad that Boon can't even update about MK on his site.  It may go to show that MK is dying....

MK Revolution Urgent Message
I just received an e-mail from the owner of MK Revolution, UserLordJ, that he is having trouble logging in to his account and he can't update his page.  UserLordJ is a good MK friend to me, so we gotta show some love at this site.  Everyone that likes this site should be well aware that it's not being updated because of logging in problems.  So, don't panic.  UserLordJ requests that you e-mail him regarding your opinions about what you want to see in the next MK movie, or you can e-mail him with any other MK related subject matter.  Okay?  Expect MK Revolution to be updated very soon, and hopefully the problem is fixed.

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