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April 24, 2000

Noob.com Updated Again
Well, TRMK has reported that Ed Boon's website noob.com has changed again.  First, he added a movie of some pizza guy getting hit by a car trying to cross the street, along with the "I guess that's what you get" slogan.  It was very repulsive and a bad move to put on his site, and maybe he got a lot of complaints because it's not there anymore.  He also added a picture of something that is very blurred.  After a lot of retouching, I still couldn't figure out what it was.  All I see is the letter "i" and some fire.  If you can interpret it, e-mail me your ideas of what it is.  Check out his site to see what I mean.

E3 Including MKSF
This year, the E3 expo at the LA Convention Center with host a variety of games for the public eye.  MK5 of course will not be there, but MKSF will be making its second E3 appearance.  You can keep checking back at this site for complete coverage and late-breaking news about MKSF as it is unfoiled at the expo from May 11th to the 13th.  For now, keep reading up on MKSF as May is on its way.

April 18, 2000

Complete Site Makeover!
In response to the conclusions to the poll results which can be read below, I have tried to fix some of the loading problems on this site in many ways.  To start off, many pages have been condensed in size and many images have be re-edited and made smaller so that they load faster.  The site now sports tons of new looks and features as well!  Instead of listing them separately, I will give a brief list of what has changed.  First, there is no more webrings page or an MK Empire webring.  I felt that webrings are dead and the MK Empire webring had problems with the html coding, so I just got fed up with it.  Second, a new message board has been put up.  Lets just say the other one was slow and I wasn't able to administor it at all, so now thre MK Empire has a new one hosted by Bravenet, so post away!  Third, the long-loading awards section has been condensed by a lot and a new best web page award is available.  And lastly, almost every page sports new images and appearances so that loading time is decreased.  Feel free to e-mail me and tell me what you think.  So, I hope you like the changes, and now on with the news!

Poll Results
Well, the monthly poll is now complete!  The questions for this poll was "Does the MK Empire website have a slow loading time?"  After the visitors filled out their opinions, the results came out as follows:  The total number of votes were 252.  90 people (36%) said the the MK Empire had a slow loading time.  162 people (64%) said that the MK Empire had a sufficient loading time.  Even though the majority said that it was okay, I know what it's like to sit there waiting for a page to load, and it blows.  So, in response, as mentioned in the above update, I have revamped this site a bit to make it more convenient for people with slower modems.  So, thanks to all who voted, and expect the next poll soon.

New Site of the Month
I have picked a site of the month winner for April.  This months winner is fatabbot from Noob Fatabbot's Fat MK website.  The page gets tons of hits per day and has so much information that you could get a headache reading all the stuff!  The layout is very professional and the graphics are real nice.  The MK Empire will honor fatabbot in its Site of the Month section by posting a review of the site, a banner, and a link.  Congratulations to fatabbot for creating such a nice web site, and remember, go to the Site of the Month section and fill out that form!

Test #11 Up
Yet again another test has been added here at the MK Empire.  Now, for all of you who are still clueless, the answer to test #10 was "Mortal Kombat Five is very far away."  Why do I say this ?  Well, because it is in the very distant future.  I'm glad the a lot of epople were able to figure out this phrase too.  But, test #11 is much much harder.  For this test, you have to tell me who said this exact phrase just recently: "Rumors of a third Mortal Kombat feature film have been found to be false. There are no plans for a third film at present time."  Well, start doing your research to find the answer.  Good luck, and I hope to see many names in the Test section very soon.

Well, I wasn't going to post this up, but what the hay.  Noob.com has been totally wiped of its MK information and now has some pretty strange crap on it.  All you can do is download a short clip of a guy trying to brand a horse and getting kicked in the stomach.  Then it says "I guess that's what you get."  Now, whatever this means is probably a joke, and either someone hacked the site or Ed drank too much, but whatever it may be, don't waste your time trying to download it.

April 16, 2000

A Taste of Things to Come
Hey, MKX.org started updating again.  With their news comes a very interesting sound clip.  Back about two weeks ago, MKX was sent a sound file pertaining to MK5.  The sender goes by the initials E.J.B., and the sound clip seems to be an early release of a storyline for MK5!  It also reveals that Shao Kahn is alive and that he well...thinks the Sega Dreamcast controllers suck!  For anyone that wants the clip, click here to get it.  It will also be referenced into the MK5 section of this site.  And just to mention this too, MKX also received a little avi clip about MK5 with Ed Boon in it and his umm....words of wisdom?  Click here to pick up this funny South Park spoof.  So for now, MK5 is shedding some light in the future.

Links Cleanup
Well, I went through the links section and discovered how many borken links there were.  I decided to clean up the links and delete any that were incorrect or following these conditions:  Not updated in at least one year or not having enough MK on them to be considered usable.  So, the links count went from 86 to 43, which is half for all the math scholars.  This goes to show you how much MK is dying and people's interest seems to fade.  It's sad to say goodbye to some sites like the MKIC and Kingdom MK, but they are just dorment and forgotten.  But, if anyone has a link that they'd like me to post or if they feel that I deleted a link that I shouldn't have, then please make sure to submit a link so that we can witness a revival of Mortal Kombat on the web.

April 14, 2000

MK FOMA A No Show Until 2001
It has been confirmed by many of the top-notch MK web sites that the UPN Network will still be airing Star Trek: Voyager for this next television season.  The final episode will be in May of 2001, and after that the Federation of Martial Arts TV series will air.  If the series is successful, then it will continue in the Fall lineup.  So for now, all the people that expected to see MK FOMA on TV this May will just have to wait another 365 days; this seems to be a reoccurring pattern for all Mortal Kombat titles.

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