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June 22, 2000

New Mortal Kombat Toys
Thanks to the tip off from MK5.org, we have gotten word that two new lines of Mortal Kombat toys are being released.  Now, I'm way out of my toy phase, but some people aren't, so maybe they'll be interested in this.  The first comppany, called Palisades, had an artcle in GamePro magazine about their toys, and they're releasing action figures like Sub-Zero and Goro for about $11-$13.  You can also buy the whole set of figures for $45.  The other company, called Infinite Concepts, will be selling more realistic-looking figures, and a lot more of them, with fighters like Sonya, Scorpion, Goro, Liu Kang, and so on.  The price on these items is still unknown.  If you would like to see pictures of these new action figures, check out MK5.org because they posted a cool comparison picture of both companies' items.

June 15, 2000

The Return of Fight Night
MK5.org has pleasingly informed me that the popular Fight Night will be returning in the future.  Next month, the Mortal Kombat IRC Network will be hosting two chats with some pretty big gaming names.  The two people so far who have been confirmed for the chats are Dan Elektro, who is an editor at GamePro magazine, and Richard Divizio, who played various MK characters in his past.  The Dan Elektro chat will be held on Thursday, July 6th, at 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific.  The Richard Divizio chat will be held on Thursday, July 20th, at 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific.  So, if you want to chat with these guys, hop on over to TRMK, MK5.org, or MKN to get into the chats.  I will try to post links to the chats the day they happen.  For now, stay tuned as more names are added to the chat lineup.

Will Microsoft Buy Midway?
MK5.org recently reported that a magazine called Computer and Video Games contained an article that stated that Microsoft, who will be releasing their top of the line video games system the XBox sometime next year, will attempt to buy Midway games very soon.  The report hasn't been confirmed or denied yet, but if it is true, expect to see MK5 making an appearance on the expensive XBox sometime in 2001.  Also, Midway may be expecting layoffs if Microsoft pulls through on this.  In my opinion, this will only weaken the strength of Midway's gaming power and MK will probably go down the tubes.  But, we'll have to wait and see.  Anyway, check out MK5.org for more articles related to this story.

June 1, 2000

New Site of the Month for June
Hey everyone, there is now a new site of the month winner for June.  This month's winner is Cyrax from the Mortal Kombat Temple.  The MK Temple not only has a lot of informtion about Mortal Kombat, but it also sports great java effects that make the page very distinguished from all other MK pages because it's, well... stylin'.  It must have taken quite a while to put all this together.  So, go see the MK Temple and judge for yourself.  Congrats go out to Cyrax for the great work!  I know I skipped the site of the month prize for May, but if you would like to sign up for the site of the month recognition for July, go to the site of the month section and fill out the form.  Good luck!

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