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February 26, 2000

MK5.org Honors the MK Empire
MK5.org has recognized the MK Empire as their featured site of the month for March!  On their main page, they have a big picture of this page here and a nice review about the site.  Here's the review word for word: "The Mortal Kombat Empire has proven it self to be of the most outstanding personal sites on the internet today. Many personal mk websites have fallen to the grave, but MK Empire keeps on chugging with the latest news about the Mortal Kombat World. This site offers eveything some of the top notch sites deliver and even a little more. The website has a nice clean layout and deserves to be on the top someday. Congrats to Dave for his great job and hard work!"  Well, there you go folks.  I would like to thank MK5.org for recognizing my hard work and dedication to the site and to all the fans who make the MKE what it is today.

February 25, 2000

New Test Up
Well, I think that enough people were given the chance to win test #9, so I took it down.  The answer was Boon and Tobias for the question "What does Noob Saibot mean?"  Now, I have put up test #10.  This test is a first to this site because you have to descrammble the phrase and e-mail the correct phrase to me.  It should not be hard, but it'll take a few minutes to figure it out.  So, go over to the test section and try your luck.

No Good Sites = No Site of the Month
I guess some people may be wondering why there hasn't been a Site of the Month for February.  Well, here's what its come down to.  With the total standstill in the MK world and the closure of tons of MK websites, there's not one site I can find that is fitting for the recognition.  Either the site is gone or it hasn't been updated in a year or it's broken in every way possible.  So, I've tried but I haven't found jack squat.  But, if you know of or have an MK website that you believe can be a featured site, then go to the Site of the Month page and fill out the simple form.  I hope to get some entries soon.

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