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December 26, 2001

The MK Empire is back online
Yes, you've read right.  After 16 months of no news updates and hardly any changes to this site, I decided that it's time to start up again.  Now that it's Christmas vacation (Merry Christmas by the way), I have time to do this.  Also, since MK5 is starting to poke its head out from the shadows and the people voted that the MK Empire should stick around, the verdict was in.  So, welcome back to all the people who have been waiting for this site to be reborn, and to all the new visitors you're going to like what you see here.  As you can see, the layout and some pages have been changed a little since I'm not really an amateau anymore.  But still expect a lot of changes to this site in the near future as information starts rolling in about MK5 and the third MK film.  So, feel free to look around the site, e-mail me if you want to share some thoughts, and just take a couple of minutes to read the news briefs below.

Midway puts out more hints to Mortal Kombat 5
Well, this is coming pretty late since a lot of other MK sites have covered it already.  But, this makes for a good first news update in over a year.  The makers of Mortal Kombat, Midway, have recently done a lot to stir up the MK world once again.  They have posted up a "Breaking News" mailing list that people can sign up for in order to get special news and information about Mortal Kombat as it is released by the company.  Just go here to sign up using your e-mail address and your date of birth.  They've also given all the mailing list members a little holiday gift by issueing a new 3D rendered image of Quan Chi, which looks really good and will most likely be his look in Mortal Kombat 5.  You can go here to view the picture from Midway's site, or you can view it right at the MK Empire by going here.  Lastly, Midway has also reserved an address for the next MK installment, which is http://www.mortalkombat.midway.com.  It's interesting how Midway has made the address under the title"mortalkombat"... maybe they really are going to drop the "5" from the title and just call the game "Mortal Kombat".  It sort of symbolizes an "out with the new, in with the old" train of thought since MK has been pretty crappy over the last couple of years.  But, we'll see soon enough.

MK Advance = Waste of $
Well, I don't have any video games at all, so I can't tell you personally what I think of MKA.  But, from what I've been reading from most MK sites, they say it's the worst MK installment ever.  I guess Midway rushed this game just like it always does and they paid the consequence; the graphics aren't that good, the sound is weak, controls suck, and the gameplay leaves nothing to be desired.  It's a shame that they're killing the reputation of a game that once ruled the market.  So, in hearing all this negativety, I'm not even going to bother making a section dedicated to MK Advance information.  I've never made sections for handheld versions in the past, and I'm especially not going to do it for a game that is a beat up version of the long gone UMK3 and MKT games.  No one wants to play these anymore anyway.  But, if you want to take a peak at the game, click here to view a mini slideshow of some pics that have been the most popular for the game.  But, in my opinion, just wait until MK5 comes around... I don't think we'll be disappointed.

The big updates
I just felt the need to tell everyone about some of the most significant updates to this site.  Make sure you go to the Test page because Test #13 is up and it allows you to use a form to submit answers instead of e-mail.  There is a totally new Mortal Kombat 5 section that I did which has the latest news, previews, multimedia, and pictures that are available.  The Old News section has been given a nifty face lift thanks to some java tricks.  The message board is in dire need of some activity, so come on people, talk it up!  Also, make sure you vote in the Poll and join the biweekly Newsletter so you can recieve the lastest news right from this site.  Okay, I think that's it, thanks.

MK5.org doing it right
I think I need to do a short write-up about MK5.org.  They've held strong for a really long time and I just need to give them props over there.  That site is doing really well and they're new version 4 layout just goes to show how hard they work and how much they try to appeal to the MK community.  As one of the only real good MK sites left, I just needed to do this shout out for them, so go check their site out.  And, if you feel that this site needs a little update too, feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you want to see.

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