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April 30, 2002

5 new MK: Deadly Alliances images
Yeh, I know I haven't updated on time as usual, but things have been busy.  Anyway, over the downtime the official MK: Deadly Alliance website decided to release some new images of MK: Deadly Alliance, at first releasing two, and then just recently three more.  In a nutshell, the first was a sketch of Blind Kenshi, and the second was of a newer Scorpion versus Jax battle, this time in their new outfits.  We now know that this picture is the first ever in-game screenshot, so if you want to see what the game is going to look like, check that pic out.  Then, the latest three featured an updated sketch of Blind Kenshi with more in-depth information on his background, another in-game screenshot of Shang Tsung fighting Scorpion (as seen in the magazines), and an in-game screenshot of the maskless Sub-Zero (as seen in the magazines).  So, make sure you check out these numerus pictures, either at the official MK: Deadly Alliance website or right here in the MK Empire's MK: Deadly Alliance section.

MK: DA appears in GamePro, Official X-Box, and EGM magazines
Well, talk about the magazines getting all the dirt, but here goes.  First, it seems that GamePro magazine has put into this month's issue a little preview of MK: Deadly Alliance with some basic info and in-game screenshots from the Playstation 2 version.  Some in-game screenshots include Blind Kenshi (mysteriously sporting the name "Blind GI"), and a shocking picture of who else but Kung Lao.  So guess what... it looks like the magazines have broken a little secret before we have and there's another returning character!  I guess Midway lied about having just 10.  But anyway, I also know that the June issue of the Official X-Box magazine also has a preview of MK: Deadly Alliance, sporting the same info as always and some screenshots as well.  They may be getting a playable demo of the game, so possibly expect more information in their July issue.  Lastly, EGM magazine recently put a 2-page spread of MK: Deadly Alliance in their magazine, and they have some new facts and screenshots for us to look at.  Some things I'd like to mention that are important are as follows:  no run button, some multi-level arenas, Kung Lao is a definite combatant, there is a new ice stage that looks phat with snow and all, and a female Sub-Zero is highly likely.  Now, the article kept out any hype about the game because we need to see to believe, and all the screenshots (most likely from the X-Box version) are real nice.  Okay, that's it, go get these magazines if you want them.

Game Informer magazine to do it again
Word on the streets is that the June issue of Game Informer will sport some more information on MK: Deadly Alliance, as well as be the first magazine with new Blind Kenshi and Malvado screenshots and screenshots of the female Sub-Zero, a returning character, and an unknown character as well.  So, grab this publication in 2 weeks if you can, but don't scan the pages, that's illegal. :)

April 15, 2002

3 new MK: Deadly Alliance images
Just recently the official MK: Deadly Alliance website posted up three new images for our viewing pleasure.  The first is of Kitana in her masked alternate costume and weapon state; the second is a sketch of Malvado that appeared in the Game Informer magazine; the third is a sketch of Quan Chi that includes a little story about his journey to the Deadly Alliance and the birth of his new living weapon, which also appeared in the Game Informer magazine.  Make sure you check out the pics, which you can see right in the MK: Deadly Alliance picture section of this site.

April 11, 2002

MK: Deadly Alliance in PSM magazine
Noob.com was greatful enough to inform us that PSM magazine had a little blurb about MK: Deadly Alliance in their May issue.  It basically said things that we already know about, but probably the most important thing is the picture they included of Blind Kenshi, which appeared in the Game Informer issue last month, but now we can use it.  We have also gotten hints that PSM magazine will be doing a whole cover story on MK: Deadly Alliance, so keep your eyes open for their June issue.  Boon posted the entire scan at his site, and I've also updated the MK: Deadly Alliance section with the picture of Kenshi.  Enjoy.

Petition for MK: Deadly Alliance for the PC
I find this very valuable to me considering I have no video game system, so here goes.  The guys over at Planet MK have created a petition that they plan to send to Midway once it gets lot of signatures of MK fans demanding that MK: Deadly Alliance be released for the PC.  As a webmaster of an MK site, it's my duty to promote this petition, which is true is saying that MK is practically the only fighting game for the PC and that it is usually better than other versions.  So, hurry up and sign the petition today so that Midway will consider Planet MK's proposition.

News arhive back online
After months of trial and error with what should be done about the old news archive, I have finally finished my work and am satisfied with the results.  A couple of weeks ago I had experimented with a java program, but it didn't work too well.  But, I have done some other work to make the page a little more sweet, and now I'm done.  So, check out the new old news archive to catch up on things that have happened since the birth of the MK Empire, and check out the new effect.

A little server trouble
On a quick note, if this site has been down a lot over the past few weeks, it's because supposedly I'm taking up too much room/getting too much traffic for free web space at Geocities.  Since I'm doing this, almost every other day I get an e-mail saying that this site has been temporarily shut down, and that's exactly what Geocities is doing.  Of course, they won't respond to my e-mails, but I know that they want me to upgrade to a pay-by-month address.  So, just bear with me, because although I am grateful for the many visitors I get, you get what you pay for... you know?

April 7, 2002

MK: Deadly Alliance artwork contest
The official Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance website recently announced that they're hosting an artwork contest for the next game.  You are able to draw a picture of something MK-related and then submit it to their site for viewing.  The lucky winners will have their drawings selected to be viewable in the final copy of MK: Deadly Alliance, and the top ten winners will also be the first to recieve a copy of the game when it is released.  Not a bad deal.  The contest started April 1st and ends May 1st, so hurry up and submit your pic by going to the official contest entry page.  Have fun!

Order MK: Deadly Alliance now
The webmaster over at Dave's MK was the first to discover that Gamestop.com is now taking orders for MK: Deadly Alliance for both the Playstation 2, GameCube, and X-Box versions.  By pre-ordering the game now at a price of just $49.99, you can get it delivered right to your house the day it comes out.  So, check out their Mortal Kombat section if you want to beat the lines in September and be the first to bring the game home.

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