August 31, 1999

New MK Gold Movie
MKX has reported that DreamCast Magazine has put an MK Gold movie onto their monthly interactive CD.  The movie which was originally 20mb has been cut down to 5mb thanks to MKX. Only the most important scenes are on their.  Also, if you don't like long download times, go over to MKN where they have cut it down to a slow, choppy clip at about 1mb in RealVideo format.  The movie shows the select scrreen, fight scenes, and new backgrounds.  Check it out, or get the magazine to see the full movie in better quality.  The links are referenced in the MKE's MK Gold movie section.

August 27, 1999

MK4 Arcade Machine Giveaway!
You heard right!  UserLordJ from the Mortal Kombat REVOLUTION is giving away a FREE Revision 3 MK4 Arcade Machine.  All you have to do is sign his guestbook and soon a winner will be picked at random and notified by e-mail.  And if you've already signed the guestbook, you're already eligable.  That's strings attached!  Basically, he knows a friend whos father owns a local arcade called Game Express and he's getting rid of the MK4 machine, so UserLordJ asked if he could have it.  Once there is a winner, the shipping and handling will be taken care of by the owner of the arcade.  It's simple, so go to his site now and try to win this second MK4 arcade machine giveaway since MK Dominion did it awhile back.

August 26, 1999

Ed Boon Chat In Review
Well, the Ed Boon chat was held last night at, and boy was it pretty slow.  Most people kept asking questions about MK5 and couldn't get it through their heads that it was too early in development to be asking those questions.  Also, there were many questions about Tobias and the others leaving Midway which were expected to pop up, but Boon tried to avoid answering those question because they probably did tick him off a little.  The questions about MK Gold were pretty interesting, but with it's release just 2 weeks away I don't know why people can't just wait to find out what it'll be like.  I tried to ask a question but I didn't know how until after the chat was over...oh well.  All I wanted to ask was if he felt his job was making his life enjoyable because I know he won't be making video games when he's 50...or maybe he will.  Who knows?  I didn't want to flood him with a useless question like people did when the chat was temporarily unmoderated.  So anyway, TRMK has come up with a full chat transcript that you can read up on, although I prefer MKX's real/fake translation of some of the chat out of his point of view.  Some funny stuff their.  Listed below are some of the interesting things that popped up in the chat.

  • MKSF is still in full development despite the leave of the staff members
  • Ed Boon's site will be updated with those long awaited MK Gold movies soon
  • Arcade versions of MK5, coming is late 2000, will utilize a new 3DFX card instead of the Zeus 2 chip which will even blow the PSX 2 away
  • Scorpion will be the first character implemented into MK5 since Midway can make him look great
  • MK Gold is done
  • MK5 will have more weapon features and a totally new button
  • "Test You Might" is just one of the "Test Yours" being added into MK5

  • New Poll Up
    I have again added a new poll to the site for your enjoyment.  This poll asks the question "Would you buy a Sega Dreamcast just to be able to play MK Gold?"  The reason for this question is because there of course has been a lot of hype about MK Gold and the new revolutionized Sega Dreamcast which made me curious about how the products will do in the market.  Some people would spend $200 off the bat for the system to then buy MK Gold for $40-$50, and some people wouldn't.  I want to see which way the tables will turn.  So, submit your votes and voice you opinion about MK Gold now!

    August 23, 1999

    Official Leave Press Release
    A lot of websites have gotten their hands on an official press release concerning the 3 important crew members that recently left the MK Design Team.  It explains why the 3 designers left the cmpany to persue new goals and it explains the history and future of Mortal Kombat as we know it.  "Our careers at Midway have been prosperous for ourselves as well as the company. Now itís time to seek new opportunities that will only be possible by taking this step," said Tobias in the press release.  To read the whole press release, get the text version by clicking here.

    Midway Rumors True!
    It has been confirmed that the rumor of John Tobias, Dave Michicich, and Josh Tsui leaving Midway is true.  In fact, they've been gone since the beginning of August and they plan to join forces to persue their own projects in the future to do things on their own.  This probably means definate delays for MK Special Forces since Tobias and Tsui had such a big role with the game's production, thus explaining the delay until Spring of 2000, but no word on that has occured at this time.  But I do know that Midway has hired about 3 new people to join the design team so maybe MKSF will get finished.  Who knows?!  It looks like MK is going down the tubes now.  Keep checking back for more on the fate of MKSF.

    Midway Vs GT Interactive
    MKN has gotten word tha it seems like Midway and GT Interactive are having business problems of their own.  Gamespot News has reported that GT Interactive settled a breach of contract filed 6 months ago with Midway for an unknown amount of money.  GT Interactive complained of delays in games and not receiving enough things about the game.  Midway feels it is GT Interactives own fault for their loss in profit because of gaming troubles.  Basically, both companies are fed up with each other.'re on the road to trouble.

    Updates At has been highly updated with a new main page and every section has been made over.  All the pages have Flash/Shockwave previews of the games which does take the loading time to the limits.  The MK Gold section is cool with scrolling pictures and information about the upcoming game.  Personally, I liked the other main page better, but this one's alright.  Go check it out. Update has updated their MK Gold section with 5 new screenshots and a lot of new information pertaining to the game.  After playing the game, they discovered many things, including some new moves, great graphics, quick loading time, and cool new alternate costumes.  What caught their eyes the most was Cyrax's new alternate costume, which is a robot with no mask on.  So, go check out the new screenshots and read up on this Dreamcast exclusive now!

