April 30, 1998
MK Movie Previews
The first MK movie will be making it's world broadcast premier Sunday, May 17 at 8:00 PM EST on TBS Superstation.  Make sure you watch it.  And for other movie making news, the official Mortal Kombat web site has updated their page with a preview of the new Mortal Kombat Krusades TV show which will air every week for an hour.  The show is based on the series of Mortal Kombat games of course.  Visit their site at mortalkombat.com.  And last but not least, their is talk going around about the third MK movie.  New Line cinema will be making another wonderful installment to the MK series, right on the big screen.  Anyway, here is the MKK logo:
April 27, 1998
New Fullscale Faq
The MK4 Empire now has a Fullscale Text Faq for Revision 3 in the Moves Section.
Just click on the link that says "Revision 3 Fullscale Text Faq".
New Page Name
 I hope that you all like the new name for this site and the new banner. The new and improved MK4 Empire is now up and running.
Final Moves Updates
 There you have it.  Every fatality and pitt has been found for the MK4 characters.  The only moves updates I will be having now will probably be minor unless something else is discovered.  But now we have the home version moves to worry about.
Noob Saibot Rumor
This rumor about Noob Saibot in Revision 3 has been discovered.  Noob Saibot is currently in the arcade version of MK4.  He's just not turned on in the codeing.  Look for him to be accessable in the bug fix update for Revision 3 through the vs screen kode and in the home versions.
New Stages Page
 Now if you go to the Moves Section and click on the word "Stages" there is a page with all of the known MK4 stages and descriptions about them.
April 24, 1998
Home Version Info
If you go to the Home Versions Section and click on the Playstation, PC, or N64 logos there will be some info on the home version features. --Noob Saibot is in both the N64 and Playstation versions of MK4.--
Boon Updates Site
Ed Boon has now put up a page with previews of the MK4 home versions.  Visit his site at noob.com for this info, or just go to the Links Section.
GameFan N64 Pics
GameFan Online has updated their site with some very new pics of the N64 version of MK4 because they just got the more-recent revision.  Visit their site to check them out.
April 23, 1998
Moves Updates
Now if you go to the Moves Section there is a Weapons Only Page and a Fatalities Only Page.
April 20, 1998
Fatality Found
Raiden's Second Fatality Discovered:  (Electric Impalement)  (Hold BL) D, U, U, U, HP (Close)
Moves Updates
All of the moves listings have been updated with Raiden's Second Fatality.
April 19, 1998
Moves Updates
 Every character now has their own individual page with bios, moves, fatalities, kombos, and endings.  Check out the Moves Section and just click on a character on the select screen.
April 18, 1998
New Snow Stage
In the home versions of MK4 it is said that there is a new stage called the Snow Stage. It is called the "Snow Stage" because it is a snowy stage.  The creators of MK4 did say that the MK4 home versions would have more than the arcade, and Goro and the Snow Stage seem to only be the beginning of the extra features. Fatalities Found
Reiko's Second Fatality Found:  (Shuriken Death) B, B, D, D, HK (Just past sweep)
Reptile's Second Fatality Found:  (Acid Puke) U, D, D, D, HP (Just past sweep, can be done while invisible)
If you do Reptile's Acid Spit Fatality on Scorpion, about halfway through the fatality the game will freeze and then reset itself.  This has been discovered by many MK fans.  So, make sure you have an arcade manager near you so you can get your money back.  Or just don't do the fatality on Scorpion.

Fatalities Found
Shinnok's Second Fatality Found:  (Skeleton Hand) D, B, F, D, BL+RUN (Close)
Fujin's Goro's Lair Fatality Found:  B, F, B, HP (Close)

April 15, 1998
New Pics
17 more pics were added to the Pictures Section.
A bunch of fatalities found:
Jax's Headclap Fatality Found:  B, F, F, D, BL (Close)
Jarek's Eye Laser Fatality Found:  U, U, F, F, BL (Outside Sweep)
Quan Chi's Imitation Fatality Found:  U, U, D, D, LP (Outside Sweep)
Johnny Cage's Goro's Lair Fatality Found:  B, F, F, LK (Close)
Kai's Goro's Lair Fatality Found:  B, F, D, HK (Close)
Jax's Goro's Lair Fatality Found:  F, F, B, HP (Close)
Shinnock's Goro's Lair Fatality Found:  U, D, B, HP (Close)
Raiden's Goro's Lair Fatality Found:  F, F, D, LP (Close)
April 10, 1998
Fatality Found
Scorpion's Goro's Lair Fatality:  B, F, F, LK (Close)
April 7, 1998
Downloads Fixed
I have fixed the problems with the downloads.  The pics are on the pages and you can e-mail me for the movies and the sounds.  That's the best way I could fix them for now.
Well, here's the story,  I joined the MKK, so visit that page too.  Also check out my MKK MK3 page.
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