June 16, 1998
Code Change For PSX
It has been said that the Secret Menu Code mentioned at E3, Atlanta has been changed for the final revision of the PSX version of MK4.  This is only in the PSX version, not the N64.  So now we have to discover the new code.  Once it is discovered it will be here.
New Soak Test
Someone was backing up their copy of MK4 on the N64 and decided to check out the source code for the game in Wordpad. While doing this, he discovered a list of every Kombat Kode in the game.  There are a total of 27, but the Big Heads Mode code, which is 321-321, isn't listed.  No word yet on why it isn't.  Some of the Kombat Kodes we haven't even discovered yet, but now we know about them.  There was also a list of the codes in the game, and one was called "Start Soak Test", another undiscovered code.  MK2 featured this option, were the computer will fight the computer.  The computer does fatalities for your viewing pleasure. So, MK4 could feature a demonstration of moves, fatalities, and a bunch of fighting.
New Costume Change
It has been discovered that in the N64 version of MK4 the endings can be changed in a minor way.  If you beat the game in your fighter's alternate costume, then in their ending scene your fighter will be wearing that costume.  So whatever costume you fight in, original or alternate, your ending will match your clothing.
New Mini FAQ Released
Now that it is proven that MK4 has been shipped nationwide, I will release my MK4 Home Versions Mini FAQ.  It has everything that is known about MK4 on it right now and will be updated with new things.  If there are any mistakes, please e-mail me and I will fix them.  So check it out and use it to beat MK4.
June 14, 1998
New MK4 Test Up
I have put up the new MK4 Test.  It is really different from the others because its isn't a Q and A thing anymore.  Check it out and test your luck.  Click here to go to it, or click on the word "Test" on the MK4 Site Map.
Ed Boon Updates
Ed Boon has again updated noob.com, this time adding a new section with some scans from the new issue of PSM Magazine.  He has held an interview with Playstation Magazine.  With Sub-Zero on the cover, Playstation Magazine covered MK4 a lot this month and they are holding a "Kreate a Warrior" contest.  By winning this contest you will receive an MK4 Arcade Machine and a "Killer Guide to MK4".  This Killer Guide is a 6 page guide to MK4 which is in the new issue, including moves, combos, and fatalities.  The issue also includes an interview with the MK Design Team, which I will have a link to soon.  So, Ed Boon has pretty much updated his site with markings of his experince with Playstation Magazine. Noob Saibot's Prison Stage Fatality: D, B, B, HK (Close) (Can Use Block)
Nitro Interactive MK4 FAQ
Nitro Interactive has created a new interactive FAQ for the home versions of MK4.  It is cool because you don't have to view it on the net...you can download it and use it on your computer.  It is really worth looking at because it is very easy to use, it has some pretty neat sound effects, and it allows you to print the moves in the FAQ if you want to.  Click here to go to their site.
Fatality Cheat
In the home versions of MK4 there is a cheat menu (Kode in the Kodes Section).  In the cheat menu, there are "Fatality 1", "Fatality 2", "Level Fatality", and "Endings On/Off" options.  Only one of these options can be enabled at a time or the cheat will not work.  If all of these cheats are activated at once, only "Fatality 1" will work.  If you enable the "Level Fatality" option, when the match ends, just walk up to your opponent and uppercut them.  No matter which stage you're on, the Goro's Lair Fatality will be performed.  This can be done in every stage, even the outdoors ones, because an imaginary ceiling will appear with the nails.  If you enable the "Fatality 1" option, you will be able to pull off any character's 1st Fatality by pressing D+HP (uppercut) anywhere on the screen once the match is over.  If you enable the "Fatality 2" option, you will be able to pull off any character's 2nd Fatality by again pressing D+HP (uppercut) anywhere on the screen once the match is over.
(NOTE: This does not work with Goro.)  If you enable the "Endings On/Off" option, you will be able to
watch any character's ending after beating the first opponent in a 1 player game.
