May 27, 1999

MKG and MKSF Sections Update
The MK Gold and MKSF sections have been updated with links to tons of pictures from the E3 outing held over a week ago.  The pictures are listed under headings that tell you what website they came from so credit is given where it is due.  Also, I have added a link to the new MK Gold movie that Gamefan has grabbed, which is the best video yet and clear as day.  Check it out.  You can download a hi-res or low-res movie depending on how long you want to wait.

Let The Messages Begin
I though that since there are three new MK games on their way to our homes and arcades, it would be a good time to start posting up opinions and thoughts on the message board.  The board doesn't get much attention, but it is time to start posting things up so people can read and reply to your thoughts.  Message boards are free of course, and all you have to do is write.  So, hop on over and start letting the feelings fly around, but please, no profanity.  Thanks.

May 25, 1999

More E3 Wrap-up
Well, with E3 long gone, more news is a flowin' in.  First off, TRMK has picked up some new pictures of the MKSF brochure and they have also completed their review of MKSF from when they saw it at E3.  Also, Sega X has scooped up 2 MK Gold videos from the actual Alpha version.  The game looks pretty unstable right now but it is expected as with any game because it is so early in development.  You can get full descriptions and links to the videos in the MK Gold section.  And in more news, MKCA has completed its update of E3 and I feel that it is one of the best with all the pictures, interviews, and reviews. Check it's a must.

MK Gold and MKSF Updates
Just to tell all you people out there, the MKE's MK Gold and MKSF sections have been updated "behind the scenes" with all the links to latest interviews, reviews, and pictures from websites.  Even though I don't update about these things on this news page, there are still updates.  So, check out these 2 upcoming sections for all the latest on the interesting news coming in, especially from MKSF because it is, at the time, a "dissapointing game" to many people.

MKC Season Finale
Well, the MKC section also gets updates behind the scenes.  The last episode of MKC for the season was aired last Sunday and it was a confusing one.  It makes you think if there is even going to be another season.  If you don't understand, check out the Episode Guide page for the episode's summary and we all await next season to come soon with new shows.

MKSF Official Website Updates
On a quick note, the Official MKSF Website has been updated with a picture of Sonya and Jax on the MK logo.  The picture seems to be a drawing, and a nice one at that, probably made by John Tobias.  It also says "Coming Soon", which to all the slow people out there is translated as.........."Coming Soon"............................

MKE Poll
I just put up another poll for the MKE.  It's almost the same as the last one, but now says "Framed" instead of "Non-Framed".  I just need to figure out how to deal with the news pages because the pop-ups are annoying the hell out of me.  So, fill out the poll either on the enterance page or in the Poll section.

May 17, 1999

E3 Wrap-up
With the E3 show finally over, the last of the pics and info have rolled in.  First off, (SegaX) has scooped up three new pics of MK Gold.  The interesting one is of a new looking select screen.  There are 2 new hidden slots, Noob Saibot and Goro are now on the screen, the weapons option is gone, and the 5 new characters now have new pictures, but in my opinion they look horrible and will probably change again.  Check out MKN for the pictures also, because they're the ones who get the credit here.  Also TRMK has picked up plenty of good pictures of MK Special Forces, along with some new ones besides the ones below.  They are for the Playstation, and can be viewed here.  TRMK also grabbed some pics of MK Gold given to them by Midway and some pics of Midway's humongo booth!  And that's all folks!  Stay tuned for more pictures in the future. Pictures
TRMK has worked along with Gamespot news at to come up with some interesting articles on MK Gold, MKSF for the PSX, and MKSF for the N64.  Check them out because they are good write-ups and have some cool pictures from the show.  Have fun...

May 14, 1999

First MKSF Pics And MKG
It looks as though going to the E3 Show really gave TRMK a great advance in the info biz.  So far, they have gotten their hands on pics of MKSF for the PSX and N64 and they also have reported on many glitches in the game, but this should be expected since the game is not nearly finished yet.  Also, has gotten hold of 4 pictures of MKG.  Not very good ones, but decent.  Thanks to MKX for the news. Updates
It seems that has been updated with a little bit more news pertaining to the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA.  It says that MK Gold Alpha will be at the show, which means an early verion of the game for people to play, which we already knew about a month ago.  Thanks go out to MKN for this newsbrief.  Also, Dave Michicich has updated his portion of with a picture of Goro on the MK Gold logo, giving us a tip that Goro is in MK Gold, which Ed Boon already addressed himself .  But, the logo is cool.  Thanks go out to me for this one... :).

May 12, 1999

Test #7 Up
After such a great turnout of winners in kontest #6, I felt it was time to take it down and put up Test #7.  So, again you can test your MK knowledge in the Test section and try to win your place on the page.  Go and try to solve the phrase and e-mail me the completed phrase if you think you have it.  Good luck!

E3 Starts Tomorrow

With the start of E3 just right around the corner, or tomorrow, the coverage of the show will start to roll in with pictures and info.  Of course, I won't exactly be their live to get my own stuff because I can't drive and get time out of school yet to fly out to LA, so just bear with me and be patient because I will get what I can get.  So this is just a reminder to be prepared for the future for the latest clips of MKSF, MKG, and MK5.

May 8, 1999

Michicich Updates Again
Well, it didn't take him that long.  Dave Michicich has finished his section of the MK4 website with the completion of Baraka's and Kitana's character pages.  The 3D models look pretty sharp, yet there is no info posted yet.  I'm sure it will come in time because Midway will keep this information a secret as long as possible.  So go check it out because these are your future 3D friends.  Also, check out because they added all the five new fighters standing together on the logo now.

May 5, 1999 Update
Once again has been updated with more additions to the FAQ section along with a new page called the "Making of Mortal Kombat Gold".  It has info and screenshots of the process behind the creation of MKG, including screenshots of the busybody MK design team.  Also, the picture of Mike Teran has a link on it which leads you to a pic of him yelling "Get out!" along with a sound effect of a monkey...yes really. So hop on over for more coverage of MKG.

Michicich Updates
Dave michicich has once again updated his section of the MK4 website with 3 sections reserved for Mileena, Cyrax, and Kung Lao.  They contain 3D pictures of the bodies and "coming soon" phrases.  Kitana and Baraka are still yet to be seen, but the way Dave is going, they should be up soon.  Thanks go out to mortalrick for the scoop.

MKG Exclusive Screenshots!
Now that MKG is around the corner (4 months away), the screenshots are now rolling in.  Not only are there some pictures at, but there are also some at the Gamespot News website, the website, and the EBWorld website.  All in all, about 15 new pictures have popped up so far over the last few days, and they are pretty impressive.  Everyone oughta check out the new rendition of the MK3 Soul Chamber stage; it looks real neatly done.  But anyway, the MKE's MK Gold section has compiled a list of links that go directly to all the pictures that there are so far.  Have fun checking them out.  Big thanks to MKN for the news.

May 4, 1999

MK Gold Updates!
Over the last couple of days, there have been many updates about the new game MK Gold.  At, the three blank figures have been filled in with new pictures of Baraka, Kung Lao, and Cyrax.  And here's the big update: Ed Boon has updated with tons of info and screenshots of MK Gold for the Dreamcast!  There is also a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for your curiousity.  He has reasons listed why MK Gold will be so much better than MK4, and he has a screenshot of the select screen, and under it he has a list of new characters.  They are Cyrax, Mileena, Kitana, Kung Lao, Baraka, and it says Sektor also even though he's not on the select screen.  Secret character anyone?!  This is definately a must see because it is our first break on MK Gold!  Big thanks to MortalRick from Mortal Soul's MK Domain for the update.

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