Tons Of New MK4 E3 Info
MKX received an e-mail from Dharmish Topiwala again.  This guy has been at E3, played MK4, and also tested it before, so we are pretty sure that this information MKX received is accurate.  Thanks Dharmish.  Below is the new information received so far from E3:
--Reiko's ending for the PSX in FMV format has been changed from the arcade version.  What was seen is that he walks through the portal just like the arcade version, but it doesn't just end there.  He goes and sits in Shao Kahn's throne, then Kahn's mask comes down over his face!  This means that...REIKO IS SHAO KAHN!!
    --Goro is the sub-boss in the N64 and PSX versions of MK4 on all of the towers.
    --Goro and Noob Saibot were playable characters at E3 after the code was entered (code is in the Kodes Section).  NOTE: Ed Boon says that this code will not be changed for the home versions.
    --The PSX's Theater Mode also includes the MK4 TV Commercial.  By accessing the cheat menu (code in the Kodes Section), you will be allowed to view any characters ending by just picking a character, then defeating the first fighter on the tower in 1 player mode.
    --The Noob Code still does nothing.
    --About the PSX:  The PSX's backgrounds are looking great.
    The character animation is still a little choppy.
    The PSX's endings of course are better looking than the N64's.
    The PSX version is not completely done, but is in the final stage of testing and fixing the bugs.
    --About the N64:  The N64 version is 100% complete.
    The backgrounds aren't as good as the PSX's.
    The character animations are much smoother and quicker than the PSX.
     The N64 version has great music and sound compared to MKT.
    The endings are in real-time format like the arcade and include voice and captions.
    Noob Saibot's fireball breifly lights up the opponent with fire.  This hasn't been seen in the Playstation version yet.
    Alternate Costumes:  Eack character has a new alternate costume (we knew that already).  To access these new alternate costumes you have to rotate the character's faces on the select screen.the character a couple of times. All characters need to be rotated twice, but Sonya and Tanya need to be rotated three times.  It is known so far that some characters have three costumes, others have four.  But to get Noob Saibot's alternate costumes, you have to rotate Reiko's block twice, and then maybe hit  BLK+RUN.  Here are some of the new alternate costumes:
Note:  Noob Saibot's alternate costumes are the ones in that weird black and white image that popped up awhile back.
--That's all the E3 info for now.  Check back for more as it rolls in today and tomorrow.  If you have any E3 related things, please send them to me.  Thanks.--
Online Gaming Reviews Gives A Review For MK4 On The PC
Online Gaming Reviews have completed a little review for MK4 on the PC in their E3 News section.  They talked about how it was only 30% complete at this time, and it still doesn't look like the arcade version like everyone keeps saying it does.  But since it will support Direct3D and other 3D cards, when it's 100% complete, it will be like you're playing the arcade version.
MKD Goes To E3, And Brings Back A Report For MK4
A person by the name of MKD just went to E3 to play MK4.  He came back home from the expo, and brought along his own personal review of the show. He talks about the appearance of Ed Boon and Dave Michicich at the show, the PC version of MK4, and the possibility that Sub-Zero still has his ground freeze move.  Make sure you check it out.
May 30, 1998
 Goro and Noob Saibot Codes Discovered At E3
Discovered at E3 recently could be the full Goro and Noob Saibot codes for the home versions of MK4.  We have been seeing little hints about the codes in the past months, but this seems to tell us what we've been missing.  To play as Goro or Noob Saibot, you have to activate the cheat menu.  This part of the code is newly discovered because some people had done the last part of the code not knowing that the cheat menu was activated before by someone. We should all thank Dharmesh who discovered the rest of the codes.  If you want to view the codes, they have now been added to the Kodes Section.
New MK4 PC Screenshots
TRMK has received a few screenshots of the Windows 95 PC CD-ROM version of MK4 from Derek of The MK4 DominionThe MK4 Dominion will be open very soon to give up to date coverage of the N64 and Playstation versions of MK4.  Once they open they will have tons of pics and reviews of each home system game.  The pictures at TRMK are of the towers in 1 player mode, the select screen, and the main menu.  You can click on them to view a larger image.