    August 22, 1999

    Test #8 Up
    I've added yet another test to the MK Empire.  Test #8 is here, and this time you have to fill in the correct answer to the phrase.  Go try it out and see if you have the skills once again to get the answer right!

    Ask A Question Down
    Still, the Ask A Question form is not working for some unknown reason.  I will have to check out the server hosting the service to see if there have been any script changes and maybe then it will be back up.  So, right now this feature on the Survey page is down for now until the problem is fixed.  When it's fixed, you will be notified and then anyones' questions will be answered.

    August 13, 1999

    More On The Rumors
    It seems that MKN and MKX have reported that both and Gamespot News have gotten some information regarding the Tobias mystery.  Come to find out, John Tobias, Dave Michicich, and Josh Tsui will all be quitting after their latest projects are finished to persue new tasks!  This probably does mean that MKSF will be completed by spring, but after that, what about all the other MK games we expect in the future?  With these three men quitting, the future of MK could come to a screeching halt without there ever being a release of MK5 because truthfully, the arcades aren't cutting it anymore.  We'll keep you updated if anything else happens.

    "Ask A Question" Moved
    I am sorry that this went on for almost a week, but when I added the Ask A Question form to the Search section, it decided not to work.  I think this problem occured because there were two forms on one page.  So, the Ask A Question form has been moved to the Survey section for now since the survey is over.  So, if anyone sent in a question and didn't get a reply, it's because I never got it, so please re-submit it and I'll get back to you.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

    August 7, 1999

    Survey Results Sent!
    Well, I have finally sent in the MK5 survey results for Ed Boon's viewing pleasure.  Hopefully, he will take the comments that were given into consideration and I am hoping for a response.  I'm sure he's busy with his job and he probably won't respond any time soon, so we just have to wait it out.  Maybe we can get some comments on the John Tobias rumors too.  When, or if I get any word back from the survey results, the news will be posted right here.

    Tobias Rumor True?!
    MKX has reported that they have gotten the official word that John Tobias has quit his job, and they also report that the other lay-offs of the testers at the same time was just a coincidence.  But, it has been said that John's leave may not be permanent, and he may just be taking a break from the company, but this could stall MKSF.  MKN has also reported that Midway had recently hired a new Vice President who was  a previous EA Sports executive.  They bring up a good point in that there may be some problems coming from the new Vice Presieent which may have caused the lay-offs and the quiting.  This is not an official statement, so keep in mind it may be wrong.  We'll have more on the story as it progresses.

    Search Engine Revamp
    There has been a new addition to the Search Engine section.  Now, there is a subject box where you can e-mail me any question pertaining to Mortal Kombat and it will be answered within 48 hours.  The reason why I decided to add this to the site was because many people have many questions about MK and they can never find the answer.  Now, all you have to do is type in your e-mail address and the question you want answered and submit it to me.  I'll view it and get back to you directly.  So, go try out the new question box and ask away.

    August 5, 1999

    Rumors=Tobias Quits!
    MKX has reported on what is hopefully a rumor.  It seems that they've gotten word that John Tobias, the main man behind MKSF, has just quit his job of working for the MK Team.  He's also reported that some MK testers have quit, along with some other arcade staff members.  This is terrible for the future of Mortal Kombat as we know it, and this new change will likely affect the production of MKSF along with MK Gold and MK5.  I will keep you updated on this trama as soon as anything arrives. Updated
    The website has been updated with 22 more screenshots and 2 new movies added to their MK Gold section showing off the game in its production version.  Pay attention to the new pictures because they show off the new stages like the Ice Pit and they look really nice so far.  But since these shots are from the production version and not the final version, there will probably be some changes to the game before it ships....hopefully.

    Belokk Is Out
    Well, it seems as if all hope is lost for the character named Belokk, who was an unstable character slated to be in the final version of MK Gold.  Eurocom has stated that he will not be in MK Gold but the reasons for this decision are unknown.  It almost seemed to good to be true when he was first discovered by "accident".  Hopefully, the other 23 or so characters will make up for the loss.

    MK Gold In EGM
    In the September issue of Electronics Gaming Monthly, there is a pretty big 2 page spread of the MK Gold advertisement for the exclusive Sega Dreamcast.  The spread has 3D renderings of some of the old and new characters and the set release date is 9/9/99.  In one of the pictures on the bottom it has Cyrax throwing his green net.  It looks pretty cool, so go out and grab the magazine, or view the pictures over at TRMK.

    Poll Ends
    Well, after getting a lot of responses to the new poll, I'v edecided to take it down for now.  The poll asked "Does the MKE really need a framed version of the news page?"  After getting 246 votes, it showed that 160 people voted Yes (65%) and 86 people voted No (35%).  So, the results show that the framed version will stay for those who want it.  Stay tuned for a new poll coming very soon, and thanks to all who voted!

    August 2, 1999

    Video Gamers' League Addition
    Well, it seems like many MK sites have gotten word that they have been chosen to join the Video Gamers' League, and the MK Empire was just one of them.  I recently got an e-mail stating that this league hosts many video game tournaments around the country and MK Gold is one of the fighting games in the tournament.  The tournament is being held from November 1999 to May 2000 in 19 cities, and the winners proceed to the National Championship.  I was asked to put up their button on the site, so it's in the awards section.  Check out their website to read more about the new tournament.

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