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Play In The Skull Stage

Play In The Skull Stage:
In order to do this code, you need a PSX Gameshark.  If you have one, enter these two codes using the Gameshark:
800AABC4 000A (Enables the Skull Stage)
800D8878 0002 (Enables the Restart Match Option)

Then follow these directions:
Start an arcade style match. When the match starts, the background will be all black.  Hit the start button, and select the Restart Match option.  Choose Yes, and the match will re-start in the Skull Stage.

Play As Noob Saibot And Goro In Group Mode

Play As Noob Saibot and Goro:
First of all, make sure that you can access Noob Saibot or Goro normally. Then start a 2 player game in group mode.  To be Goro, wait for Shinnok's turn in Group Mode. Then go to the Hidden option and choose it and hold either Run or Block. Then while holding the button of your choice, go one space over to the Group Mode option and select it with the other free button (Block if you used Run, Run if you used Block).  Do the exact same thing for Noob Saibot, except wait for Reiko's turn in Group Mode.

Play As Kitana

Play As Kitana:
When you play as Kitana you can only use her moves in the PSX version.  You can access her moves by using your trusty GameShark for the PSX.  Enter the following code with it: 800aac24 0006, 800BFD6C 0010, and 800BFE54 0010.

800aac24 0006: P2 is Shinnok
800BFD6C 0010: P1 uses Kitana's moves
800BFE54 0010: P2 uses Kitana's moves

Begin the game and start a match.  Player 1 can select anyone. It doesn't matter which character you select, Kitana's moves will automatically be given to him/her.  Player 2 has to be Shinnok.  If not, Kitana's moves will not be used for Player 1.  As long as Player 2 is Shinnok, Player 1 can use Kitana's moves.

You can use the "Play as Kitana" code that you use for the N64 (800fe293 0010), but during the game, the CD will crash when trying to load her portrait because it wasn't included on the PSX CD.

Secret Cheats Menu

Secret Cheats Menu:
Start a 2 player game.  Go to the 2 Player Vs. Screen. Enter the Kombat Kode: 302-213.  After you finish the match, quit the game and go to the options menu.  Highlight the "Versus Screen Enabled" option and Hold BLK and Run for 10 seconds. The cheat menu should appear.

Fatality Cheat:
In the home versions of MK4 there is a cheat menu (above).  In the cheat menu, there are "Fatality 1", "Fatality 2", "Level Fatality", and "Endings On/Off" options.  Only one of these options can be enabled at a time or the cheat will not work.  If all of these cheats are activated at once, only "Fatality 1" will work.  If you enable the "Level Fatality" option, when the match ends, just walk up to your opponent and uppercut them.  No matter which stage you're on, the Goro's Lair Fatality will be performed.  This can be done in every stage, even the outdoors ones, because an imaginary ceiling will appear with the nails.  If you enable the "Fatality 1" option, you will be able to pull off any character's 1st Fatality by pressing D+HP (uppercut) anywhere on the screen once the match is over.  If you enable the "Fatality 2" option, you will be able to pull off any character's 2nd Fatality by again pressing D+HP (uppercut) anywhere on the screen once the match is over.  (NOTE: This does not work with Goro.)  If you enable the "Endings On/Off" option, you will be able to watch any character's ending after beating the first opponent in a 1 player game.

Secret Characters

Note: Before you access the secret characters you have to enable the cheat menu above.
Note: Goro and Noob Saibot are playable in both 1 and 2 player games.

GoroChoose the Hidden button on the bottom of the select screen.  Move up 3 spaces, and over 1 space to Shinnok's icon.  Then press RN+BL together until the match starts.

Noob SaibotChoose the Hidden button on the bottom of the select screen.  Move up 2 spaces, and over 1 space to Reiko's icon.  Then press RN+BL together until the match starts.

NOTE: If you have a hard time pressing BL+RN together to choose Goro or Noob Saibot in the home versions of MK4, then here is an easier way to do it.  After you choose Hidden and are on Shinnok's or Reiko's icon for Goro or Noob Saibot, hold Start, then begin holding Run.  Then Release Start, and press Block (while still holding Run) to choose Goro or Noob.  Remember that while you're in the middle of doing the kode, if you keep holding Run while still holding Start, the icon will rotate so you will be able to access the character's alternate costume.  Goro doesn't have an alternate costume, but if you want another one of Noob's costumes, you can hold Run as long as you want before letting go of Start, but remember to keep holding Run.