Noob's Fatalities Discovered
Since everyone has used the fatality cheat already they have discovered Noob Saibot's 2 fatalities. His first fatality is Johnny Cage's Torso Rip, which we already knew about last week.  But his second fatality is Sub-Zero's Deep Freeze.
Noob's Goro's Lair Stage Fatality has also been discovered.  Here it is:
Noob Saibot's Goro's Lair Stage Fatality:  F, D, F, HK (Close)
The Scoop With Blockbuster Video
 Here is what I know so far.  Some Blockbuster Video Stores have MK4, but some don't.  Some Blockbuster stores don't even know about the early release date.  Some won't put it on the shelves yet because MK4 was set to come out on the 23rd.  So, there is some mass confusion.  If your local Blockbuster Video Store has MK4 then you are considered lucky.  All Blockbuster Video stores should have MK4 on the shelves by next week.  The Blockbusters that have MK4 on the shelves right now are probably sold out, even though they have about 12-15 copies of it.  The reason why the PSX version of MK4 isn't on the shelves yet is because it was behind in development while the N64 version was being completed. But it will still be in stores on the 23rd.  That is the only reason why Blockbuster only has the N64 version right now.
More MK4 Info On Both Home Systems
Here is some newly received info about MK4 on the N64.
--You cannot complete a fatality on Goro.
--It's unconfirmed whether or not Goro has any fatalities even though it says "Finish Him/Her!"
--Goro, Noob, and Meat have no endings.
--Noob, Meat, and Goro have no announcement for their names. This reminds me of UMK3 on SNES.
--Noob doesn't have his own picture on the character select screen.
--Some characters have no third costume.
--There is no Skull Stage.
--Reiko's ending is exactly the same as the arcade version's ending.  All N64 endings are exactly like the arcade (except no FMV's).  Reiko's ending has nothing to do with Shao Kahn.
Here is some newly received info about MK4 on the PSX.
--You cannot complete a fatality on Goro.
--It is unconfirmed whether or not that the Noob/Goro code that was mentioned at E3 is going to be changed on the PSX version.
--It's unconfirmed whether or not Goro has any fatalities even though it says "Finish Him/Her!"
--Goro and Noob might have FMV rendered endings.  This is because the early test versions of MK4 on the PSX had two open slots in the "Kombat Theater" mode.  "Kombat Theater" shows you everyones endings.
--Noob, Meat, and Goro have no announcement for their names. This reminds me of UMK3 on SNES.
--Noob doesn't have his own picture on the character select screen.
--Some characters have no third costume.
Two New Kombat Kodes Discovered
Two new Kombat Kodes have been discovered.  One is Big Heads, which is 321-321.  This gives your characters big heads (Note:  Nothing confirms this code, you just get big heads).  Also discovered is the new Snow Stage code.  It is 313-313.
    Noob and Goro Moves Discovered
    MKD has revealed some moves for Goro and Noob Saibot for the home versions of MK4.  No fatalities have been discovered yet.  I would also like to announce that very soon I will have have an N64 and Playstation moves list up at this site.  But for now, here are the newly discovered moves.
Noob Saibot
Teleport: D, U (Like Reiko)
Weapon: "Sickle":  F, F, HK (Like Sub's Ice Staff) (To throw a Fireball with weapon): D, F, LP
Air Fireball: D, F, LP (In the air)
Fireball: F, B, HP
Stomp: F, F, B, HK
Ground Stomp: B, F, D, D, HK
2 Backhand: F, F, HP
Fierce Kick: D, D, HP
Note: When you play as Goro, you only get to fight in Goro's Lair with no rocks on the ground to throw.
June 14, 1998
Kodes Section Updated
The Kodes Section has been updated with all of the newly discovered kodes.  Some new kodes that were discovered were not posted on this page and were put directly into the Kodes Section, so check it out.
MK4.com Official Statement
MK4.com has updated with information confirming that MK4 is really being shipped to all Blockbuster Video Rental Stores across the country.
