August 27, 1998
MK Krusades Name Change
Plenty of rumors, maybe true rumors, have been going around about the new MK Krusades TV show that was set to air this fall.  Well, due to conflicting show names on the WB Network, MK Krusades will have a name change.  Right now, the name is going to be MK Conquest.  It was changed because a new show set to air around the same time on the WB Network called Babylon Crusades might be a little confusing to people trying to remember two names with the word K/Crusades in them.  So, the makers of the TV show have agreed to change the name.  I will keep you updated on MK Conquest as news will begin to flow in as the TV show airs soon.

Hurricane Bonnie/School Time
As you should know, Hurricane Bonnie is slowly working it's way up the Eastern Coastline toward Rhode Island where I live.  Due to the severe weather, if we have any, there may be no page updates at the MKE until the storm passes.  It may only be here for a while and may not even be that bad because right now the sun is shining.  So, be patient as the storm passes.  Also, yesterday I just started high school and I am preparing for the begining of classes.  Be patient again because if there are no updates to this page in a while it's because of school and all.  I don't know how sports and school work will conflict with the time donated to this page, but I will definetely try to find time to update this page in all of this confusion.  I thank you for your patience and I hope that you stay safe away from the hurricane and are getting used to no more summer and back to school.

August 23, 1998
Update On New PC Patches
In the past week, many patches for the PC version of MK4 have popped up, helping to improve gameplay and making MK4 easier in some ways.  Well, chutka, the creator of the MK4 Hacker v0.1 web page has released a new version of his Trainer.  It changes the .exe file so you don't have to open a menu to access the codes that it possesses.  This new trainer features easier access to Noob, Kitana, Meat, and Goro.  It also features Big-head mode in a 1 player game, a weird Randper Kombat mode, and quicker access to the Cheat Menu.  Click here to download the new MK4 Hacker.

Next..., danil and dmkf have again released another trainer for the PC version of MK4, the Super Trainer. This trainer is like the one above, but it works on both the non-patched and the patched versions of MK4. This trainer is only a Beta and is still being worked on so it isn't fully done yet.  Click here to download the new Super Trainer.

Last but not least, if you feel like getting a simple trainer, then this is the one for you.  It has many options and contains most of the cheats that the other trainers do.  One example is you can make Player 1 have infinite energy.  This trainer works on both the patched and the non-patched versions of MK4.  Click here to download the new Simple Trainer.

That's it for now.  Keep checking out danil and dmkf's homepage and the MK4 Hacker homepage for updates on these new PC trainers.

New Test Up
I have put up a new test, test #3.  In this test, like the other two, you have to guess who is in the messed up picture.  Go and try out your luck, I want to see who can get this one!

August 19, 1998
Play In The Skull Stage In The PC Version
Thanks to chutka of the MK4 Hacker v0.1 web page you can now play in the Skull Stage in the PC version of MK4.  In order to do so you have to download this Trainer and it will open the unfinished Skull Stage.  This trainer only works for the patched version of MK4.  I have downloaded it and find that it's really not worth downloading.  The Skull Stage is just all black and the music finally kicks in after you die.  But if you don't mind fighting in a stage that doesn't make much sense at all then you can get this Trainer.  Remember, this is the Skull Stage that never made it into the final version of the game and is very incomplete, but you can still play in it. 

Play In The Skull Stage In The PSX Version
Now you can also play in the Skull Stage in the PSX version of MK4.  MKX has gotten many e-mails from people that have found a Gameshark code that will allow you to fight in the forgotten Skull Stage.  Below is the code.

Enter these two codes using a Gameshark for the PSX:
800AABC4 000A (Enables the Skull Stage)
800D8878 0002 (Enables the Restart Match Option)

Then follow these directions:
Start an arcade style match. When the match starts, the background will be all black.  Hit the start button, and select the Restart Match option.  Choose Yes, and the match will re-start in the Skull Stage. 

August 17, 1998
New MK4 PC Patch
Again danil and dmkf who own this web page have released the second patch for the PC version of MK4.  It does the same as the old one, with a few more features.  This patch is compatibale with the patched version of MK4.  The first patch that danil and dmkf made was only compatible with the unpatched version of MK4.  This one is compatible with the patched version of MK4.  This one allows you to access Goro and Noob Saibot without putting in any codes and allows you to be Kitana.  It also allows you to change the timer to 9999 seconds, and you can change the amount of continues to 9999.  Download it because it is pretty neat.  Read the Readme file that comes with it for more directions.

