February 27, 1999

Voting Booth Up
There has been a new addition to the MKE's sections.  I have now added a Voting Booth to the extensive lineup  of interactive sections.  The voting booth is a place where the MKE is enrolled in many rankings for video game sites on the web.  The more people the click on the banners, the higher the rankings go, hopefully to hit #1.  So, please show your support for the MKE by voting for it.  It's you the viewers that can make it happen.

February 25, 1999

MKE Voted To Stay
Well, I asked for you viewers to vote for the fate of this site, and the response was pretty positive.  Out of the 106 votes that I received out of the last 3 weeks, exactly 72% of all the people that voted gave this site votes that were on the upside.  So, the MKE will stay on the web for all the MK fans that wanted it to.  Remember, it is still open for suggestions and comments so it can be improved.  Just to thank the supporters out there, I've added a new look to the main page.  Hope it's enjoyable!

Test #6 Up
I have put up a new test in the Test Section.  I told everyone that test five was going to be hard, and it was!  You asked for a challenge and you got a big one.  Only three people got the correct answer!  I asked who was in the picture, and for all you people out there who tried to get the correct answer but failed, the answer was Shao Kahn.  He was on his horse from MK: Annhialation.  But anyway, if you wanna win this time, test your luck at test #6...it's a lot easier and it's not a picture test...

February 22, 1999

MK:SF News From VideoGames.com
And yet even more news has been posted up at videogames.com revealing more info about Mortal Kombat Special Forces. The questions were again answered by John Tobias, the co-creator of the MK series.  Some of the questions that he answered are old news but some of the news is fresh and pretty interesting.  This game looks to be much more effective than MK Mythologies was.  But, we'll see when it debuts later this year.  Check it out!  The news is compiled into this new Designer Diary.

Poll Clarification
I am just clarifying all of the mess ups that have been related with the poll in the Poll Section.  I don't know what happened, but even though I remember putting up the MK:SF poll, the poll still contained the vote for the quality of this site.  So, if you were interested on voicing your opinion about MK Special Forces but it didn't work before, now you can without a problem.  Sorry about the confusion.

February 17, 1998

Fan Fiction Kontest!
Well, to put a spark of life into the Fan Fiction Section, I've added a little more competition and glory to it all.  The story publishing now concerns winning free prizes.  Here's how it works: you write a fictional and creative story about Mortal Kombat, you send it to me with your address and all that, your story gets posted up for all to see, and if I feel that your story was totally outstanding, then you win the original MK tattoos of the first MK characters totally FREE!!  I will mail them right to your home!  You will be contacted if you won the prize.  So, just for being creative I will give you a free prize.  If you want to take a peek at the actual tattoos you will recieve, click here.  Please, write away and try to win!

MK4 Section Revised
Now that MK4 is basically "old", I have cleaned up the section one last time to make way for MK5, MK:SF, and MK:Dreamcast.  I have just reorganized some sections, made it easier to navigate around, and made better graphics for the pages.  If you are looking for the pics, sounds, and movies sections, they have been moved to the Archive.  Check out the Pictures Section especially because it contains news pics of the MK toys, the MK:SF logo, and some MK5 stuff.  If you could, just surf around the MK4 Section a little and tell me what you think of the new look.  The MK:SF Section and the MK5 Section have also been updated with some news and pictures.

February 12, 1999

MK: Special Forces Interview
IGN64 has put up an interviewthat they had with MK superstar John Tobias.  The subject:  Mortal Kombat: Special Forces, the newest addition to the MK series and the next game following MK Mythologies.  Check out the interview for the latest news and info on this new 3D adventure.  Also, EGM was able to grab a bit of info straight from Midway about MK:SF and some info about MK for the Dreamcast.  Check out the news for the latest.

More MK Dreamcast Info
Just a little tid bit of information here to catch up on.  It has been officialy mentioned that MK for the Dreamcast will be released this month in Japan, and will be coming to the US along with the system very soon, maybe in September of 1999.  Stay tuned in the months to come for more info.

New MortalKombatConquest.com
A new Mortal Kombat Conquest website has been created and the address is http://www.mortalkombatconquest.com. The site is very informative, very interactive, and very cool.  Check it out; it could be the new hit site for MKC!

New Mortal Kombat Toys
Just recently at the 1999 New York Toy Fair there was an introduction of new action figures of certain MK fighters.  The figures, created by Infinity Concepts, are very detailed in body, shape, size, and stance.  For instance, they actually stand up. Check out the images of Liu Kang and Mileena for proof in the quality.

Message Board Subject
It's been a long time since the message board was actually alive, but I've started something on it that may spark some attention.  I was just curious as to what Sub-Zero's sister's name was because I am totally clueless as to what it is.  If you know the answer, please post it up on the message board and feel free to discuss further about any MK topic; that's the whole point of it being there!

New Poll Up
I put up a new poll in the Poll Section because the one that was up there was the same as the pop-up poll on this page.  This new poll concerns how MK: Special Forces appeals to you right now in its early developmental stages.  Please voice your opinion and show the world how Midway is doing.

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