April 18, 1999

Dreamcast And MK Gold!
Well, recently Ed Boon updated his website, Noob.com, with a picture of a new MK logo, called MK Gold.  Also, the officical MK4 website has been updated with a note about a game called MK4 Gold.  They say that this new game will make a debut at the E3 show on May 13-15 in LA.  Plus, on the image are silhouettes of three older MK characater that are supposedly supposed to return in this new game.  The sillhouettes are of Kung Lao, Baraka, and it looks like a half ninja, half robot Smoke.  So, what this all comes down to is that the MK game slated to be released with the Dreamcast is going to be called MK Gold.  EB World has more info on some details about MK Gold, including new characters, graphics specs, and game modes, along with the release date that is set for September 9, 1999, which is when the Dreamcast is set to come out in the US.  Now, even though this title wasn't mentioned in a Sega meeting just a few days ago, it looks as though this is the new name for this new game:  MK Gold is on its way!  Check out the MKE's MK Gold section for more news as it rolls in.

MKE Webring
Hey, to all you MK fans who just love linked MK sites, you've come to the right place.  After nearly 8 months of trying to figure out the concepts of a webring, I have managed to put one up.  The process to join is very easy, and the configuration should be a snap.  So, go to the new webring page to join your MK page into the ring.  The link to the MKE webring can be found in the webrings section.  If you experience any problems at all, feel free to e-mail me anytime.  Thanks, and have fun.

April 16, 1999

Poll Wrap-Up
Well, after voicing your opinions about the MKE needing the non-framed version of the main page, the results came out very close.  There was a total of 261 votes, and here are the results: 137 people voted Yes for the non-framed page (52%), and 124 people voted No for the non-framed page (48%).  So, in the end, the MKE will keep the non-framed version of the news page for those people who despise frames.  Look for a new poll soon.  Thanks to all who voted!

MK Mythologies Almost Here
It is now April, the month of spring, flowers, and of course...MK.  MK Mythologies is slated to be released for the PC on April 22nd, just a week away.  So, for all you hard hitting MK fanatics who were missing out on this game because you don't have a game system (like me), then nows your chance to grab a copy of the series' first ever action/adventure.  Also, keep in mind that MKSF, the successor to MKM, will be making its debut this May at the E3 electronics fair.  This highly anticipated 3D adventure is supposed to have features that will blow MKM right out of the water.  And with the first showing, the official MKSF website will be up soon.  Be sure to check out the finished product.

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