Mortal Kombat 4

Color Swaps
This is how to change to your character's second outfit.  Do these at the character select screen with the cursor over the desired character: 

Kai:  Hold Start (HP+BL+LK) 
Raiden:  Hold Start (LP+BL+HK) 
Shinnok:  Hold Start (HP+BL+LP) 
Lui Kang:  Hold Start (HK+BL+LK) 
Quan Chi:  Hold Start (HP+RUN+HK) 
Sub Zero:  Hold Start (RUN+BL+HP) 
Fujin:  Hold Start (LP+HP+HK) 
Jarek:  Hold Start (HK+HP+RUN) 
Tanya:  Hold Start (HK+LK+HP) 
Johnny Cage:  Hold Start (RUN+LP+LK) 
Reiko:  Hold Start (RUN+HP+LK) 
Jax:  Hold Start (RUN+LP+BL) 
Reptile:  Hold Start (LP+BL+LK) 
Scorpion:  Hold Start (HP+HK+BL) 
Sonya:  Hold Start (RUN+HP+LK) 

Play As Meat
Choose the Group Mode on the character select screen.  Complete the Group Mode with all 15 characters.  Once completed, select a character.  The character will turn into Meat.  Meat will have the moves of the character you selected.

Vs Screen Kodes

Kombat Kodes:
1. Free Weapon: 111-111 (a random weapon falls from the sky)
2. Throwing Disabled: 100-100 (no throwing during fights)
3. Armed and Dangerous: 444-444 (start the fight with weapons out)
4. Silent Kombat: 666-666 (no music during fights)
5. Explosive Kombat: 050-050 (your opponent explodes on your last hit)
6. Random Weapons: 222-222 (start the fight with random weapons)
7. No Power: 123-123 (both fighters start on the final round with little energy)
8. Many Weapons: 555-555 (every character's weapon is dropped at the beginning of a fight)
9. Randper Kombat: 333-333 (fighters change into other fighters at random during the fight)
10. No Rain: 060-060 (no rain in the Wind World stage)
11. Weapon Kombat: 002-002 (fighters start the fight with weapons out and weapons can't be knocked away)
12. Noob Saibot Mode: 012-012 (Access Noob Saibot)
13. Red Rain: 020-020 (Wind World stage rains blood instead of water)
14. Max Damage Disabled: 010-010 (cannot cause maximum damage)
15. Unlimited Run: 001-001 (unlimited run)
16. No Throws and Disable Max Damage: 110-110 (disables both of these options)

Level Kodes
1. Prison Stage: 303-303
2. Shaolin Temple: 101-101
3. Living Forest: 202-202
4. Goro's Lair: 011-011
5. Scorpion's Furnace: 022-022
6. The Elder Gods (Blue Faces): 033-033
7. Wind World: 055-055
8. Tomb: 044-044
9. Reptile's Lair: 066-066

MK4 Machine

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