PC Cheat Kode Easier
It seems that the PC cheat menu kode that Ed Boon and Dave Michicich revealed at the chat a couple of nights ago can be done in an easier way.  There is no need to enter the Vs kode at all.  All you need to do is go to the Practice menu, highlight the "Difficulty" setting, and hold BL and LK for 10 seconds.  So, don't bother to enter the VS's useless.

August 13, 1998
MK4 Chat Held:  PC Cheat Kode Revealed!
If any of you were at the chat that Ed Boon and his team held last night then you got alot of questions answered by the men themselves.  But the best part of all was Ed and Dave revealing the PSX cheat menu kode...and the PC cheat menu kode!  Now, the PSX kode was already found, so you can just look here to see it.  But below is what we have all been waiting for...the PC Cheat Menu kode.

1. Start a 2 player game.
2. Go to the 2 Player Vs. Screen. Enter the Kombat Kode: 312-203. 
3. Now quit the match and go to the practice menu. 
4. Highlight the "Difficulty" setting and Hold LK and BLK over it for 10 seconds. The cheat menu should appear.

NOTE:  MKX has stated this, and I have confirmed that you do not need to enter the kombat code to access the cheat menu.  Just go to the practice menu and take it from there.  So either once the vs code is entered you don't have to enter it anymore, or you don't need the vs code at all.  If you haven't entered this code yet, please try it without the vs code at first.  If it works or if it doesn't, then tell me.  Thanks.

And that's it!  There is the kode that we have all been waiting for.  Now, don't think that I left you out in the cold with the rest of the interview.  It's all right here, practically everything that was stated at the chat.  Go check it out...alot of questions were answered!  This chat was also added to the Interviews Section.

Cheat The Cheat Menu For The PSX
Kingdom MK has discovered that in the PSX version of MK4, you can have Fatality 1, Fatality 2, and the Level Fatality options all on at the same time.  And then with easy button presses you can perform any of these three fatalities by just doing D+HP.  It won't just do Fatality 1 likes it's supposed to if more than one option is on, but it will do the fatality of your choice.  Below is what to do.
The 1-button Fatalities in the PSX version of MK4 differ from the N64 version in that you can turn all 3, Fatality 1, Fatality 2, and Level Fatality on at once! To turn all of the Fatalities on at once, first enter the cheat code, then go into the cheat menu and turn Fatality 1, Fatality 2, and Level Fatality all ON. Then begin a match, and any time during the final round, before it says "Finish Him/Her!", depending on which Fatality you'd like to see, do the following combination of button presses:

Fatality 1: R1+SQUARE 
Fatality 2: R1+TRIANGLE 
Level Fatality: R1+UP 

Then, after doing that, when the time comes and the announcer says "Finish Him/Her!", simply press D+HP and your character will do the Fatality that you told him/her to do. Don't forget, you must make sure that all of the 3 options in the Cheat Menu have been turned ON, and also make sure that you do the above button presses in the final round. This is alot more convenient than the N64 version, where you can only have one option on at a time. In the PSX version, you can change them on the fly, and do a different Fatality every match if you'd like.

New MK4 PC Patch
2 people by the name of danil and dmkf who own this web page have released a new patch for the PC verion of MK4.  It allows you to access Goro and Noob without putting in any codes and allows you to be Kitana.  It also allows you to change some of the backgrounds, even play in total blackness.  You can even set the timer to 254.  The patch only works with the original verion of MK4, not the new one with Midway's patch.  They are working on a patch that will be compatible with the patched version.  I really don't understand this patch too much, so go to Kingdom MK for more directions.

August 12, 1998
New MK Archive Up
The MKE now has a new addition to it's sections: the MK Archive.  In this archive is not material that I have gathered...but links to other big MK sites and their archives.  I cannot make my own archive due to space limitations, but I now have links to the best archives on the web.  I give the linked pages in the archive full kredit for their material.  If anyone knows of any other archives out there that should be in this section, please tell me.  Thanks, and enjoy.
August 11, 1998
PSX Cheat Kode Discovered!!!!
Finally someone has discovered the cheat kode for the PSX version of MK4.  It took long enough, but it is finally here!  Special Thanks goes to Fujin from the Elder God's Realm of MK for finding the kode for us all.  Below is the long-awaited cheat menu kode.

