July 30, 1998
Vacation Announcement
Today I am leaving to go on vacation for awhile.  I will be gone for a week.  But I will be coming back Monday and Wednesday to unpack and re-pack as I head out somewehere else.  By next Friday I should be settled down.  On Monday and Wedsenday I will try to update the page.  If I don't, don't panic.  So while I'm gone, I recommend you going to MKN for your news until I get back.  When I get back, all of the news I missed or e-mails I didn't respond to will be tended to.  This is my only vacation of the summer, so it's worth it.  Thanks for your cooperation and I'll see you all when I can.
Major Updates!!!!
For the past three days I have been searching the web for things that this site needed.  Now, they are finally at this site and ready for you to try out.  Below is the list of things that are now here for you:

Chatroom:  I have put up a new chatroom for all of you to enjoy.  I will hold a chat every Thursday night at at 7:30 PM EST Time.  Make sure you come so we can discuss issues about past, present, and future MK games and movies.  The chat is open 24/7, so you can go into it whenever you want.

Message Board:  I have also put up a message board for you to enjoy.  You can post your messages and have people answer your questions and get the info you need.  So please post a message or question about anything that you'd like so I or others can answer it.

Search Engine:  Having trouble finding things at the MKE?  The search engine is your answer.  Just type in a keyword(s) and you will get a list of items that relate to your search string.  Try it out and see what you find! 

Tell Your Friends:  This option allows you to e-mail a friend directly from my page recommending the MKE to them.  It is very quick and easy and it will help out the MKE alot to bring in more traffic.  So, "Tell Your Friends" if you really like this site and want them to see it too!

New Test Up
I have now put up the second test for you to try out.  Congratulations to the winners of the last test.  Your names are all on the test page under "Winners Of Kontest 1".  But now if you want to see your name again, try the second test.  Try to figure out who is in the pic.  Anyone in for the challenge?!

July 27, 1998
New Poll Added
I have just put up a new poll for all of you to fill ut.  It is a poll where you can voice your opinion about which home version of MK4 is better.  Please fill it out so others can see which is better and which to buy.  Remember, it is your opinion.  Rate the games as best you can and give an answer.  Either follow the link above or click on "MK Poll" on the sidebar.

Play As Noob And Goro In Group Mode 
TRMK has discovered how you can play as Noob Saibot or Goro while playing in Group Mode.  Follow the directions below.

First of all, make sure that you can access Noob Saibot or Goro normally. Then start a 2 player game in group mode.  To be Goro, wait for Shinnok's turn in Group Mode. Then go to the Hidden option and choose it and hold either Run or Block. Then while holding the button of your choice, go one space over to the Group Mode option and select it with the other free button (Block if you used Run, Run if you used Block).  Do the exact same thing for Noob Saibot, except wait for Reiko's turn in Group Mode.

A Patch For The PC
Representatives from Midway Home Entertainment did say that they would be releasing patches for the PC version, and that was no lie.  They will be releasing their first patch  this week and you can get it right at Midway's website. The patch will fix some audio and some videocard problems (i.e.  ATI cards making grey or blank screens).  So make sure you pick up the patch if you need it.

MK: Special Forces Begins
Rumor is being spread that MK:SF, the next home versions "adventure" game that continues from MKM is now being created.  This game will introduce some new things to MK as we know it, and it will be fully 3D unlike MKM.  That's about it for now.  Check the MK:SF section for more up-to-date info.

July 21, 1998
Kitana Or Not Kitana
Okay, lets clear up all this junk about Kitana.  She is only accessable on the N64 using the GameShark and nothing else.  She is Tanya in her black dress and has new moves and fatalities.  She is not in the PSX version because of the FMV endings.  They are different than the N64 so there is no 3-D model of Kitana because it was taken out.  But...you can use Kitana's moves in the PSX version.  You can access these by using your trusty GameShark for the PSX.  To do this, follow the code below.

Play as Kitana
You need to enter these 3 codes using the GameShark:  800aac24 0006, 800BFD6C 0010, and 800BFE54 0010.

800aac24 0006: P2 is Shinnok 
800BFD6C 0010: P1 uses Kitana's moves 
800BFE54 0010: P2 uses Kitana's moves 

Begin the game and start a match.  Player 1 can select anyone. It doesn't matter which character you select, Kitana's moves will automatically be given to him/her.  Player 2 has to be Shinnok.  If not, Kitana's moves will not be used for Player 1.  As long as Player 2 is Shinnok, Player 1 can use Kitana's moves. 

-You can use the "Play as Kitana" code that you use for the N64 (800fe293 0010), but during the game, the CD will crash when trying to load her portrait because it wasn't included on the PSX CD. 
-No matter who Player 1 is, pressing F, F, HK (her weapon pull) will draw out a Bowie Knife (Fan on N64), and it is just like Tanya's Boomerang. 

Noob.com Updated
Ed Boon has again updated his web site, Noob.com, with some new sections. There is a new section about Bradey Games new MK4 Strategy Guide, a new MK4 news section, and he has updated the MK4 Home Version's Features Section.  Go check it out.

