Mortal Kombat 4

Choose a Different Tower
Hit "Start" in 1 player mode when you are at the bottom of one of the towers, and you get a whole different selection of characters to fight.
Alternate Costume Trick
If you play the whole game and beat it while using your character's alternate costume, in their ending they will be wearing it instead of their usual costume.
Toasty Spikes
When you uppercut your opponent into the spikes in Goro's Lair, hold down the joystick to make your opponent slide off the spikes like in MK2's Kombat Tomb, and hold block to hear Dan Forden say "Toasty"!
To dodge into the background, tap RUN, RUN.  To dodge into the foreground, hold DOWN, then tap RUN, RUN.
Pick and Flick
To throw skulls or rocks that are scattered on the ground in some stages, stand over them, and while holding down, tap RUN.
Kai         :  Lifts opponent and slams their back on his knee!
Raiden      :  Grabs head and slams it on his knee!
Shinnok     :  Slams, steps on opponent's head, and then their stomach!
Liu Kang    :  Grabs arms from behind and kicks opponent's back!
 Reptile     :  Forces opponent to ground, grabs their head and twists!
Scorpion    :  Holds arm and uppercuts the arm!
Jax        :  Grabs your shoulder and kicks your knee cap inward!
Reiko       :  Grabs arms from behind and pushes upward!
Johnny Cage :  Flips and kicks you in the stomach!
Jarek       :  He turns sideways and breaks your knee with a kick!
Tanya       :  Hops on shoulders and twists head with legs!
Fujin       :  Breaks one arm over shoulder and throws opponent!
Sub-Zero    :  Punches opponenet, then bends leg the other way!
Quan Chi    :  Steps on both knees, bends the other way!
Sonya       :  Handstands on opponent's shoulders, then breaks neck!
To do a breaker: In close, tap F+LK
Arcade Glitches:

CPU Glitch

After you press "Start" in a one player game hold down on the joystick. The CPU will stay ducking and you can go kill them.
Opponent Switch (1)
This code actually turns your oppenent into Jarek.
1. Make sure your opponent picks their character first.
2. If they don't change their color, pick your character and change your color.
3. Keep pressing LK. After you do that, the other guy should turn into Jarek.
Opponent Switch (2) (Revision 2 Only)
If your opponent picks Sub-Zero, then move over to Sub-Zero and select his second color.  After the match starts, Sub-Zero will be Fujin.
Invisible Character Glitch
Play a 2 on 2 game. Have one team consist of any character you want and the character you would like to be invisible. On the other team, pick Sub-Zero and any other character. Now have the first character of team #1 on danger and in the corner. With team #2's Sub-Zero standing right next to them, have team #1's character jump straight up in the corner. While they are at the peak of their jump, have team #2's Sub-Zero do a up/forward hop kick with HK, immediatly followed by an Ice Clone. The hop kick will kill the character, and they will become frozen simultaneously with the explosion, making all the exploding body parts frozen as well.  The second team member is now invisible! Better yet, this glitch turns off collisions, so he can only be damaged with throws and breaks. Be careful! If the invisible character loses it will crash the game. You should be able to do some fatalities while your character is invisible as well.

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