1. Start a 2 player game.
2. Go to the 2 Player Vs. Screen. Enter the Kombat Kode: 302-213. 
3. After you finish the match, quit the game and go to the options menu. 
4. Highlight the "Versus Screen Enabled" option and Hold BLK and Run for 10 seconds. The cheat menu should appear.

Chat With MK4 Developers On IRC
On Wednesday, August 12th at 8:00PM (CST), Ed Boon, Dave Michicich and maybe some other MK4 developers will be able to chat with us on the NewNet irc servers from on channel #mk4.  They will talk to us about MK4 and anything else having to do with MK and will answer questions.  They were supposed to reveal the MK4 PSX cheat kode, but it was already found.  But they will also be revealing the PC cheat kode, so be there if you want to chat with Ed Boon and his colleagues...I know I will. 

Ed Boon Updates
Ed Boon has again updated his site with information about the chat that will be held tomorrow night.  Below is exactly what is on the page.  Unfortunately, but fortunately, the cheat kode was discovered already.

                8:00 PM (CST)
WHERE:  IRC (irc.dragondata)
                TYPE:   /JOIN #MK4
                TALK MK.
                REVEAL SECRET KODES
Nosaj Samoht Is Back!
If any of you have gone to the MKD page recently, you may have noticed that Nosaj Samoht was the one that did the last update.  He is back!  He says that he now feels fine and is back on track.  We are all glad that he is back.  He also mentions that this is the last update on the MKD main page that is in use now.  A new and long-awaited main page will be up soon.  Be sure to check it out.

3rd MK Movie Section Up
I have finally put up a section that contains all of the known info about the third MK movie coming out later next year.  All there is in this section is information about the movie which may not be true but came from a reliable source.  More news will be added as it rolls in.  Be sure to check it out and if you know of any information about it, tell me.  Thank you.

August 7, 1998
Nosaj Samoht Not Dead!
This was a rumor!  Jason is not dead...I repeat NOT dead.  The medication the doctors gave him almost killed him, but the report about his death was NOT true!  Please read the story at MKD for more details.

Rest In Peace Nosaj Samoht
Just yesterday, Nosaj Samoht of MKD died of pneumonia.  In case you didn't know, Jason Thomas (his real name) was a staff member at MKD and was helping in the production of Project Domination.  He had a bad cough and almost chocked to death.  He went to the hospital, discovered he had pneumonia, and he past away yesterday.  This is very tragic, and I ask that you stop and say a little prayer no matter what religion so we can all remember Jason.  Thank you and I hope you go to MKD and pay your respects.

August 6, 1998
Jason Thomas
Rest In Peace

August 6, 1998
Back To The News
Well, I'm back from vacation, so now I can catch up with what happened while I was gone (which wasn't much).  Below is what went on in the past week or so.

Midway Releases The PC Patch!
Midway has finally released the patch that they promised they would distribute for MK4 on the PC.  The patch fix's many bugs in the game.  It fix's the problem with Quan Chi and Shinnok's frozen they are actually there.  The game has better compatibility with Windows 98 and DirectX 6.0 when the patch is used.  The best part about the patch is the ability to play the game in full screen, 640X480 pixels in 16-bit color using the Software Renderer.  This allows people with not so good video cards to get much better graphics using this full screen setting and it actually allows some people to play it at full screen because old cards may not let you do so.  Using the patch does make some projectiles a little cruddy looking, but the graphics of the characters and the backgrounds are way better.  The patch even fixes the number "1" that sits over the person's face at the select screen and makes it much smoother, fixing the messed up look it had before.  The patch does not work with the pirated (warezed) version of MK4...sorry.  You'll have to go get the game in the store and pay the price.  So if you want the patch, click here to get it.  It's only 411K.

Poll Erased?
For some reason, all of the votes that the poll recieved were erased somehow.  I do not know why they were, but when I checked it out they were gone.  I have talked to others who had polls from Vantagenet and their results were erased too.  I guess it was just a problem at Vantagenet.  So please, repost your vote if you had one up.  If you didn't, voice your opinion anyway telling people which home version of MK4 you think is the best.  Thank you.

Chat Tonight
Remember to come and chat with me tonight at 7:30 PM EST.  We can discuss anything you want.  You can chat about MK, my page, your page, anything.  Chats are held every Thursday nights at 7:30 PM EST right here at the MKE.  Make sure you come!

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