Please Vote For This Site
In case you haven't noticed, I've added a couple of new buttons to the bottom of the page.  They are buttons to vote for this site.  Every time you click on them I get voted for because the more clicks you get the better your site is considered.  So please, go to the bottom of the page and click on the buttons to vote for this site.  I really appreciate you making the MKE what is is today...and what it will be tomorrow!
June 12, 1998
Blockbuster Video Gets MK4
As you may have heard, many Blockbuster Video stores may be receiving their exclusive before-release copies of MK4 for the N64 and maybe the Playstation.  So, now is your chance to finally play it on your home system.  Once MK4 is released nationwide at many Blockbuster video stores, many Home Versions' Moves Lists will be popping up everywhere.  Expect a moves list for every version to be here soon.  So, if you visit or call your local Blockbuster Video Store and they have MK4, please e-mail me so I will know when everyone has it.
MK4.com Updated
MK4.com has been updated with an announcement saying that MK4 for the N64 may be out at Blockbuster Video Stores as early as today so you can play it as an exclusive before-release rental.  MK4.com was also updated with info about the special limited edition MK4 Comic Book.  You can get it for free when you pre-order MK4 at The Electronics Boutique (EB).  You can pre-order MK4 at the store or online.  One announcement I would also like to tell you is that MK4.com is now run by Dave Michicich, the MK4 Graphics Artist.
Noob.com Updates With GamePro Info
Noob.com's  MK4 Home Versions Preview Page has been updated with some pics and info from the recent issue of Gamepro Magazine.  Boon has even added a new page dedicated to the review GamePro gave for the N64 version of MK4.  The new issue of GamePro features a review for MK4 on the N64.  The highest rating is a 5.0.  The N64 version got a 4.5 for fun factor, a 5.0 for control, a 4.5 for sound, and a 4.5 for graphics.  That's pretty good for a fighting game on the N64.  Boon also mentions how MK4 won the Reader's Choice Award for the best arcade game.  MK4 beat Tekken 3 for the best arcade game!  In the issue there is a preview of MK4 on the PSX, and in the Fighter's Edge section there is a moves guide for MK4, along with Tekken 3.  The moves guide will be continued into the next issue.  So again, if you're looking for a magazine that covers MK4 a lot, GamePro is the one you should look in to.
GamePro Reveals New MK4 Info
In the recent issue of GamePro Magazine they mention how there is a new Skull Stage in the home versions of MK4.  You are actually fighting inside of a human skull!  This stage may even have a pitt fatality in it.  The Skull Stage is said to only be in the PSX version of MK4.  If I get any pics of the stage they will be put into the Pics Section.
MK Krusades Info
Many sites have been reporting about how some other sites called MK Krusades "MK Krusaders".  Well, since it's such a big deal, "MK Krusades" is the official name for the TV series, not MK Krusaders.  I would also like to tell you that the filming of MK Krusades begins on Monday, July 6.  It will take place at the Florida Splendid China theme park. So, if you live in the area and decide to go see the filming and take any pictures or get any info, then send anything to me.  I would appreciate it.
June 11, 1998
MKE's New Pages Complete
I have now completely finished all of the MK pages for the MK Empire.  Please surf around and tell me what you think.  If you look above you'll see that the site map has been changed.  I have added MK5 and MK:SF.  I have added a little to these sections so far.  Check every page and tell me what you think.  If anything is wrong, please e-mail me.  Please give me time to upload these pages because I have over 100 things to upload.  Some things won't be working until tomorrow.  Thanks for your cooperation.  P.S.--Like the new logo on the banner?
June 9, 1998

Official MK4 Release Date
TRMK has officially stated that the release date for MK4 on the PSX and N64 is on Tuesday, June 23rd, 1998.  Unless the date gets changed, which could happen, the game should be in stores in two weeks.  No word yet on the PC version, so we'll just have to wait and see when a date pops up.
