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March 25, 2000

MK5.org has gotten word that MK Conquest will not be making a return to television next season.  Instead, it will definately be MK's Federation of Martial Arts on the UPN network in May.  MK5.org will be receiving a press release from the owner of the official Mortal Kombat website, Jason Thomas, very soon pertaining to this new show.  As reported yesterday, if all goes well with the show then it will become a permanent series in the Fall.  We'll keep you updated when the press release comes out.

March 24, 2000

Could MKC Be Coming Back?
On Tuesday, TRMK and MKN made reports about an article that mentions MK Conquest coming back to television for another season.  So far, what we know is that a report was made at Mr. Showbiz saying that MKC may be coming back to replace Star Trek Voyager which is coming off of UPN's lineup of shows.  But, with further clarification, the article only mentions "Mortal Kombat" for next season, not MKC.  It seems that there may be a new MK show that branches off from Threshold's The MK Federation of Martial Arts, which is located at the official mortal kombat website.  TRMK says that the show may make its debut sometime in May, and if it becomes popular then it will continue in the Fall.  Stay tuned as more info rolls in.

New Poll Added
The MK Empire now sports a new poll for the people to vote with.  This time around, the poll question is "Does the MK Empire site have a slow loading time?"  The reason why I am curious about this is because I'm not a very patient person when it comes to loading time, so if other people think that this site loads too slow, then I can do something about it.  So, remember to voice your opinion and vote on the enter page or in the poll section.

March 4, 2000

New Site of the Month For March
The site being honored this month for the Site of the Month is Scorpion's Realm of MK.  The site owner, Scorpion, has done a great job in reviving the vanishing MK spirit.  His page is being updated frequently and the graphics are out of this world.  It has tons of section and a nice clean layout.  So, in order for this site to make it big, we need the MK fans to go check it out.  Congratulations to the site owner Jarrett for his hard work.  For a more in depth review of this site and to take a look at the banner, check out the Site of the Month section.  I would also like to thank orpheus@bankerinter.net for replying to my previous plea about not finding a site of the month, because he is the person that sent me an e-mail containing a list of good MK sites, including this one.  So, thanks for the help.

Poll Completed
Well, after about 3 months of keeping the poll up, I've decided to take it down so another can be put up soon.  The question was "Would it be better if the MK Empire owned the address www.mkempire.com?"  Well, here are the total votes:  after 345 people voted in all, 308 people (89%) said "Yes", and 37 people (11%) said "No".  So, there you have it, majority rules.  If this page is still up by the summer and I can find a good hosting service, then the MK Empire will have its own domain name with unlimited room and so forth so that I can make this site even better!  For now, expect the next poll to be an objective question, and thanks to all who voted!

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