June 22, 1999

MK Conquest Is Cancelled
In the latest issue of Electronic Media Magazine for July 14th, the so called hit television series Mortal Kombat Conquest will not be aired for a second season on any Warner Brothers or UPN television stations.  Although the show will not make it to these stations, it may be picked up by other networks like USA or TNT.  It's not definate whether or not MK Conquest will appear on the stations, but it is possible.  So, to all the hardcore MK fans out there, MK Conquest may be returning, and it may not.  Thanks go out to TRMK for the news.

Huge MKG and MKSF Updates!
Like I said, now that summer is out I will have a lot of time to update the site constantly.  The first major change to the MKE is the big difference in the MKSF and MKG sections.  Now, these two sections have been revamped so that everything there is to know about the games is easy to find.  Only the sections that can be opened at this point in time are listed.  The moves sections will be available soon, but right now there is information, interviews, pictures, and movies.  Right now the MKE seems to have the most extensive MKG and MKSF sections around.  So, go check them out and have fun.

Ready To Send The Survey
Months ago, the "What do you want in MK5" survey began.  Now, after many successful entries, I will be sending the results that made it into the majority of the votes to Ed Boon so hopefully he will take into consideration what the fans want to see in MK5.  I'm hoping that I can send it to him in an e-mail by the end of the week and maybe he can respond to our opinions.  If you want to voice your opinion to the man himself, hurry up and head on over to the survey section because this survey won't be up much longer and will be taken down after the results are sent.  So, expect another update when I e-mail him and hopefully we'll get some answers as to how MK5 is doing.

Point of Interest
I just thought that this was pretty interesting.  I was looking at the MKCA and there was a secret on the page.  Go into the portal that is secretly hidden (at the bottom of the page) and you will be taken to a page with some MK Gold pictures on it.  But these aren't just any MKG pictures.  They have Ermac in them fighting against Quan Chi.  The pictures look dramatically real and smooth, but the trick is that we don't know if they are real or just fakes.  The owner of the MKCA is asking that you do some research and find the answer.  So, have fun trying to discover the truth!

June 17, 1999

New MK Gold Character!
Well, this seems to be the most exciting news yet in months about anything we've reported.  Apparently, the Game Informer web site has gotten their hands on some exclusive MK Gold information and pictures.  Since MK Gold has made its debut in Japan, Game Informer decided to see what's up with MK Gold in the country right now.  What they discovered was astounding!  There was a brand new character playable in the game named BELOKK.  After looking at the screenshots, he seems to be a red character with spiked armor and he's real big compared to the rest of the fighters.  Now, that's all I've gotten right now, but Game Informer posted 6 pictures of Belokk in action at the bottom of their review page, and they also have a little info about him.  Make sure to check out the whole page and the pictures as well.  Below is the important info:
Among the twenty-five playable characters, Game Informer has learned that Sektor, Goro, and Noob Saibot are also in the game tucked away as hidden characters. MK Gold also introduces a frightening new face by the name of Belokk. As you can see from the screen shots, this creature looks very cool. Right now, Midway doesn't have any special moves or Fatalities programmed in for this kombatant. We'll keep you posted on any new developments surrounding this mysterious new warrior.

Start Pre-Ordering MK Gold
MKN has reported that you can pre-order the Sega Dreamcast system right now at the Game Traders Club web site for only $149.99 (not bad).  Also, you can pre-order your copy of MK Gold for just $30.00 (really not bad).  So, if you want these items shipped to your door real quickly, hurry up and order now.  The offers and the prices expire on June 30th or while supplies last, so hurry!  I know I'll be getting a Dreamcast, but not until it's well under way.

June 15, 1999

All Done
Exams are finally over for me, and boy were they hard.  Also, school is all done with, so "No more teachers or books" for me!  With this in mind, I will now be able to spend the needed time on the MKE to bring the news when it happens.  Look foward to many new things to come to the MKE this summer, like free prizes, games, new sections, and more interactivity!  So anyway, without further adieu, the news.......

Gamefan With MKSF
The new issue of Gamefan magazine has a cool cover with MK Gold on it.  The cover has drawn pictures of Kung Lao, Mileens, Kitana, Baraka, and Cyrax.  So, if you're a hardcore MK art fan, grab this issue now because what's inside is probably even better.  Also, PSM Magazine has MKSF on it's cover.  It looks like MK is starting to pop up everywhere again.  Thanks to MKX for the update.

MKSF Release Date
Sources from EB World have told the world that Mortal Kombat Special Forces is set to hit the shelves on November 16, 1999.  Now, as with almost all MK games in the past, this date could be changed, so we will keep an eye on that.  Also, EB World has priced the N64 version at $49.99 and the PSX version at $44.99.  This is not a bad price, and you can pre-order a copy now at EB World.  Thanks to MKN for the news.

New MK Gold Movies
Go and hop on over to Dreamcast.IGN.com for 6 of the latest and best MK Gold movies to date.  The new movies have a lot to offer and show off some of our new characters' secret moves.  Thanks to MKX for the update.

Tracy Douglas Chat Writeup
MKN has put up the full chat transcript that was from the Tray Douglas, or Vorpax chat on June 9th.  Even though I didn't make it in, the chat was said to have great success and they look foward to seeing her once again.  MKN asks that no one use the transcript on their site without permission, so don't take it unless they say you can.  Have fun reading it.

June 9, 1999

Noob.com Updates
Well, it's been awhile, but Ed Boon once again updated Noob.com.  He just basically made separate sections for MK Gold and the MK4 home versions, put up his previous logo, and he is going to put up a links section again.  So, if you want your link listed on his site, e-mail him and it'll be up soon.

MKG Pics and Movies
Videogames.com was able to score big with Midway and get a whole bunch of new screenshots and 3 new movies of MK Gold.  With a total of 63 new screenshots in all, Videogames.com seems to have the most extensive coverage of MK Gold yet.  The pictures are smooth and the game seems to be coming along okay.  Check them out.  Also, SegaX has made a review page of MK Gold and they have their old screenshots, old movies, and a little writeup of the game so far.

Tracy Douglas Chat Tonite
Tonite is the chat with the MKC star Tracy Douglas who plays Vorpax in MK Conquest.  The chat will be held at the MK Nightmares chatroom at 8:30 PM EST.  Your browser has to have java capabilities in order to use the chat feature.  You can also visit that chat using IRC with the settings as follows-- Server : irc.webmaster.com,  Port : 6667,   Channel : #mkn.  That's all, and remember to have fun!

Please Be Patient
Just a reminder to all of you guys out there that I have exams this week, and all those people in high school and college are probably suffering too.  So, if updates come in slowly, please stay calm and bear with me because they all end next Tuesday and then summer starts off.  Stay tuned because I will update when I can. Thanks.

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