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December 20, 1999

MKSF A No-Go For The N64
Sadly but almost expectantly, MKN has gotten word first that MKSF will not make its debut onto the N64 system at all.  The game, which was in development for both the Playstation and N64, has been hit hard with the recent Midway team departures of John Tobias and his other staff members. IGN64 has an article about this MKSF cancellation and talks about other versions of MKSF still coming out in the future.  This could mean the Playstation and the Dreamcast, but this isn't anything solid as of now.  Let's just hope that MKSF isn't cancelled for all systems in the future.

MK Banned in Brazil
TRMK has recently reported that IGNPC has released an article stating that Mortal Kombat, along with five other popular video games, have been banned from the country of Brazil due to the violence that they contain.  The legislation says that Mortal Kombat, Quake, Doom, Postal, Blood, and Requiem will be illegal to sell in that country.  What sparked the controversy was a shooting at a movie theater.  With all the violence in our country, I wouldn't be surprised if sooner or later we pass the same law.

December 19, 1999

Fighters Underground Closed
Yet another MK site has been closed recently.  The ever so popular Fighters Underground website closed on December 12, 1999 due to lack of participants in all gaming fields.  If you're not familiar with the site, basically what it did was let you submit your site into a gaming category and they would post a picture of your main page and give it a review and a rating so people could read it.  But, due to the lack of variety in gaming sites, the Fighters Underground closed its doors.  The quote from the e-mail is as follows: "We regret to announce the closing of the Fighters Underground.  We will be closing the site sometime on Sunday, December 12, 1999.  We appreciate the support we received, but the site was not being supported by many of the fighting game series.  The Fighters Underground had basically turned into a Mortal Kombat link station, and our goal was to bring links from all of the popular fighting games."  Any banners and links can be removed from your sites.  If you'd like to e-mail the owner of the site to show your appreciation go right ahead at soloman@buried.com.

Game Search Engine
Would you like to add your site to a search engine dedicated specifically to games?  If you want to do this, then hop on over to Game Searcher.  Basically what you do is submit your site along with some other information into a search engine designed only for video games, and presto, you're in a cool new search where people can locate your site quickly and easily!  So, go check it out and submit your site if you have one so this gaming site can make it big someday.

December 10, 1999

Site of the Month Added
Well, nothing has been happening in the world of MK which seems to be becoming a trend.  But, something real appropriate has happened to the MK Empire.  The Staff section has been removed since there was no one interested, or maybe the form was still down.  If it was, e-mail me because I never got any of the applications.  But anyway, a new section called the Site of the Month is now up, and it's already on a role!  Basically what happens is either I pick a site from the web or from the form submission to be represented as the coolest MK site of the month.  I post up a banner, the url, the e-mail address of the owner, and any commesnts that I have.  This month's winner is Dark-Scorpion who runs the site called The Realm of the Warriors.  This site is very large and specific and has great potential.  You can read more of the comments and get more info in the Site of the Month section.  All the best goes out to Dark-Scorpion and his site.  So, if you have an MK site, sign up now!

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