December 29, 1998

New Year, New Look
In case you didn't notice, the main page to the MKE has been removed.  The reason why I did this was because I felt that by now, people should have browsers that are capable of viewing frames so that they can enhance their stay on the web.  Plus, the main page used to take long to load and I felt that less clicks would be better to get to your MK news faster.  But, If you feel that the MKE should still have the enter page like before, then e-mail because I still have it on the hard drive.  But if not, once the new year is over, the new year picture will be removed along with that page.  So please, if you still want the enter page up, e-mail me.  If you don't still e-mail me.  Also, the frames on the page have taken on the old look again beause I felt that the blue just didn't match with the feel of MK.  But, if you don't like this change, still tell me what should be done.  The MKE is always open to others' opinions.  But anyuway, I wish everyone a happy new year and I hope everyone parties like it's 1999 'cause it is!

New Art Programs
I hope you enjoy the picture on the soon to be retired main page because the word "1999" was created with just one of the 2 new programs that the MKE will now be utilizing.  I now have full registered versions of Paint Shop Pro 5.0 from Jasc and Simply 3D 3 from Micrografx.  These 2 programs will now be used so that the MKE can have a better appearance for the viewers because with these programs you can create state of the art pictures, 3D logos and animations, AVI's, and pleanty more to soup up the site.  You can get a trial verison of these programs from the links above.  So, I hope that you like the new graphics created with these programs and more will be on the way soon.

December 19, 1998

New Fan Fiction Section Up!
You asked for it, you wanted it, so you got it!  A new addition to the MKE's lineup of pages is the Fan Fiction Section.  Many many requests for a fan fic section have come in so I decided to keep my promise of putting one up.  You are able to submit your own creative story that has to do with MK so I can post it and others can read it.  Please, bring those stories in.  Go here to contribute. Also, I was wondering, does anyone want a comedy page too?  The reason why there isn't one here is because I think that MK should be kept serious, not funny.  But if anyone wants one, I am open to requests. E-mail me here if you feel the MKE needs some comedy.

Some Changes To The MKE
First of all, I have gotten rid of the Tell A Friend page because it wasn't doing much.  I replaced it with the Fan Fiction Section which should be more successful.  But, I have also changed the look of the frames on the 2 framed pages.  The frames are now blue, and the top one has a sword in it.  I am hoping that you like them.  But, if you liked the old look or have an idea for a new one, I want to here from you!!!!  If you have any feedback, e-mail me about it and I'll take action.

Slowdowns In The MK World
I just want to call to everyone's attention about the big MK sites out there that aren't updating anymore.  I am dissappointed that the MKIC hasn't been updated for about 8 months and that MK on the Net hasn't updated since October.  KMK hasn't updated since November 10th, and the MKD is still changing it's interface.  Even TRMK was gone for 3 weeks because of a server problem.  I am just surprised that all of these huge MK sites are leaving everyone out in the cold of Decmeber.  MKN stays on top of things, but the competition is getting weak.  But have no fear because the MKE will always be here!

|{ombat Interview With Tracy Douglas (Vorpax)
It seems that ]{ombat from the ]{ombat Pavilion was able to fit in an interview with Tracy Douglas who plays Vorpax on MK Conquest over the phone.  Tracy also held a chat on Sunday, December 13th at 8:00 pm EST at where she talked about her film career there too.  Anyway, they talked about the show and |{ombat has posted up the interview at his site.  You can click here for the download, but you will need Winzip (free) to unzip it and Winamp or Macamp (free) to play the sound file.

Lightwave X-Treme Site Open
The art man of the MK games, Josh Tsui, has recently opned his web site called Lightwave X-Treme which is based on the Lightwave 3D book that he wrote himself.  You can get info on the book and order it from his site.  Pre-ordering allows you to save some money on it.  Make sure to check it out.

MK4 For Dreamcast Isn't A Dream!!
News has been slowly popping up about a Sega Dreamcast version of MK4 to be released when the system debutes in late 1999.  So far, we know that the game won't have much to do with the MK4 that is out will be better!  The characters will be taken right from the FMV's to improve the graphics.  There will be new moves, features, and new characters, some returning from MK2.  These are just early news tips, maybe rumors, but you can count on a great game to come out with the Dreamcast.  Stay tuned for more.

December 2, 1998

More MK4 Gameboy News
A couple of days ago, our friends down at MKN were able to get more pictures and info of the Gameboy version of MK4 from The Ringmaster.  It seems that the game does not support a cable connected 2-player mode.  But for the bigger news, it seems that through some codes you will be able to access the non-playable characters Kai, Johnny Cage, and Sonya.  This is a big upside for the people who believe there aren't enough characters or who just miss playing as their favorite martial artsist.  Check out the two new images right on MKN's news page.

Violence In The Gaming Industry
As you all know by now, Mortal Kombat is a very violent video game that is rated for Mature audiences at the age of 17+.  About 2 nights ago, my local news station was going over some new toys for the holidays, and they gave a report on violent video games and how state officials are trying to ban them.  I was dissapointed by the report because the first game they showed was of course, Mortal Kombat 4.  They also showed Doom and Crypt Killers.  I just wanted to point this out because I am angered that the government thinks that video games are responsible for child violence in today's society.  I think that governemt officials should stop blaming video games for the violence, and start narrowing it down to other objects.  If they want to ban violent video games, they might as well ban half of the TV shows on television like Celebrity Death Match, Jerry Springer, South Park, and Cops.  I think that they should stop wasting their time, focus on more critical issues, and let the gaming industry be at peace.

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