MK Conquest

The Storyline

The first Mortal Kombat was held nearly ten centuries ago and it was won by Shao Kahn’s demon sorcerer, Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung used his dark and evil powers to steal the souls of his defeated opponents. But his reign as champion was short lived as he was defeated by a noble warrior from the Temple of the Order of Light in China named...Kung Lao. Earth praised Kung Lao of his victories over the dark realm and Kung Lao proved to be a gifted warrior. Because the champion of Mortal Kombat doesn’t age until the next tournament, Kung Lao would return to defend his title as grand champion.

 But for Kung Lao, the tournament was over.  He had won. It was now time to get on with his life, give up his training, and fall in love. It was what he wanted and what he’s yearned for all his life. However, Kung Lao became plagued by dark and treacherous visions. It was then that he realized he wouldn’t be able to defend the Earth realm forever. The responsibility for the fate of the Earth combined with the overwhelming sense of an impending failure tortured his soul. Raiden, the God of Thunder and protector of the Realm of Earth told Kung Lao his fate. Kung Lao, therefore, must spend the time between tournaments finding new warriors who are worthy enough to train in the traditions of Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately, Kung Lao’s time as champion comes when the lands of Earth are ruled by inexplicable evil and black arts. That time is 500 years ago, the time for MORTAL KOMBAT CONQUEST.

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