Mortal Kombat 3


Basic Moves:

HP: High Punch

LP: Low Punch

HK: High Kick

LK: Low Kick

Block: Lets you to block an opponents attack.

Run: Allows you to run at the opponent, but run is limited. The meter eventually runs out.

Roundhouse: Back + HK

Sweep: Back + LK

Uppercut: Down + HP

Juggle Punch: Down + LP - Pushes opponent away from you.

Head Punch: Jump over opponent and press HP or LP while in the air.

High Crouch  Kick: Down + HK

Low Crouch Kick: Down + LK - Pushes opponent away from you.

Head Kick: Jump over opponent and press HK or LK while in the air.

Throw: (Close) Forward + LP


Finishing Moves:

Fatality: Do this when "Finish Him/Her" appears to kill your opponent.

Friendship: Don't use Block in the final round. Do this when "Finish Him/Her" appears.  A friendship is a funny way to end the match.

Babality: Don't use Block in the final round. Do this when "Finish Him/Her" appears.  A babality is when you turn your opponent into a baby at the end of a match.

Animality: Perform a Mercy in the 3rd round to do an animality.  Do this when "Finish Him/Her" appears.  An animality is when your character turns into a animal and kills your opponent.

Mercy: Hold Run, Down, Down, Down, Release Run when "Finish Him/Her" appears.  This gives your opponent more power so you can perform an animality.

Stage Fatalities: Perform the characters pit move at the following Kombat Zones: Shao Kahn's Tower, Subway, and Pit III.


VS Screen Kode System:

This option allows you to enter kodes at the versus screen.  If you hold the joystick up while entering a symbol, the order will reverse. At the versus screen, use the following key.

Controller 1
Controller 2

Symbol Key:

--Press 0 Times

--Press 1 Times ( Up+9 times )

--Press 2 Times ( Up+8 times )

--Press 3 Times ( Up+7 times )

--Press 4 Times ( Up+6 times )

--Press 5 Times ( Up+5 times )

--Press 6 Times ( Up+4 times )

--Press 7 Times ( Up+3 times )

--Press 8 Times ( Up+2 times )

--Press 9 Times ( Up+1 time )


Multiple Battle Plans:

In a one player game, you can choose the skill level of the computer.  There are three towers to choose from.  Novice has 6 fighters and two bosses.  Warrior has eight fighters and two bosses.  Master has 10 fighters and two bosses.  Not only are there more people to fight as you choose a harder battle plan, but the CPU also gets tougher.  And if you actually complete the Master tower, a special ending awaits you.


The Ultimate Kombat Kode (UKK):

This system allows you to enter the "Ultimate Mortal Kombat Kode". When you lose a one player game and do not continue, the Ultimate Mortal Kombat Kode screen will come up. You only get 10 seconds to enter the kode, so be quick. Use the following key below to help you enter this special kode. Refer to the symbols above.

Controller 1 
Controller 1 

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