MK4 Will Go Fast, So Pre-Buy
Want to get a copy of MK4 for your home system on June 29th? You'd better head out to an electronics store now and sign your name on an MK4 pre-buy list.  The lists at the store gaurentee you a copy of MK4 the day it comes out.  If you don't pre-buy, you may not get MK4 for a couple more weeks.  Some stores are even giving away free MK products when you join their pre-buy list.  Best Buy is giving away a Mini MK4 Moves List.  The Electronic Botique (EB) is giving away the MK4 Comic.  These are the only stores known right now that are giving things away.  Other stores: ie. KB Toys, Babbages, etc., aren't giving anything away yet.
Coverage Of MK4 At E3
Yesterday the PSX, N64, and PC versions of MK4 made their playable appearance to the public at E3 in Atlanta, Georgia.  It is said so far that the N64 has much better graphics than the PSX version, and the PSX's sound wasn't as great as it could have been.  But these are only the views of 1 E3 fan, so don't judge a book by its cover yet.  The N64 version of MK4 will support the rumble pack, and the PSX version will be compatible with the new dual shock controller.  That's it for now.  Keep checking back as more info from E3 rolls in.
MKX Home Versions Moves List
 MKX received an unconfirmed e-mail with an MK4 Home Versions Moves List.  It contained character moves, fatalities, codes on how to play as Goro and Noob Saibot, and even all of their moves.  But this is still an unconfirmed e-mail.  Someone at E3 still has to try these codes out to see if they work.  Click here for the unconfirmed MK4 Home Versions Moves List.
Gamespot's Preview Of MK4 For The PSX
GameSpot has completed a small preview of the Playstation version of MK4.  They talked about how the graphics have improved a lot compared to the beta version that they played two months ago.  The slowdown problems from the beta version have also been fixed.  One thing Gamespot liked were the FMV endings.  They mention that a sort of Kombat Theater mode has been added to the game.  This allows you to view the endings of the characters that you beat the game with.  There may even be a code to view the characters endings without beating the game.  While Gamespot viewed the Kombat Theater mode, they noticed two empty slots remaining.  Guesses are...Goro and Noob.
May 29, 1998
Ed Boon And Dave Michicich E3 Interview
You can go to the Midway Games E3 Page for the interview Ed Boon and Dave Michicich are doing today regarding the home versions of MK4 and their new features.  They completed this interview from E3 in Atlanta, Georgia and they also answered some questions about the game.  If you missed the live interview earlier today, you can get it here to check it out. The download is not live because the interview was already done.  The download is archived so if you missed the interview, you can still get it.  RealPlayer 5.0 is required for this download.  Also at E3, Scorpion, Tanya, Sonya, and possibly more characters are at the Midway booth signing autographs and taking pictures.
MK4 For The PC At E3
With the Playstation and N64 versions of MK4 already at E3, Midway will also be showing off the Windows 95 PC CD-ROM version of MK4 at their booth at E3 this year.  Known so far is that the PC version features many things such as Direct3D support and 3Dfx's Glide API.  MK4 for the PC will be a great game, especially if you have a 3Dfx Voodoo or Voodoo II 3D graphics accelerator board in your computer.  MK4 will also be showing at the 3Dfx's booth as well.  For more E3 coverage as these next couple of days pass, check out the E3 News and Allgames Network web pages.
