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January 22, 2000

Where Are All The MK Sites?
It has come to many people's attention that MK on the internet is becoming a ghost of the past.  I want to point out a couple of things about this topic because I am seeing it happen and it's kind of shocking.  We have all of these top sites that cover MK that are now closing their doors.  The MKIC hasn't been updated in like a year, and their plans to start a new gaming site haven't happened yet.  Kingdom MK hasn't been updated in a year and it looks like the owner forgot about it.  MK Extreme seems to dis MK more than praise it.  MK on the Net said it would reopen in January of 2000, but now it's just a page for a website company.  The MKCA just updated that MK is dead and the site won't be updated until there is spare time and MK5 is out, which may be never.  The MK Konnection hasn't been updated in eons and also looks forgotten about.  The MK Dominion always promises to open its doors, and it never does.  And, MK Nightmares is being sold due to money shortages, and offers must be slow because they lowered the price.  So, what does that leave us with: TRMK and MK5.org.  All of the once praised MK sites are now gone, and with the troubles at Midway, MK may soon see the same fate.

Site of the Month Winner
The new Site of the Month winner for January is userlordj from Mortal Kombat REVOLUTION.  This site has a ton of sections and pictures and has the most accurate information I've seen in a while.  After reviewing it, I felt that it deserved 5 stars without a doubt because the quality will blow you away.  Check out the site at http://come.to/MKRevolution.  Congratulations to userlordj, and if anyone wants to become a Site of the Month winner for February or if anyone wants to check out MK REVOLUTION's site banner or get the link and the lowdown about it, then go to the Site of the Month page.

January 8, 2000

MK Nightmares To Close Its Doors
Yesterday I visited the ever so popular MK Nightmares site to see if anything was up in the MK world, and I was shocked to see what was there.  The heading reads "Investors Wanted!".  The problem is that the owners of the site are having trouble paying for the web space and traffic, so they need money to keep the site going or it will be sold to god knows who.  They are seeking out new investors to participate in the site so it can still be run without the hastle of money shortages.  If you want to become an investor, then e-mail MKNat
invest@mknightmares.com.  The domain for www.mknightmares.com is for sale, along with www.vorpax.com and www.earthrealm.com.  Links to the e-mail addresses regarding investments into these domains are on MKN's main page.  Remember to drop them a line in their discussion forum also and tell them to keep the site going because it's one of the best and original favorites out there!

More Info On Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
Over the past few days, TRMK has gotten a hold of a ton of information regarding the new phases for MKSF's creation.  So far, it is still being made for the Playstation game console even though it was cancellend for the N64.  Now, this sheds some light on the subject.  Since there was going to be cinematic scripted scenes for the N64 version, Midway felt that they should do it for the Playstation too.  But, with the N64 out of the running, the Playstation will have the more realistic full motion video (FMV) movies.  There have also been some changes in the camera settings to fix sorting problems and speed up the gameplay, the fighting mechanisms, and the special effects.  Also, with the departure of John Tobais and other crew members, the story that was originally made for MKSF has taken on a more simple approach in the game.  The gameplay has also been quickened because the game is now limited to a run, shoot, fight mode.  With all the changes, TRMK reports that the game will now be pushed back to at least a release date of this Fall.

Midway Needs Expansion--Sparks Controversy
TRMK has reported that Midway has been hiring new staff ever since they departure of John Tobias and some other crew members.  Now that there is more staff, there is a need for a bigger office.  The city of Chicago is helping Midway expand by giving them $2 million dollars for a new office(s).  But, this deal is being shot down by the Chicago Tribune because they are complaining that Midway has no right to expand because they make violent games such as Mortal Kombat, which in my opinion has nothing to do with office space.  And to top it all off, it has been reported that about 24 people that were trying to fight violence, marched in protest of Midway's expansion into new offices because of the violent products they make.  Now, hopefully people realize that there are more important things to go after and protest about that are going on in society than video games.  Go and check out TRMK for links to all the stories.

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