July 20, 1999

MKSF Release Date Pushed Back
Well as with every MK game in the games' history, the release date of yet another project has been pushed back.  MK Special Forces, which was slated for a Fall release this year has been postponed to come out at a later date.  In an article presented by GameSpot News, the new release date for the N64 version is set at Spring of the year 2000.  The Playstation version is not mentioned in the article but I'm sure they will be fine-tuning this version as well.  Midway says that it needs more time to fine-tune the game so the quality will be on track.  In my opinion, I think Midway is smart for taking extra time because it's better to have a game that is complete rather than it having a lot of bugs and missing elements because they ran out of time.  More news concerning MKSF will be posted when it rolls in.

July 16, 1999

MK Gold On Newstands
If you feel like getting the scoop about MK Gold from some of the top gaming magazines of the year then you're in luck.  The August issue of GamePro magazine and this months issue of Gamefan magazine each sport a neat 2 page section featuring information and screenshots of MK Gold along with interviews with Ed Boon.  The GamePro magazine has a lot of info from Ed himself regarding the future of the MK series.  He says that this is the last MK "...as you know it" and that MK5 and other future MK games will be very different and only old recognizable features will be the fatalities.  For the rest of the articles, check out the magazines now!  Thanks to MKCA for the news.

July 12, 1999

The MKG 20 Questions
The Gamespot News website has put up their 20 Questions Interview of MK Gold compiled with the help of Eurocom Entertainment.  Many in-depth questions are answered regarding the status of MKG for the Sega Dreamcast, including the Belokk mystery.  Thanks go out to TRMK for getting the news first.

July 8, 1999

MK Gold Interview
The owner of the very popular MK website TRMK had a chance recently to interview Eurocom Entertainment, the developers of MK Gold, to get some information for Videogames.com.  The preview contains plenty of information about MK Gold as seen at E3 along with some screenshots.  Some of the information we had already reported on awhile ago, but some of the facts are interesting, like how Belokk may not be in MK Gold at all.  Head on over to the Gamespot News website and check out the interview.

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