May 28, 1998

Official MK4 Site Updated has updated their site with a few pictures telling you about MK4's place at E3.  Both the Playstation and N64 versions of MK4 will be at the three day Electronic Entertainment Expo going on in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend, and they will be open to the public to play.  The Midway booth will also host some animated pictures showing clips of the 3-D rendered endings for the Playstation and a cool looking model of Goro that moves as well.  Keep checking back for more late breaking news from E3 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Full Review of MK4 on N64 at has given the N64 version of MK4 a full review.  They gave MK4 an overall score of 8.9, giving it an 8 for gameplay, an 8 for graphics, a 9 for value, a 10 for reviewer's tilt, and an amazing 9 for sound.  Gamespot really gave praise to Eurocom for the sound quality put into the game.  Usually sound on a cartridge comes out choppy, but MK4 has really improved this flaw.  The graphics aren't as good as the arcade game, of course, but they are pretty close compared to other MK conversions.  One of the biggest flaws about MK4 on the N64 is the control.  The N64 controller seemed to get in the way when players tried to perform a fatality that required many buttons being pressed at once.  To make things worse, the default buttons are really crappy, but you can easily fix that by going into options and changinig them to what you like.  But if you don't like the N64 controller at all, you can purchase an arcade stick controller like the Dual Arcade Joystick or the Arcade SharkThe reviewer also said that the MK4 fatalities "aren't that great".  To me the fatalities are great compared to the lame MK3 fatalities.  Overall, it looks like Eurocom did a great job with MK4 compared to Mortal Kombat Trilogy.  Expect MK4 to be one major hit when it comes out for the N64 on June 29th.

May 25, 1998
Feedback Is Important
I really think that your feedback is important to make the MKE what it is today.  Please, if you have any ideas for this page or anything that you would like to see here, just e-mail me and I will take your ideas into mind.
MK4 Home Version Info
This MK4 info was given to MK on the NET by Xevious from Eurocom.  Right now, the N64 version is complete and will debut at E3.  The PSX version is 99% finished and will also debut at E3.  It is confirmed that the PC version will be supporting Direct 3D, as well as 3Dfx's Glide API.  It is said that the PC version will be much faster than all of the other conversions.  The minimum requirements so far for the PC version are a Pentium 133 with 16MB RAM.  And if you don't own a 3D card, don't panic, Eurocom has a software renderer for MK4.  But the game will be better with a 3D card.
Behind the Scenes With The MK4 TV Commercial
Ed Boon has updated with behind the scenes pictures and info of the making of the MK4 TV Commercial.  He has also added videos in 4 different formats of the MK4 TV Commercial to this page.  There are also many versions of the commercial downloadable in the Movies Section.
MK Krusades Set To Air This Fall
As of a couple of days ago, all of the legal work for the MK Krusades TV show was completed, so the filming can begin. The filming is schedualed to begin next month, and it will last for about 9 months.  Kingdom MK has more information on where it will be filmed, what channel the show will be on, and more details on the contract.
May 24, 1998
Midway's Live Interviews At E3
Midway will be having live interviews at the three day Electronic Entertainment Expo held in Atlanta, GA.  And even better, on Friday, May 29th, Ed Boon, the creator of MK4, and Dave Michicich, a designer, will be interviewed live at Midway's Booth at 1:00 EST.  It is said that they will be talking about the making of MK4 and some secrets in the N64 and Playstation versions.  Maybe we'll get some info on MK5 or MK: Special Forces.  Check back for updates on E3.  And for more info go to the E3 Page at
Gamespot With More N64 Pics
There are 20 new screenshots of MK4 for the N64 at  Most of the pics are old, but they're still worth checking out.  Gamespot also put up some new pictures of characters in their home version alternate costumes.  The new costumes are totally different from the character's previous costume, such as Johnny Cage in a tuxedo and Scorpion with part of his face showing.  Also, check out Gamespot's MK4 preview page for more info.
May 22, 1998
New MK4 Test
I've now added the fourth installment to the MK4 Test Section.  Go test your MK4 IQ and see just how smart you really are.
Mortal Kombat Krusaders Info
A person by the name of ]{ombat at found out more info about MK Krusaders, the one hour TV series based on the Mortal Kombat game. The show will be produced by Threshold Entertainment and filmed in Florida Splendid China and will be on the WB Network.  You can watch the show being filmed at the park and you can even take some pictures. Here is an interview with Scott Shaw.  He is Vice President of CTS Investments USA.  This company owns Florida Splendid China.
Mortal Kombat Hacked Again
Two nights ago was hacked again!  They ended up taking their page off of the web again for a while because what happened is they missed some things that were put on the page by the hackers a couple of days ago, and the hackers broke in again and filled it with more junk.  Threshold Entertainment hasn't said anything about this issue yet, but I'm sure they are pretty mad!
