March, 1998
Goro In MK4 At Home
 It has been discovered that all home versions of MK4 which will be released in June contain Goro as a secret character.  The scoop is that the home versions have a lot more in them than the arcade does and the graphics are great.
MK4 Endurance Mode
The home versions of MK4 will contain an endurance match like the one in MKT.  It will be a big one and every time you are beaten the character will explode and a new one will take his/her place (it goes in order from the characters you chose).
Now on video and DVD.
MK4 On The PC
Midway has bought back rights to put its Midway games back onto the PC platform starting in June.  This could mean that MK4 will be hitting home, PC style.
MK4 Home Versions Delay
MK4 was due for the Playstation and the N64 sometime this March, but since revision 3 is coming out, changes are being made to the home consoles to match revision 3, so the delay may be until May or June.
Goro's Lair Pitt Discovered
There is a new pitt that was discovered in Goro's Lair.  It's like the pitt in MK2's Kombat Tomb, where there are nails in the ceiling.
Toasty Time
"Toasty" man is back!!  Once you uppercut your opponent into the spikes in Goro's Lair, you can make them slide off by holding down.  Also, if you are holding block, you will hear Dan Forden say "Toasty"!!
Get Ready For MK5
Yet another MK game is on its way to this awesome fighting series!  Ed Boon and his top MK team will soon be starting the creation of MK5 in two months.  It is due out next year in arcades.  What we know so far is that the combo system will be different from MK4, as well as some of the 3-D, and the gameplay will also be different.  More info on this game is probably coming soon, so check back.
 Mortal Kombat Empire 
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