NOTE:  To do the trick above even easier just choose Hidden using either Block or Run and keep holding the button. Then choose the correct icon for the kode using the other free button (BL if using RUN, RUN if using BL).  This is an easier way to do the code above because you can prevent spinning the icon for an alternate costume if you don't want to.

Access The Secret Characters Without Accessing The Secret Cheats Menu

Play As Goro:
Beat the game with Shinnok.  At the select screen, select the "Hidden" button with the Block button.  While holding Block, move up to Shinnok and press the Run button.  Keep holding BL and RN until the round starts, and when you hear "fight!", you will turn into Goro!

Play As Noob Saibot:
Beat the game with Reiko.  Start a two player game.  Do the Noob Code at the Vs Screen, which is 012-012. Then exit the 2 player game.  At the select screen,  select "Hidden" with the Block button.  While holding Block, move up to Reiko and press the Run button.  Keep holding BL and RN until the round starts, and when you hear "fight!", you will turn into Noob!

Play As Meat 

Play As Meat:
Choose the Group Mode on the character select screen.  Complete the Group Mode with all 15 characters.  Once completed, select a character.  The character will turn into Meat.  Meat will have the moves of that person.

View Every Character's Bio 

View The Bios:
Go to the Kombat Theater Mode and highlight the character who's bio you want to see and press Run.  You can even view Goro's bio by highlighting the word "exit" and tapping Run!

Alternate Costumes

Alternate Costumes:
In the home versions of MK4, in order to get a character's alternate costume(s) you have to rotate the character's icon by going over their picture on the character select screen and Holding Start and Hitting Any Action Button.  In order to get a character's second color, rotate their icon once and select the character.  In order to get a character's new alternate costume and an alternate weapon, rotate their icon twice and then select the character.  For Tanya, Sonya, and Johnny Cage, rotate their icon three times to get their new alternate costume and an alternate weapon. To get Noob Saibot's alternate costumes, rotate Reiko's icon once, twice, or three times before hitting BLK+RUN to access Noob.  If the character does not have a new alternate costume, or if your opponent in a 2 player game has already picked that character's new alternate costume, you will just get the original costume of the character, but you'll get a different weapon.  Below is a table of every character's alternate costume.
1 Spin of Icon
2 Spins of Icon 
3 Spins of Icon
Alternate Color
Leather Jacket&Boots, Jeans&Sunglasses.
Alternate Color
Classic MK2 Costume
Alternate Color
Liu Kang
Alternate Color
Ninja Costume&Bandana
Alternate Color
Classic MK2 Costume
Alternate Color
Grey Costume&No Mask
Alternate Color
White T-shirt&White Pants
Alternate Color
Johnny Cage
Alternate Color
Alternate Color
Alternate Color
Black Dress
Alternate Color
Alternate Color
Frozen Arms&Legs
Quan Chi
Alternate Color
Alternate Color
Purple Costume&No Hat
Noob Saibot
Unmasked But Still Black
Light Black
White Hood


Vs Screen Kodes

Kombat Kodes:
1. Free Weapon: 111-111 (a random weapon falls from the sky)
2. Throwing Disabled: 100-100 (no throwing during fights)
3. Armed and Dangerous: 444-444 (start the fight with weapons out)
4. Silent Kombat: 666-666 (no music during fights)
5. Explosive Kombat: 050-050 (your opponent explodes on your last hit)
6. Random Weapons: 222-222 (start the fight with random weapons)
7. No Power: 123-123 (both fighters start on the final round with little energy)
8. Many Weapons: 555-555 (every character's weapon is dropped at the beginning of a fight)
9. Randper Kombat: 333-333 (fighters change into other fighters at random during the fight)
10. No Rain: 060-060 (no rain in the Wind World stage)
11. Weapon Kombat: 002-002 (fighters start the fight with weapons out and weapons can't be knocked away)
12. Noob Saibot Mode: 012-012 (Access Noob Saibot)
13. Red Rain: 020-020 (Wind World stage rains blood instead of water)
14. Max Damage Disabled: 010-010 (cannot cause maximum damage)
15. Unlimited Run: 001-001 (unlimited run)
16. No Throws and Disable Max Damage: 110-110 (disables both of these options)
17. Big Heads: 321-321 (your characters have big heads)

Level Kodes
1. Prison Stage: 303-303
2. Shaolin Temple: 101-101
3. Living Forest: 202-202
4. Goro's Lair: 011-011
5. Scorpion's Furnace: 022-022
6. The Elder Gods (Blue Faces): 033-033
7. Wind World: 055-055
8. Tomb: 044-044
9. Reptile's Lair: 066-066
10. Ice Pit: 313-313

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