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January 7, 2004

Yes, the MK Empire is still alive...
As you can see, the MK Empire has remained dormant for about a year.  All excuses aside, it's been hard to find time to get around to working on this site in a time when any good MK information won't be available until MK6 starts to roll in.  Nevertheless, things have happened and there were still tasks that had to be done here at this site, both big and small.  So, without further adieu, here is a recap of the last 12 months of updates in the MK world...

Updates from the MK world:
-- A while ago, MK: Deadly Alliance sold enough copies on the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube gaming platforms do be considered a Greatest Hits, Platinum Hits, and Player's Choice game for each respective system.  This now means that MK: Deadly Alliance is considered a classic and it will be shipped in a new box at the new low price of $19.99.  Congrats to Midway.
-- A years ago, MK: Deadly Alliance had sold 1 million copies.  In July, sales reached 2 million worldwide on all 4 platforms after only 8 months since its release...damn!
-- Both MK6 and the third MK movie are in the works.  Fans are encouraged to send any feedback to help in the production of the next film to producer@Mortalkombat.com.
-- Actor Trevor Goddard, the man who played Kano in the first MK film, died on June 9th in an apparent drug-related problem.  Condolences to his friends and family.
-- GameSpot has dubbed Mortal Kombat II one of the greatest games of all time.  Damn right.
-- MK: Deadly Alliance has been nominated for many video game awards over the last few months.  The game definitely deserves it.
-- The next installment to the MK series was released at the end of the summer for the Gameboy Advance only.  It is called MK: Tournament Edition.  It has received pretty good reviews all around from many places, but as with all other handhelds, this site will not cover it in depth.  And here's where my opinion comes into play - Midway always pulls crap like this and it hurts their reputation.  What I mean is how they come out with a game, but since production was rushed, they come out with a newer version that's not much different but is supposed to be "better" and cover up for previous mistakes like missing characters and missing secrets.  Just look at MK3, then UMK3, MK4, then MK Gold, and now MK: DA followed by MK: TE.  It's just a big waste of time and money, and Midway should get games right the first time around in my opinion.

Updates to this site:
-- Many pages have been tweaked on this site to keep them fresh and new.  In specific, the MK: Deadly Alliance section has been revised with every character's ending and a cleaner Krypt and main page.  Enjoy!
-- There is a new Test up.  Many people sent in answers to the last test, which asked "In MK: Deadly Alliance, who has Shang Tsung hired to protect him?" Of course, the answer was Moloch and Drahmin.  Thanks to all who participated.  Now, for test #19, answer this question, "In MK: Deadly Alliance, how many playable secret characters are there?"  Good luck.
-- There is a new poll up on the Poll page.  The last poll asked MK fans what their favorite MK site of all time was.  After 132 votes, mkwarriors.net came out on top with 32%, followed by MK5.org with 19% and the long-gone but never forgotten mknightmares.com with 15%.  Thanks to all who voted.  This new poll asks fans what their favorite MK game of all time is.  Go vote now!
-- Just to let people know, the Site of the Month page is still up and running.  If you have an MK-related web site, submit your information and you could be a winner.
-- I realize that the Message Board for this site has been broken for awhile, and I'm working on it to find out exactly what's wrong.
-- In the near future I'm going to be putting up Mortal Kombat codebooks, MK tattoos, and MK trading cards on Ebay for sale to the public.  If I'm feeling happy, I might even give a few away.  I'm posting this up so readers will be the first to know when I do this.  If anyone has any interest in any of these rare items, let me know now and I'll keep you in mind for later on.

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