TRMK Gets A RealVideo MK4 TV Commercial
TRMK now has an available copy of the MK4 TV Commercial available for RealPlayer 5.0. You need RealPlayer 5.0 to view it.  They also have a QuickTime and AVI version of the MK4 Commercial in their Movie Gallery.  The RealPlayer version is not a very large download compared to the QuickTime and AVI versions, so if you have a slower modem then you should get this version.  Here are the two RealPlayer versions that you can get.
 56kbps Streaming Video    128kbps Streaming Video
May 20, 1998
Major Updates
Well, I just added three new pics to the Pics Section.  I have finally fixed the downloads problem, so you can now download movies and sounds straight from this page.  So go to the Movies Section where I have also added two new movies, and go to the Sounds Section to get some sounds.  Not all downloads are there yet.  Just be patient because I have to find the links.
Mysterious Black and White Character Unknown No More
TRMK has officially confimed that the two black and white characters in Ed Boon's MK4 Preview AVI and the hooded character in the MK4 TV Commercial are indeed Noob Saibot in his two alternate colored costumes.  Noob has a total of 3 costumes. So, these mysterious fighters are not 2 different characters, they are just Noob in his alternate costume.
Gamespot News Reveals Their First Pics of Meat
Gamespot News revealed some pictures of Meat on the N64 in this article.  The article also has some pics and descriptions of the alternate costumes of Johnny Cage, Kai, Sonya, and Scorpion.
MK4 Advertisement At Kingdom MK
 Kingdom MK managed to record the MK4 commercial on Sunday night and they now have it on their web page.  The link to the movie from their site is right here.  If you are going to download the movie, you need the video compression program Indeo 5.0.  You can register and download the program right here.  The program is approximately an 800k file. So, download the movie now.  If you already have Indeo 5.0, you're all set.  I also have a copy of the commercial downloadable in the Movies Section.  Kingdom MK also has some pics of the commercial on their site too.  One pic is of the strange unknown black and white character that was in Ed Boon's MK4 Preview AVI.  So, Midway decided to throw him in the commercial too.  Since Noob was confirmed to be in the home versions of MK4 by Boon himself, is it him?  We will know in time.
Hack Attack
Can you believe that?  Two nights ago a hacker group hacked their way into the front page of  They threw a bunch of South Park images and hacker symbols on it.  The rest of the site is fine and they have fixed the front page.  What is the internet coming to?
May 19, 1998
 New Marketing Plans For MK4 On The N64 Revealed In Midway's Press Release
This Press Release just received from Midway reveals their new marketing plans for the N64 version of MK4. The MSRP has dropped from $59.95 to $49.95, and the release date for the game has been pushed back from June 23rd to June 29th.  The Playstation version is still set for June 23rd.  Just because the price has dropped does not mean that MK4 for the N64 isn't that good.  Midway feels that the game will do so great that they are lowering the price to please their costumers.  The release also states that Midway's multi-million dollar TV commercial for MK4 will air on networks such as TBS, TNT, USA, Comedy Central, and MTV between the 29th of June and the 13th of July.
New MK4 Commercial
If you happened to watch the MK movie on Sunday night, you may have noticed the new MK4 commercial that was shown advertising MK4 for the N64, Playstation, and Windows 95.  Let me tell you, the commercial is sweet (in the words of Cartman)!  As they are giving you the info about the game, it begins with real life characters dressed up as Shinnok, Scorpion, Reptile, and Raiden.  Then it shows some really cool clips from the MK4 game.  So, if you haven't seen the commercial yet, look around for it.  I'm sure it will be downloadable soon, so it will be on this site in the near future.
New Pics Section Look
I have noticed that the Pics Section has become a little cramped.  Well, that has been fixed.  I have rearranged the look and given every pic its own seperate page.  Just click on a link to view the pic.  So, feel free to surf around the Pics Section.  New pics have also been added.