Official MK4 Site Updated
The Official MK4 Site created by Midway Games has been updated with some new info from E3, Atlanta.  They show how they have won Gamepros' Reader's Choice Award for Best Arcade Game.  This was already posed at noob.com a while back.  They have also added some new pics and mentioned something VERY INTERESTING.  They say that the PSX and PC versions of MK4 will not have Raiden's story as an intro to the game like the N64 and arcade versions.  Instead, the intro will be of the MK4 TV Commercial that has been on TV.  Pretty neat I think.  It looks as if the PC version might be the best home version out of the three, and maybe even arcade perfect.  Because of all the talk it's getting, it might even be better than the arcade version.
GamePro Magazine Adoring MK4
In this months issue of GamePro Magazine, MK4 was reviewed for the N64 and Playstation, and was also featured in the Fighter's Edge Section.  They are revealing all combos, moves, fatalities, etc. about the characters.  MK4 has been covered a lot by GamePro magazine, and in this issue they really packed it in.  GamePro will be continueing the Fighter's Edge MK4 Section in the next issue, so if you want a lot of MK4 coverage in a magazine, GamePro is the magazine that you don't want to pass up.

June 7, 1998
Ed Boon Updates Site With E3 Info
Ed Boon, the creator of MK4,  has updated his web site with a little stuff about E3, Atlanta.  He put up some info about E3 and a couple of pictures about MK4 at E3.  He also mentions that MK4 was voted to be the best arcade game of the year by all the fans that read GamePro Magazine.  He is doing something strange though...he keeps saying that the release date for MK4 is the 23rd of June.  What about the push back to the 29th?  But Babagges and FuncoLand are saying that their release dates are the 26th.  I guess we don't know the true release date, just buy it when it comes out.
Gamepro Online Brings Back MK4 Arcade Sounds
Gamepro Online originally had these sounds up a couple of months ago, took them down, but just put them back up again.  I've had these sounds in the Sounds Section for a while, and now I can put direct links to them.  They are a bunch of sounds from the MK4 Arcade board.  They come in WAV and AIFF formats for Windows and Mac users.  You can also get all of the sounds in one big package.  Click here to go to the page.
June 4, 1998
First Noob Saibot Fatality Discovered
MKX has updated their site with somemore new MK4 info..but it has to do with the moves section.  The first fatality for Noob Saibot has been discovered by dmkf and was given to MKX.  It is only confirmed to work on the PSX and N64 versions of MK4 because these were the versions it was tried on at E3.  This fatality will probably be the same when MK4 is finally released in less then 1 month.
Noob Saibot's Torso Pull:  D, D, D, HP+LP (Close)
www.kombat.com Gets New E3 Pics
www.kombat.com has received a couple of brand new pictures from E3, Atlanta, and from 3DRealms.  There are pics of Ed Boon, some fans playing MK4, people in the costumes of Scorpion, Tanya, Sonya, and Raiden, and the Midway Booth.
MKKrusades Films on July 6th
Scott Shaw, a person involved in the filming of MKK, has told www.kombat.com that the filming of MKKrusades will begin on July 6, 1998.  This date has also been confirmed by Wayne Morris, the producer of MKKrusades.
TRMK Gets A Report From E3
TRMK was given a new E3 Review from Derek Fridman who tells of his experience at Midway's booth at E3 in Atlanta. Things that were in the review are reviews of each home and arcade versions of MK4, and advice for which version you should buy if you have either a Playstation or N64.  So, if you're having a hard time trying to figure out which system is better, read the review.  The review even has over 20 pics, some of which include the game's option menus, pics of Ed Boon and Dave Michicich, pics of Midway's booth at E3, and pics of the people dressed as some of the MK4 characters.
Eurocom Creates An MK4 Web Page
Eurocom, the creators of the three MK4 home version games has put up an MK4 Section.  It includes over 20 screenshots, and plenty of music and sound files from the home version games (Note: The sounds and music require Real Player 5.0).  The page is pretty cool and you should take a look at it.
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