GamePro's Mortal Kombat Memories
Awhile ago I was surfing around GamePro's site and I noticed that Game Pro's Dan Elektro wrote an article with the title Mortal Kombat Memories.  It's an article of people's memories and moments of past Mortal Kombat games and present Mortal Kombat games.  Dan Elektro actually got his job at GamePro because of Mortal Kombat!  Go read it to see some people's funny experiences involving MK and how Dan got his job because of this hit game that began in 1992.

July 19, 1998
Kitana In The Home Versions!
Wow, can you believe it?  The game has been out for awhile and we discover yet another secret character.  Kitana was supposed to be in the game, but Midway took her out at the last minute.  But her sounds and the character were left in the game but can only be accessed through the Game Shark code.  Now so far she is only in the N64 version, which you can tell because she is in the ROM coding of the game.  She is also in Liu Kang's ending for every system so this could mean something.  The known info so far is that she is wearing the same black dress that Tanya is wearing in the N64 and Arcade versions of Liu Kang's ending.  Her winning stance is the same as Sonya's and Jax's and she has her fan and her weapon pulled out while she is in her stance.  She possesses some moves and fatalities too.  She has her own fireball, she has Sonya's square wave punch, and her own weapon...her fan!
If you want to know what the code is then you can go to the Game Shark Code Creators Club.  Or you can look below for the code, some pics of Kitana in battle, and her known moves and fatalities.

The Code (You need a Game Shark for the N64): 

How To Do The Code: 
Enter the code above.  Begin the game and select the arcade mode, and pick any character. Once you get to the "Choose your Destiny" screen, choose a tower, then immediately begin hitting all the buttons so the camera doesn't get close to the towers or the game will freeze up because there is no portrait for Kitana.  If the game freezes, reset it.  If the code is done correctly, you are now Kitana! 

Some Pictures:
Kitana with her Fan
Kitana's Goro's Lair Fatality
Kitana's winning pose

Kitana's Moves:
Weapon: Fan: F, F, HK 
Fireball: F, D, LP (can be done in the air)
Square Wave Punch: F, B, HK
Fatality 1: Torso Rip: F, B, D, D, HK (Close)
Fatality 2: Split: U, D, D, U, HK (Close)

The 3rd MK Movie?
There is a big chance that there will be a third MK movie, and it probably will be the last one.  Some of the cast members that were in MK Annihilation signed a 3-movie contract, allowing them to be in 3 movies.  One of the cast members who signed the contract is Robin Shou ( played Liu Kang in MK1and MKA).  It is said that the third film is already under way.  The director is Lawrence Kasanoff along with Alison Savitch as the executive producer.  They were also the producers of MK Annihilation.  The storyline will kontinue from where MKA left off: Quan Chi has tricked Shinnok with a fake copy of the real amulet, and now has the power to rule over everything and the only ones who can defeat him are the mortals of Earth. Even Johnny Cage may be returning.  Now none of this may be true and the film is still very early in production.  All of this news was announced recently at The Entertainian

July 16, 1998
Page Updates Complete
Well, just to tell you, I have finally completed the updating process with all of the pages at this site.  Now they all look like the are supposed to and should be fine.  If there is anything wrong please e-mail me.  I went from updating the looks of the pages to updating the content.  Even the characters move's pages have been changed around, along with the kodes pages.  Please surf around and tell me what you think.  Thanks.

New MK News Letter Up
I have finally added the MK News Letter, powered by ListBot.  By signing the list I will send you e-mail updating you of anything big that happens at this site.  So please sign the list and join the news letter so you can keep up-to-date with the MKE.  You can enter by following the links gives here, by clicking on the words "MK News Letter" on the sidebar, or enter using the ListBot button right below the sidebar.

July 15, 1998

New Staff Or Allie Survey
I have put up a new survey for you to komplete if you want to become a staff member or an allie of the Mortal Kombat Empire.  I have been getting alot of e-mails about it but I feel that it's hard to decide when people just say "Yeah, sure."  So, I have put up a survey so I can see what you are about and the skills that you have.  So sign up if you want to be a staff member or an allie...and good luck!
TRMK Comparisons
Not only has TRMK kept us up-to-date with reviews for every home version of MK4, but now they've done something to benefit you even more.  This may make your life alot easier.  They have put up a Home Versions Comparison chart that compares each home port of MK4.  This chart should help you decide which to bye if you have the choice.  Check it out if you are not sure, or maybe are sure.

The Guestbook Withers
I'm not sure if you don't see the guestbook at the bottom of the page or are not concious that I have one.  The guestbook only has six entries and that is kind of poor.  So please, I do have a guestbook for you to sign, so feel free to sign it.  I usually update you on something big that happens here if you sign it, so go ahead.

July 13, 1998
MK4 PC Screenshots
MK on the Net has put up a ton of MK4 PC pics at the page.  I meant to report this awhile back but never got to it.  Check out his page because the pics are great.

Rolling In The Mail
If anyone wants to send me a review, complaint, opinion, or anything about bugs for any MK4 home version game feel free to do so.  Anything you send will be posted up somewhere at this site for others to read.  Thanks.

