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Updated 5/22/99
The series Mortal Kombat Conquest has been cancelled and will not be airing next season.  Who knows what will happen to it...

Updated: 2/16/99
Hey, this is an announcement for all you people up in the UK waiting for MKC to come on TV.  MKC will start airing this Wednesday, the 17th on SKY 1 starting at 8:00 PM.  So, if you've anxiously been waiting for the hit TV series to come to your town and feel left out, don't feel left out anymore.

Updated: 10/31/98
Hey...Happy Halloween!  I'm having a splendid time handing out! Anyway, what do you think of the new MK Conquest section?  I think that this one is one of the biggest on the web!  I have news, info, cast & crew, multimedia, and much much more!  Please surf around and tell me what you think.  If you have any feedback or info for me, then e-mail it to me and I'll gladly take it into consideration.  Thank you.

Updated: 10/4/98
MKD has created 2 videos of MK Conquest for you to view.  One is of the MKC Commercial that aired during WCW Monday Nitro, and the other is of the MKC Trailer.  These movies are both in Real format, so if you don't have RealPlayer, grab it here.  It's free!  Anyway, check out these videos because they will be your first taste of MK Conquest!

Updated: 9/11/98
Wow, it's almost here!  MK Conquest is said to be airing in 3 short weeks on all WB channels. No solid date and time yet but I'll get it as soon I find it.  Unfortunately, many people don't like the new name change but it's gonna stay like that because it's to late to change it now.  So, I hope MKC is a big hit and becomes really popular with the fans.  Also, watch for any new characters that will appear on the show along with some old friends.

Updated: 8/27/98
Plenty of rumors, maybe true rumors, have been going around about the new MK Krusades TV show that was set to air this fall.  Well, due to conflicting show names on the WB Network, MK Krusades will have a name change.  Right now, the name is going to be MK Conquest.  It was changed because a new show set to air around the same time on the WB Network called Babylon Crusades might be a little confusing to people trying to remember two names with the word K/Crusades in them.  So, the makers of the TV show have agreed to change the name.  I will keep you updated on MK Conquest as news will begin to flow in as the TV show airs soon.

Updated: 8/13/98
This information is from MKD.  They were at the casting call and have found out this information.
Mortal Kombat Krusades is a once a week live action tv show that will show on Saturday mornings on the Warner Brothers network. It is being made by Threshold Entertainment who are the people that brought you the MK Live Tour, Mortal Kombat - The Movie, and Mortal Kombat Annihilation. The 2 hour first show was written by Brent Friedman who was one of the writers of MKA which is why I am wondering if this show will be geared toward the hardcore fans or kids like MKA was and the reason it bombed at the box office. I mean he has already stated that it will be cool to see Shang Tsung create Scorpion using the black arts which goes againest the story created by John Tobias. The main figure that the story follows is Kung Lao and it is unknown if the show will be set in the present or in the past but most likely the past. Fighters showing up every week is said to be Lord Rayden, Shao Khan, Liu Kang.

Updated: 6/28/98
The casting call for MKK begins in Florida and more than 400 people show up just to be extras in the show.

Updated: 6/24/98
Ed Boon officially states in a chat that MKK will air this fall.  Get the full scoop on the chat here.

Updated: 5/24/98
Splendid China has mentioned that one of the cast members in MKK is a professional wrestler from Orlando, FL.

Updated: 5/23/98
Larry Kasnaoff, the executive producer of MKK, is said to be starting up a chain of Mortal Kombat Martial Art schools around the country.  So, if you like MK and Karate then you should stop on by an MK school near you.

Updated: 5/23/98
All of the MKK legal work is now done.  A press release was just released telling everyone that the legal work is done.  The show will be filmed at the Splendid China theme park in Osceola County, FL.  You will be able to take pictures as it is being filmed because you can sit and watch.  The contract allows the filming of 22 episodes, with a 4 year option. Splendid China's website has more info on admissions prices and some directions to the scene.  Fliming is planned to begin next month, and the show has already been picked up by 40 popular TV markets, including the WB Network, which it will definitely air on. Larry Kasanoff, the producer of MKK, along with MKA, will be having a press conference at Splendid China in a couple of weeks.  He will be talking about MKK, of course.

Updated: 5/20/98
The reason why Wayne Morris, MKK's producer, wants to film MKK at Splendid China is because of it's Asian theme. He also said that New Zealand might be where the majority of the series is filmed.  Filming will begin in mid-June and will go on for 9 months.



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