May 17, 1998
Shinnok Moves Correction
There was a discovered messup in Shinnok's Goro's Lair stage pitt.  The real movement is D, F, B, HP.  All of the moves pages in the Faqs Section have been corrected with this move.
New Ed Boon Movie
Ed Boon has again updated his site with another MK4 movie on his MK4 Home Preview Page, this one showing you the Full Motion Video endings for the Playstation.  The movie comes in two different formats and resolutions so depending on your modem speed you can pick the one that you want.  I have also added the movie to the Movies Section.  He has also added some new pics which finally reveal that Noob is still in!
Both MK Movies Hit TV Land
The first MK movie will be premiering on TBS on Sunday, May 17th at 8 and 10:15PM EST.  Don't forget to watch because they will be holding a contest during commercials so that you can win a 36" Panasonic TV or a new N64.  You will also be able to learn about the background of the MK story and some other cool stuff.  TBS has also updated their site with an MK Section to give you some info about this world premier movie.  And as for MKA, it will be hosted by Pay-Per-View starting this Friday and will play through all of the months of May and June.
Home Versions Strange Scene
In Ed Boon's preview movie that he put on his site a couple of days ago, there was a shot of a really strange scene.  The scene seemed to show 2 fighters, one black and the other one white, while the background still had its normal color. This could mean that the Noob Saibot Mode code that never did anything in the arcade versions might have a use in the home versions. Maybe when Ed Boon stated that Noob will definately in the home versions he never actually meant that Noob, the character, would be in it.  It might be that it's just the code that enables the characters to look like him.  Who knows?!
May 16, 1998
MK4 Komic Book
Game Informer has updated their web site with news about the new MK4 Komic Book.  It will be available in comic stores and you can get a free copy of it when you buy MK4 for the PSX or N64 (it comes in the box).
New Mortal Kombat Game
In this months issue of GamePro Magazine the cover story is all about MK4.  This issue has some new information on John Tobias's second MK addition for the home systems. The name so far is "MK: Special Forces", which will probably change in the future. Tobias says that the game will be much different from MK Mythologies, so they won't be using the Mythologies title.  It will revolve around Sonya, Jax, and Kano's plots.  The game won't be previewed at this year's E3 show, but it will definately be at E3 in '99.  This months issue of Gamepro also has an interview with the design team of MK4, an MK4 moves listing, and some info on MK: Special Forces and MK5.
May 13, 1998
Game Informer MK4 Box Art Info
Game Informer has updated their MK4 Page with pictures of the MK4 box art for the N64 and the Playstation.  The box has a big pic of Goro with the MK4 logo under him.  Raiden is on the left of the logo and Tanya is on the right.  They have also added some new pics and corrected some incorrect info.
May 9, 1998
New MK4 Home Version Movie
I have downloaded the MK4 movie from Ed Boon's site.  It is a very good movie and it reveals many secrets that you have to see!  You can get it in the Movies Section.
May 8, 1998
All MK
 As you may have noticed, I have changed the banner.  It doesn't say "MK4 Empire" anymore.  This is because The "MK Empire" now includes info for every MK game...and movie!  I now have info for every MK created, so just go to the links at the top of the page.  The MK Empire has "All MK, All The Time".
Last Fullscale Faq Update
The last revision 3 fullscale faq has been added to the Faqs Section.  Home version faqs will be here by early summer.  I also have new printable and fullscale faqs for the revision 2 owners in the Faqs Section.
Boon Updates Site With Movie
Ed Boon has added a sneak preview home version MK4 movie to his MK4 Home Preview Page at that reveals many home version features.
Mortal Kombat 4 Home Versions Previews
Want to learn about what's in the home versions of Mortal Kombat 4?  Check out the Home Versions Section for all of the known features so far. MK4 Interview With Eurocom
IGN64 has conducted an interview with three members of the Eurocom staff about the N64 version of Mortal Kombat 4.  Some answers received were about some new features and some new modifications in the graphics for all ports to make the game smooth.  Plus, the N64 version of MK4 uses sampled MIDI, which was used in KI Gold for much better sound.
 Mortal Kombat Empire 
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