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July 16, 2002

New Test Up
Well, the site has a new Testfor you to try.  The last test asked "How many MK games has Scorpion been included in (as a playable character)?"  The answer was 6, and from the long list of winners, I could tell that this was an easy question.  Well, this next test question may be even easier, but what the hell.  The new question for Test #16 is "Who is the man responsible for Mortal Kombat?"  So, hop on over to the Testpage and try your luck... you could be a winner.

Some Moloch screens available
I don't even know if this is a valid update to have, but I was surfing around the Official MK: Deadly Alliance Site, and checking out the new character bios section, I saw how there are about four screenshots of Moloch that are viewable in his section of that page.  I only wanted people to know this because as of now, I don't think we've seen Moloch in any screenshots, just sketches and stuff like that.  So, check that out if you're interested.

July 13, 2002

New MK: Deadly Alliance screenshots
Over the last couple of days, a dozen new screenshots have surfaced for our viewing pleasure.  First, GameSpotcame through with six new screenshots for the Playstation 2 that portray battles between Scorpion, Rayden (notice how it's not spelled Raiden), Drahmin, Kitana, and Johnny Cage.  Rayden can be seen with a new costume which represents more of the look he had in the first movie, complete with ponytail, ropes, metal hat against his back, and shield.  Johnny Cage can also be seen in his alternate costume, the tuxedo, while Scorpion sports his deadly spear.  These nice screenshots also show some new arenas that are now playable.  These GameSpot screens will of course only be available for 1 week before they become a pay-only feature, but thanks to some friends, you can get them at this site.  Now, as for TRMKand MK5.org, both sites recieved three different screens each for their sites.  TRMK sports battles between Johnny Cage (in his tux), Frost (this is the official name for Sub-Zero's sister), Kung Lao, and Kitana.  MK5.org sports battles between Drahmin, Kano, Kung Lao (in alternate costume), and Kitana.  Let's just say that the new arenas, spurts of blood, and characters look good so far, so make sure you check out all the screens in the MK: Deadly Alliance sectionas soon as possible.

Official MK: Deadly Alliance Site updates
Recently, the Official MK: Deadly Alliance Site updated with the biography and fighting styles for the new character Mavado.  Mavado, a member of the Red Dragon, is an enemy of Kano and his Black Dragon Association, and he has teamed up with Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to defeat Kano once and for all.  This sounds interesting, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates soon.

MK: Deadly Alliance ads now in magazines
MK5.orgwas first to report that MK: Deadly Alliance is now being advertised in magazines.  The August, 2002 issue of the "Official U.S. Playstation Magazine" just has a basic ad printed in the magazine that mentions "brutal new Fatalities" and other things.  Backing up the fact that magazines are always behind the internet, the ad says that the release is for Fall, 2002, but we all know that this has changed recently, so I don't think attention should be payed to that.  Just be on the lookout for more ads in the future as the time nears for the game's release.

July 5, 2002

Sorry for the lack of updates, but work is keeping me busy.  Anyway, here's some stuff you should know, and happy belated 4th of July.
MK: Deadly Alliance release date pushed back
Remember when I said that the date for the game release would guaranteed change before the summer was out?  Well, look who was right.  Recently, Midwayreleased their Full 2002 Year release list to the press, and in it we see that MK: Deadly Alliance has changed from September 22 to a late October/early November, 2002 release.  Hopefully it will be out before the end of the fourth quarter (December 31st) and Christmas, but then again, who knows. Of course this setback in discouraging, but looking at past MK games, we know that it's better to hold off on the release and make the game flawless and complete as opposed to shipping it on schedule full of bugs and glitches.  So, those of you who plan to buy the game have to wait a little longer.

Midway MK Breaking News June issue released
About a week ago Midwayreleased issue 6.05 of the MK Breaking Updates Newsletter to those who signed up for it.  The biggest part of the mail states that two new characters were added to the "Characters" section of the Official MK: Deadly Alliance Website.  The two new characters added were Scorpion and Sub-Zero, complete with bios, fighting styles, screenshots, and sketches.  They also mention that pictures of fatalities will be released very soon, and those subscribed to the newsletter will be the first to see them.  So, sign up as soon as you can to be on top of things.

Adema on Midway's site
A small clip of the band Adema is now up on the Midway site, and it shows the band playing the MK: Deadly Alliancetheme song, "Immortal", at E3 this year.  The unofficial 2.9 MB clip, found in the "Live 2002" section of the site, can be downloaded by clicking here or by going to the MK Empire's MK: Deadly Alliance E3 Multimedia section.  Still, on a similar note, the Official MK: Deadly Alliance Website has the link "Coming Soon" posted in the Video section of the site.  This link previews Adema's video for "Immortal", which will eventually be the official music video for the game and show up at the official site soon.  So, keep your eyes on this site for the release of the official video very soon.

Midway's MK: Deadly Alliance art contest = success
Midwayhas let us all know that the MK: Deadly Allianceart contest was a huge success.  A winner or winners will be announced soon and the winning pictures will go into the game.  For now, keep your eyes open at the Official MK: Deadly Alliance Website or right here for updates on the winner(s).

New poll up
Continuing with tradition, I've added a new Poll to the site.  This poll asks which system you'll be buying MK: Deadly Alliance for, and you can choose either Paystation 2, GameCube, X-Box, or GameBoy Advance.  The last poll unfortunately deleted itself (damn freepolls), so I don't know the results to the question and honestly I don't remember the question.  So, make sure you vote for this Poll because I'm curious to see what system will win.

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