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June 12, 2002

Site of the Month winner
Hey, after about a year of not doing this, I finally picked a site of the month winner for June, 2002.  Yeh, it's a little late in the month, but this is the only time I've had to do it.  So, this month's winner in Scorpion's Realm of MK, run by MKscorpion33.  This flash-enhanced site shows all who view it just how much effort was put into it.  It has numerous sections that are filled with MK news and information, a nice layout, and good use of colors and graphics.  You can easily spend hours at this site (or days if your computer sux) and you'll become a regular visitor in no time.  I'm sure this site will grow in popularity over time, so checc it out and make sure you congratulate MKscorpion33 on his recognition.  Check out more about his site on the Site of the Month page, and have a good one.

Official MK: Deadly Alliance Site updates
Nothing big in this department, but just a small update that the Official MK: Deadly Alliance Site has updated with a few new pictures and screenshots of the upcoming game.  Some of the pics are old, but a few are new and show the game in action.  So, if you have time, check them out for yourself.

June 3, 2002

MK5.org posts tons of E3 media
Remember way back when E3 was over and MK5.org said they would be posting up lots of video media once they got the chance?  Well, over the last couple of days, they have come through.  They were able to post up 7 win pose videos, 3 in-match fight videos, and a video of the ad Midway was running on their huge television screen above their E3 booth.  The videos aren't really good quality and there is no sound besides the commotion of the crowd at the show, but these clips are still worth a shot.  We thank MK5.org for all of their hard work at E3 and for coming through like this, and you can click on the links below or go to the MK: DA E3 Multimedia section for all of this and more.
-Jax's win pose
-Jax's win pose 2 (kicking camera)
-Blind Kenshi's win pose
-Sonya's win pose
-Scorpion's win pose
-Quan Chi's win pose
-Shang Tsung's win pose
-Shang Tsung vs. Li Mei fight
-Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero fight
-Quan Chi vs. Shang Tsung fight
-Midway's E3 booth advertisement

Adema featured at MTV.com
Thanks to TRMK.org, we have found out that Adema, the rock group doing the main theme song for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, called "Immortal", has an article written about them at MTV.com.  The most important bits of info in it are some facts about what will be included on the disc for the game.  It mentions how the game DVD will have their music video on it with scenes from fights in the game flashing through it, as well as clips from their performance at E3.  Make sure you read the whole article here to get the full story.

MK: Deadly Alliance in XBox.com video
The guys over at TRMK.org were first to report that XBox.com has posted a long video on their site that is sort of a compilation that previews upcoming games for the XBox system.  At 2:28 into the movie, you can see the old Scorpion teaser clip followed by a clip of a combo.  Not much excitement to it, but if you have a quick modem and want to download this huge movie (23 MB), go right ahead.

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