MKD Sounds
In the past week, MKD has gathered together a bunch of sounds from MK4.  The sounds contain every persons winning announcement.  For example..."Noob Saibot Wins!"  They have that straight from the PC version.  Go to their site to download the sounds.

Gamebyte Enhancement Kodes
I was recently in the Electronics Boutique and I saw something in the N64 section.  It's a device called Gamebyte, similar to Gameshark.  It has its very own built in MK4 cheat kodes.  MK4 is even on the cover of the box.  I guess you can use it to cheat with other games too, but it features alot of MK4 kodes.  I'm pretty sure this is what it does.  So, if you need any more cheating devices for MK4, pick up this product.

July 10, 1998
Change Your Bookmarks
I have now given this site a much shorter address.  Change your bookmarks to http://come.to/mkempire.  This is the MK Empire's new, shorter address.  You can use the older one but this one is much easier to use.  You can get you very own FREE V3- URL here at http://come.to

Kalling All People
If you or anyone you know wants to become apart of the staff here at MKE please e-mail me with your response.  The reason why I am doing this now is because I have so much to do for this page and so little time to do it.  I would really appreciate some help.  Also, if you know of any allies I can get then please tell me also.  Thanks.

Kombat Theater Added
I have finally put up the Kombat Theater to this site.  You can go there for everyone's ending, all the bios including Goro's, the MK4 TV Kommercial, and Raiden's Intro Story.  I would like to thank MKD for hosting the files and Jenn Dolari for creating the files. 

July 8, 1998
MK4 PC Review Added
I have put up my review of MK4 for the PC.  You can go here to view the whole article.  Please read it if you are debating on which version to buy.  It may help you decide.  You should read it because you may be surprised...  
July 6, 1998
Noob.com Updated
Ed Boon has updated Noob.com with some changes.  He changed the look of the home versions page, moving most of the stuff onto the new features page.  He's added a picture of the great MK4 PC cover and put up scans of Nintendo Power Magazine's cover showing off MK4 and the Tips&Tricks Magazine's cover because it includes a 7 page moves guide for the N64 version and has a sweet cover.  He's also added a new "Promos" section and put up a link to PC Fans latest review for MK4 on the PC. 
New Owner Of MK4 On PC
I just baught my copy of MK4 for the PC on Friday night.  I got it at the Electronics Boutique for $39.99 and it came with the kool MK4 comic book.  The game is really good but could be better with a 3D card which I do not have.  It does have its strengths and weaknesses.  I will have a full review of the game sometime this week.
July 3, 1998
New Pages  
Not what you expected huh?  As you can see, The Mortal Kombat Empire has taken on a whole new look.  Please tell me what you think of it.  Most of the other pages don't match this style, but just be patient because I have to fix those to.  They should all be ready by next week.  I am also hoping to get my copy of MK4 for the PC today.  I will have a full review up soon.  So, I hope you like the page, and stay tuned for much...much more!
July 2, 1998
Toasty Productions Updated    
Dan Forden, the man who makes the sounds in all the MK games, has updated his site which is Toasty Productions.  He has updated it with more info about how to get the MK3/MK4 soundtrack.  He has also added some sound samples from the CD and soon he will be putting up behind the scenes footage of what it's like making the sounds in the MK games.  Make sure you ckeck it out.  

MK4 Cavern Updates   
Baraka at Baraka's MK4 Cavern has put up a review of his opinions about the PSX version of MK4.  He previously put up his review about the N64 version, and he says he likes the PSX version better.  Make sure you read them because maybe it will help you decide which system to buy the game for.  He has also put up two polls so you can vote for your favorite port game and vote for his site.  Check it out.  

New Kombat Theater   
Soon I will have a Kombat Theater type thing up on these pages.  It will include every characters bio, ending, Raiden's intro, and the MK4 TV Commercial.  But you have to give me time.  I am also putting up more sounds, more movies, more pictures, and more pages and I plan to majorly update this site.  So if information is coming in slow you will know why.  Please be patient because this site might be very different in the future.   

July 1, 1998
MK Empire's New Awards Kontest  
I have now put up an awards kontest.  You can try to win two awards.  One is for best MK drawing and the other is for best MK page.  If you want to win these awards than you have to sign up to win.  Just click here to choose the award or awards you want to win and follow the easy step by step directions.  Have fun, and I hope you win!  

MK4 Ships On PC Today!  
MK4 for Windows 95 PC CD-ROM is being shipped to many electronics stores as we speak.  It is expected to go very fast because it is such a highly anticipated game.  If you pre-ordered it than you are okay.  The people out there that haven't pre-ordered it should get to their nearest electronics store quickly and grab your copy of MK4 now!  If you want to make any reviews about the game then please send them here.  Thanks...and hurry!  

TRMK Glide3D Screenshots  
TRMK has put up 20 brand new screenshots of the Windows 95 PC CD-ROM version of MK4 taking advantage of the 3Dfx Glide3D API.  They are just thumbnails so you can click on the pictures to see a larger image.  They are really great pics and you should definitely check them out.

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